May 18th, 2017 | 51 Entries

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51 Entries for “breakthrough”

  1. what!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? there they go again throwing another huge word at us. might as well be telling us to breakthrough a wall.

    By ian URL on 05.19.2017

  2. I breakthrough this glass like a raindrop through a lake, dissolving into the abyss. Becoming one with eternal space, I twist and turn, adapting as the tears run down my cheeks. The very tears I mistake for rain water. But this is what love can do to you; ruin you and run you into the void.

    By ashley on 05.19.2017

  3. I wish our country would have a breakthrough in regards to the polarization that threatens to tear us apart. I keep waiting for the space alien invasion that will unite not only our country but the entire planet.

    By Andie on 05.19.2017

  4. Sometimes I imagine that I was sitting by the old rusty oak tree in Norah’s backyard, when I made my breakthrough. “Breakthrough,” that’s what they called it. The newspapers and the reporters and the world. But it wasn’t completely different, anyone who sat down and thought about it could have figured it out. But they called me genius; they called me a prodigy. You can’t discover something that was already there.

    By Pandyfish on 05.19.2017

  5. 10 Cartoon Characters with Psychological Disorders

    By Julie Cooksley URL on 05.19.2017

  6. I thought I had a breakthrough on my novel. Think again, I thought. How does one break through? It depends, I suppose, on what one is breaking through. Smashing through steel is hard, smashing through paper is a breeze, although smashing through 500 turgid pages of my novel is near impossible. What about breaking through a recalcitrant agent’s head with a 23 pound novel? Could be done, I suppose. Doesn’t even have to be my novel.

    By Joanna Bressler on 05.19.2017

  7. I don’t know what is going through my mind, it’s so scrambled and shattered. At some point I know that I will reach a breakthrough, but for now I feel like crying.

    By Susan on 05.19.2017

  8. Breakthrough is a strong word. Everybody wants a breakthrough in his life on his passion. Like my passion is Photography, so I want a big breakthrough in this aspect. I got my first breakthrough While I was travelling and clicking, a man came up and said, “do you click photos professionally? Will you click for my mag?”

    By Aritra SInha on 05.20.2017

  9. my biggest breakthrough so far is learning about stoicism. it really changed my day to day life and im getting a tattoo that says love your fate in latin. hope i can go on like this.amor fati.

    By Y. Ognyanov on 05.20.2017

  10. Like a scientific breakthrough,
    you come to —
    like standing from crouching, and the world is abuzz.

    I’d really like to tell you:
    when all the sunflowers grew anew,
    I saw your heart like a lightning strike connecting earth to sky.

    Oh, dreams of you, in the sunset,
    I cannot forget.
    Like a breakthrough, you come through; and I love how I feel you.

    By Marissa on 05.20.2017

  11. I did not have a breakthrough when I was thinking bout what to write! But I did have a breakthrough with a student recently. Boy is he getting good a decoding long words.

    By sarah wolf on 05.20.2017