August 29th, 2011 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “mist”

  1. The mist is fog. Fog is mist. fog is mist. What? I don’t know. I think I just lost the game. Mist is haze. Mist is smoke. Bitch. Hah. I win. Your pink taco is mine now, whore. HAHA. Mist is.. MISTY from pokemon. I have a feeling that Brock will get laid tonight. ;D Cause Misty is a slut.

    By Lolwut on 08.30.2011

  2. Amidst the mists and fiercest frosts my mind is struggling to stay above the water.

    A cold, icy, distemperture is blowing me from my course, and I’m doing everything I can not to drown in this abyss.

    When really I’m just wallowing.

    Get back up on the horse, ride until you meet the sun.

    By Siege URL on 08.30.2011

  3. Mist blanketed the sea and the hills, that evening, as the storm rolled in. We sat under the roof of the smoothie bar, reading, and marveling at the beauty of the country. It wouldn’t be with us for long. No. Time to go home, and get back to life, and responsibilities.
    Que lastima!

    By Kirsten on 08.30.2011

  4. mist came off the river, when we walked. In the middle, we both looked like we had superpowers and could walk on water. We found clam shells, and old tires. Shoes and abandoned pop bottles. Nothing could take away from the beauty that night. “Is this heaven” He says?

    By Natalie URL on 08.30.2011

  5. The fragrance of her mist lingered in the air long after she was gone. Yes she had that effect on people. There was something about her which left a pleasant memory and all were left with this thirst of wanting to know more about her. That was how she was strong yet subtle..

    By Ash on 08.30.2011

  6. The dreary, grey, tired mist hung over the town. The town itself was deserted save for the poor souls, struggling to get by the day-to-day runnings of the location. Still they press on…

    By Alex barley on 08.30.2011

  7. I can’t see through it, I can’t decipher what is on the other side. I can’t smell it, I can’t hear it, I can’t taste it, but I can feel it, a damp caress on my cheek, but I can see it; not through, not past, but the mist itself. For now, that’s enough.

    By Adrian URL on 08.30.2011

  8. mist
    and smoke
    a veil of soft
    to soothe the harsh lines
    of reality
    i loved you once
    in the bright of day
    but oh, the mist
    makes everything more palatable

    By katiekieran URL on 08.30.2011

  9. When I see mist I think of castles and green rolling hills that help to lift my spirit and give me a sense of adventure. I also think about rainy days and the smells it gives off, remember Idaho has no water or rain so this is escpecially a wonderful thought for me. Sometimes it makes me think of concerts and misty stages.

    By Bethany Coffin on 08.30.2011

  10. Today when I woke up, it was really misty. I live in a valley and the mist tends to just settle, especially around this time of year, with the trees turning and just peeking above the mist. It makes me feel like when I was little and making piles of leaves to jump into, laying there and smelling the earth. It feels like home.

    By mer URL on 08.30.2011

  11. The morning was misty. So misty in fact that you could not see beyong your hand. I had never been in such a thick fog or mist. Previous mornings on the ship had been misty, but never like this. Today was also the first day that I was not sea-sick. Finally a morning without the taste of vomit in my mouth.

    By Julie on 08.30.2011

  12. taking in the scent, the air, the mist mingling with the smoke, i remember we ran in the mornings down around the mountain and sprinted hard back up until we couldnt feel our arms anymore. we were so perfect why did you kiss me

    By Lauren Kalinowski on 08.30.2011

  13. your love is like a winter mist………. covering me all over….soothing me and cooling me…. i feel so comfortable…may the summer never come……

    By chaacha on 08.30.2011

  14. The ocean’s harsh waves crash against the surface and mist my delicate legs, as the sole of each foot prints the soft sand.

    By stayseelee URL on 08.30.2011

  15. your love is like a winter mist………. covering me all over….soothing me and cooling me…. i feel so comfortable… i am so happy…. i don’t want to see anyone except you…. i feel like i am in a dream world…may the summer never come……

    By chaacha on 08.30.2011

  16. Hi

    what is this? hahah
    ooh well :P
    I’m looking at this purple line on the bottom? what is itt
    maybe its a timer
    that’d be cool
    maybe the government is reading this
    hi government person
    i bet you wish you could say hi back ;)

    By Alex on 08.30.2011

  17. Jen walked down the dark street, and approached the sheet of mist. The trees seemed to circle down around her like a looming cave. Her breath began to quicken as her fear of what awaited her built up in her chest like a volcano waiting to erupt.

    By Evelyn URL on 08.30.2011

  18. above her blowhole
    translucent confetti-spume
    powder thrown to a headwind

    her songline
    echoes through hull
    and skull

    a silver gull arcs
    into a cold southerly
    lashing the bluff

    the black mass
    down to her song
    at the bottom of the world

    By david URL on 08.30.2011

  19. Cool. A little breezy. Yeah, I like that.
    Can it fall over me a little bit more?
    Wait, I can’t tell.
    Are those your fingers?
    Or just that mist in the air?
    Well, either way, I like it
    I’m a sucker for this kinda stuff, ya know?
    So please, keep it coming
    That mist
    Keep it coming…

    By AJ Ensley URL on 08.30.2011

  20. Great waters looked over others coming in and thoughts of doing to the shore what water had never done to land before. the clouds were low and harry in the skies. like locks blown forward in the gleam of eyes. Misty and Ash Catchem

    By Savannah Holcomb on 08.30.2011

  21. the mist hit my face like a personal kiss from the ocean, chilling as it touched my already damp skin. I shivered slightly, breathing in the salty air around me and swallowing down the marshy stench that swam up from the ground. The wooden boardwalk beneath me was swollen from moisture.

    By Lauren Flores-Walton on 08.30.2011

  22. It’s getting cold and gray outside and that’s my favorite sort of weather. What are your thoughts on the weather? I’d have to say I never gave a damn, and it never gave a damn about me. I mean, there’s never anything more terrifying than driving with my mom and brother, unless there’s mist on the bridge.

    By Ammi URL on 08.30.2011

  23. i lost myself in the mist. there is no way to move out. i am wandering in the mist and the darkness envelops me in this mist. the fog and mist represents gloom and sorrow. i await the light to dispel the mist and darkness.

    By rohit on 08.30.2011

  24. Saturday morning… Ahhhh, my friend and I go outside to play with my new hose! Man we were jumping on the trampoline spraying each other with the hose and it’s many different settings! then the next door neighbor came out, staring at us. We didn’t care :) I love my best friend, we have the craziest times together!

    By Ashley URL on 08.30.2011

  25. Mist. The cool water on a hot summer say. The refreshing feeling of cool water. Oh, how I wish I could feel it. How I wish I could feel anything at all.

    By Savannah Lee URL on 08.30.2011

  26. Mist is a rain and what am I even doing? I don’t understand mist, I can’t. What is this mist? Mist likes to refresh me but I don’t want to be refreshed(!) Wow Am I almost out of time or what is this even for? What even? Oneword.com isn’t supposed to be about this at all, I mean am I even? fdjfda;fda

    By tjd on 08.30.2011

  27. The mist. Eerie and mysterious. What is beyond that mist? A city? A foreign land? Maybe even an ongoing road. Where does it lead? What lies ahead? The mist is blinding me from seeing all the possibilities. I wonder…where will that mist take me. Let’s hope it will take me on a never-ending journey.

    By Nika URL on 08.30.2011

  28. The mist settled on the ground as the sun rose and turned its face toward my front door. I was awake, regretfully so, and lacing up my trainers to start my first day of a new life. As I walked into the yard, the mist kissed my ankles and wished me good morning. It was going to be a good day.

    By Alysia Chavez URL on 08.30.2011

  29. Walking threw Disney on a hot day, there was mist. Staying the night on a hill, there was mist. In the shower with you, we licked the mist. Early in the morning walking to school, we walk through mist – So thin yet so powerful holding the ability to wet you like any other waterfall but small and and slower. The mist is deceiving, the mist is creepin’. You can’t fight what you can’t see. Quality always better then quantity.

    By AlissaJade URL on 08.30.2011

  30. The hot summer day, I reach towards the strawberries and the mist touches my face and it cools me down.

    By Mayra URL on 08.30.2011

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    By Andrew Lee on 08.30.2011

  32. The mist kissed my skin so lightly that it tickled and made me smile. I love walking into the hot shower right after he’s gotten out. It smells like him. Remnants of his routine strewn about… soap, shampoo, toothbrush. It warms my spirit and most importantly, makes me happy.

    By Monique URL on 08.30.2011

  33. The mist is clouding her eyes. there is nothing that she sees beyond it all. What is there to await, anymore? What is there to her life anymore? What is left of her ambitions?? no more dreamin

    There is nothing that anyone can say that will help.
    The mist turns to rain. The mist turns to rain. Forever more.

    By Sonia URL on 08.30.2011

  34. they mist their sunshine gods.

    By pusspussculus URL on 08.30.2011

  35. The mist fell over the mountains. It was beautiful and I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight. I wondered why I couldn’t live there, in that place of beauty, why I had to live in a place where no seasons came. I never wanted to leave.

    By Rebecca URL on 08.30.2011

  36. I have this cousin named Misty. She is married to a man that is very unkind to her children. She won’t believe any of her family that this man is a detriment to her children. I really don’t like her.

    By Sarah URL on 08.30.2011

  37. Through the mist of the falls I thought I saw something. Maybe I was just seeing things, but I could have sworn I saw something that… wasn’t quite from this world. Something that completely changed how I saw everything after.

    By kibi URL on 08.30.2011

  38. Do villains ever get tired of emerging dramatically from the mist? I know I never do. It’s good for my skin and it gets me pumped to beat up the good guys. Ugh, with their tight underwear OVER the pants, I mean who does that…..

    By MO URL on 08.30.2011

  39. The sunlight had given way to twilight and as the moon slowly made it’s way over the edge of the forest the thin layer of mist began to emerge. Gently moving in and enveloping the trees like an errie shroud over the meadow.

    By paulie aragon on 08.30.2011

  40. swing and condensation
    affirmation and things he couldn’t mention
    through the fog of his own misgivings
    thanks and overflow

    By drewd URL on 08.30.2011