December 23rd, 2009 | 890 Entries

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890 Entries for “mist”

  1. In the mist I saw them aproaching. They wore dark cloaks but I knew I would be safe with them. A hand reached out towards me, pale fingers in a dark night. I took it and evering went black. It’s okay I’m home now.

    By Sophie on 09.30.2009

  2. beauty in its best mist setting is my favorite on the sprinkler its so calimgn i love running in the mist its relaxing

    By jess on 09.30.2009

  3. fiery mists permeatedd the area. he wasn’t sure ehat it was but he knew there was incredible danger/ he could feel it. he looked around for an excae route. behind the barn was a posiblility. he wwasn’t sure. he had to make a decision fast. for her.

    By moe on 09.30.2009

  4. mist is foggy and wet and reminds me of misting when it’s not really raining

    Wanting is–what?
    blueness abundant
    summer redundant
    where is the blot?

    (Robert Browning)

    i love it when it’s misting cuz i don’t really get wet but it’s still raining :D yay misting

    By shanna he mingrong on 09.30.2009

  5. Thin, congeal like a sweater on my skin. Wet wool, thick smell. My fat tongue tastes the air, mouth heavy like the cloud.

    By puddlwars@hotmail.com on 09.30.2009

  6. the mist rose in waves as the door of the semetary creeked open. the girl stared as the ghost of her father floated towards her. she gasped as his icy hand touched her face. she turned and tried to run away but was captured by thousands of ghosts who ate her.

    By bekah on 09.30.2009

  7. oneword


    By Anonymous on 09.30.2009

  8. my hair will be frizzy, great.

    By pickles on 09.30.2009

  9. whiskey mist is a must on hot egg type of days. gorillas. in tha mist. today i navigated BA all by myself.

    By JAIME on 09.30.2009

  10. The stardust was misted across the vast sky. Where are you? She cried, as her lover has ascended into the cosmos yet again. She knew love complicated the journey.

    By Kelli on 09.30.2009

  11. uplifitng, thing, a sheer sheet coating me, engulfing me in its damp embrace. it coats the flowers, lightly kissing them, and when the light hits the two intertwined creates little prisms dancing

    By breanne Pompei on 09.30.2009

  12. Fog. Dreams. Hope lost to old age and arthritic hands. Nightmares that consume. Wishes on shooting stars that never made it to heaven. The end of everything we strove for.

    By Carrie on 09.30.2009

  13. The ocean sprayed my face, as our speed increased. I stood at the head of the ship while Juggins sailed as fast as our little ship had ever gone. Pirates! close behind, we will win this revolution

    By Kelli on 09.30.2009

  14. mist is wet and damp and clear and kinda watery. It makes the earth misty and damp. Mist starts with a m and ends with ist. Mist is misty and wonderful. I love mist and it loves me. Mist is.

    By Kelsey on 09.30.2009

  15. The mist crept over the ground in a subtle but entrancing pattern. IT filled the air and covered the earth like a heavy blanket of white. I could see it, creeping ever closer, bringing the stench of something like rotting flesh to my sensitive nostrils. I knew it would come for me in due time as well, but I did not think that it would make its appearence so soon. I thought, perhaps, it would wait until a little longer.

    By Michele on 09.30.2009

  16. the mist was filling my lungs and there was nothing I could do about it. Oh no, I am going to drown, I kept thinking to myself. But wait, when was the last time somebody drowned from mist? That’s just retarded. No, this was real. I was most definitely going to drown, the mist kept coming and wouldn’t stop. Eventually, my lungs would complete fill up and I would be dead and gone.

    By chris on 09.30.2009

  17. The morning mist from the flowers creates a soft dew on the pedals. the way it glistens makes for a great photo opportunity. Mist is also a light rain that is refreshing.

    By Nathan on 09.30.2009

  18. mist is totally cool. The way it can just swirl around as if a being all its own. We cannot ever be as free as mist. Mist answers to only its own shapes and dreams. It will never conform to what is wanted from it. It is ever-changing, yet constant.

    By Ryan on 09.30.2009

  19. sweat running down my face in the cool fall

    By mic on 09.30.2009

  20. Today I was walking through the mist after a storm. It was a cool mist and it was dark outside. The crows were cawing and a squirrel scuttled across the street into the safety of a tree.

    By Tammy on 09.30.2009

  21. fall cold movie hospital dark scary cool winter rain damp humid purple foggy airplane fight cloudy dangerous invisible hanging apple orchard lake ocean

    By Anonymous on 09.30.2009

  22. The mist was dark and I couldn’t see, but I knew you were there so I kept walking. I heard the whispers of the creatures around us. They were talking about us, but you didn’t care. We walked down the road and I could feel the gravel beneath my feet. I didn’t know where we were going, but I didn’t care. I was with you.

    By Kelsey on 09.30.2009

  23. Soft fine spray on my face, watching the sun move across the sky in its daily dance with the crests of the waves.

    By Heather on 09.30.2009

  24. Dewey. Soft. Whispering Mist among the mountains. Sprays of water from the falls. Raindrops on the grass. Water dampening the earth. Misty morning.

    By Laura Leigh Benfield Brittain on 09.30.2009

  25. a light mist covered the feild…
    a misty morning to fish…
    a misty night…

    By Grace B. on 09.30.2009

  26. The mist rolled in, heavy, like whipped cream. The ship’s lights cut through the heavy fog, illuminating the murky waters ahead.
    “Not far now,” said the captain.
    “Not far at all until we reach the island.”

    By Abe Froman on 09.30.2009

  27. this morning I was taking the train to my life and as we rounded one bend the entire view before was covered with a thick mist. I could see the tops of trees but nothing underneath that. It was almost as if everything had disappeared.

    By Kelsey on 09.30.2009

  28. i steeped into the fluffy not fluff the cloud. the cool air washed around me. mist filled all my pores with vibrance. it smelled of morning grass and mud edged pant legs. It fogged the vison all around me closing me world in tiny droplets.

    By kayla Lamb on 09.30.2009

  29. in the settling mist i can see the sun in the distance.its light is faint and hazey. i cant yet feel its warmth but the orange glow tell me its going to be a hot day.A day where the sweat beads on your brow and falls like it is struggling just to seep out of your pores, every drop is aching for the moment to end…

    By Cassie on 09.30.2009

  30. as the mist cleared from the lake, i saw angela walking toward the boat house. she was walking with a limp and seemed to be in quite a lot of pain. with tears in my eyes i walked towards angela, fearing the worse. oh no! i was right.

    By christa elder on 09.30.2009

  31. mist. mist. a dewey morning. mist. something hidden beneath the mist. knowing what is beneath the mist is not as interesting as not knowing

    By ger on 09.30.2009

  32. The mist I saw today reminded me to certain scent. The scent I though I tasted in my old book pages. It reminded me of my days of student when the only thing I though was being free.

    By Annie R. on 09.30.2009

  33. The mist rolls into to my mind. Blocking off my thoughts in the mornings, trying to put me back to sleep. You lie there so serenely, so peacefully, that I want to curl up beside you again. Instead, I grab my gear, open the door, and walk off into the mist, ready to start the routine again.

    By Jangles on 09.30.2009

  34. arbor mist its a pretty crappy wine; light, fruity, not very high percentage at all; remember that song misty morning? why was it everyone’s favorite song? i liked our rendition of a robert frost poem, because it was hard

    By Anonymous on 09.30.2009

  35. mist

    By John Craig on 09.30.2009

  36. A dark mist fell over the small town. It enveloped the entire down inch my inch. It became so thick that no one could see the hand in front of them. The mist was dark purple in colour. It whirled around everything and everyone. Soon people began to learn

    By Amanda on 09.30.2009

  37. mist is great i don’t know what I’m supposed to be saying I like freewriting it s kindaf un so what’s goin on? Fuck my life fuck my life fuckk my life my life is miserable it’s not even average mist is really pretty in Nantucket it’s really earie and creepy and looks fuckin awesome. yeah i don’t wknow what else to write so i guess I’m done.

    By georgia on 09.30.2009

  38. wet rain ocean magical light house beautiful cold movies zombies birds blue dark fall winter Halloween

    By ashley on 09.30.2009

  39. misty mountain once had an effect on my perception. now they just float on pools of doubt as if to say the grooming has been a fake or faulty take on frowns. desperate and frogged.

    By poozilla on 09.30.2009

  40. WHile I was in the mist I was thinking about how beautiful you hair is. Because of the mist I couldn’t see clear to the front, but your picture was clear on my mind.

    By Will on 09.30.2009