June 22nd, 2014 | 115 Entries

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115 Entries for “mispelled”

  1. It’s a thing, being a Grammar Nazi. For me, it’s a hindrance to living daily life. When people miss a letter here or use improper punctuation there… it drives me absolutely bonkers. I mean, let’s be serious for a second, did you pass Kindergarten? How hard is it to spell a five letter word or know the difference between a semi-colon and a colon? Dating is impossible for me… things can be going SO WELL… and then text me something like “my love burns for you like a firey furnase” and I cringe enough to reply, “it’s ‘fiery furnace’ and we’re done here.”

    By Claire URL on 06.22.2014

  2. The dairy which have the full of mispelled words, is all the mistakes that I had make and make. I tried every time that I can improve, but it failed. I wish that I could be better than now.

    By Koh Swee Hong URL on 06.23.2014

  3. it should say misspelled not mispelled, this is a common mistake

    By Wim on 06.23.2014

  4. this sepling is abd and i cant type but my brother jsut tlod me i have to beecoz mum is sick and this is herstory
    im sad beecoz mum is sick and i want her to be O.K,, but i no she wonte and that maeks me sad very
    so maybe this is a youldgy or whatevR

    By eurgh on 06.23.2014

  5. Every time. Every single bleeding time, he’ll write ‘I love u.’ U. It stares at me. That horrible letter. So I’m going to kill him.I’m going to murder my boyfriend. I’ll slice ‘you*’ on his heart.

    By Josie on 06.23.2014

  6. I was sure that I had covered the english exams and would be in place to gain first place in the overall exams. However to my surprise, I was disappointed to learned that I had misspelled some words, and that mistake costed me my diploma.

    By victor URL on 06.23.2014

  7. I knew I had spelt the word wrong. Hurriedly, I attempted to correct it. I couldn’t think of the correct spelling. I screamed in frustration. Why can’t I spell? I tired replacing the vowels, the consonants- nothing worked

    By Portia on 06.23.2014

  8. Upon rereading her report to the Upper Beaverton’s women’s committee Casey was horrified to discover that she had misspelled the word vulnerable as vulvarable; as in ‘it is our conclusion that that we institute a stimulation package to support this regions most vulvarable women’

    By Erica on 06.23.2014

  9. Upon rereading her submission, Oneword was horrified to discover she had mispelled the word misspelled.

    By Erica on 06.23.2014

  10. If I misspelled to many werds, I might have to surrendur my sitizenship in the Confederashun of the Awair and Presise. I might have to remoove my cloths and howl in the rode.

    By BSlusher on 06.23.2014

  11. this is a word that explains how someone would spell a word incorrectly. it is in past tense so it means some one already spelkt the word incorrectly. I am very good at mispelling words.

    By rachel on 06.23.2014

  12. Misspelled might as well be my middle name. I cannot begin to tell you the number of errors I make, especially when I am on social media especially like private chat on Facebook and also when I am sending a text. I live in hope of sending a completely error free message!

    By Tracey URL on 06.23.2014

  13. I will never forget the time my sister misspelled bigotry in the finals at her middle school spelling bee. I had never heard the word but I could tell by the look in her eyes she didn’t know how to spell it herself. B-I-G-O-T-R-E-E

    By vince URL on 06.23.2014

  14. Mispelled – is that with one or two s’s? I’ve never been sure. Yet here it in front of me, in all of its single s’ed glory. Maybe now I can remember this moment, let it burn into my brain, so that I will forever have peace of mind. Indeed, there is only one.

    By asavas URL on 06.23.2014

  15. She was only halfway through her first day at the school, and her name had already been misspelled three times and mispronounced twice. She found herself weighing the pros and cons of starting a new life under the name Jane Smith.

    By jane smith on 06.23.2014

  16. It was her name etched in my bones that I saw in my mind’s eye over and over again, and now it’s the only thing that I can feel and I can think about. But it feels so dirty and so foul, and maybe I got the letters wrong. Maybe I got the letters wrong and now I’m feeling someone different in my bones.

    By Nyx URL on 06.23.2014

  17. That word is actually misspelled. This is just a test to see how to use this website.

    By jes on 06.23.2014

  18. that wasn´t my name! at all! It was mispelled! all the same, that mistake was the first step to know my love, the man of my dreams. So, I was fortunate

    By silvia ciancio URL on 06.23.2014

  19. cars they are the best because they can tack you any ware you need or whant to go

    By walter URL on 06.23.2014

  20. I like to see words written correctly and feel annoyed with myself if I have misspelled a word. However, this is the second word that I believe has been misspelled by this website!

    By Alexandra URL on 06.23.2014

  21. Its hard not to mispel words. Aspecially when we text sooo often.How am i supposed to know who a word is actully spelt? Its crazy that adults thing that we should know who words are spelt when we have spell check and stuff on our computers. I have technology; doesnt that make me smart? Spelling is for sissys. Spelling bee winners are the worst of all. Seriously who knows how to spell tiranisoarusrex? Or onomatapeeah? Or cuagulate? Thats just insane! There are too many words in the world for me to know who to spell ALL of them! Pacifically the english language.

    By Kristan on 06.23.2014

  22. Her name was misspelled again. It was always misspelled. Her mother had to go and pick a stupid name like Andromeda. No one has names like that anymore. She cursed her mother yet again as she watched her new classmates struggle with her name before universally deciding to call her Andy.
    This was absolutely fine with her. Not that anyone asked.

    By Ashley on 06.23.2014

  23. My name is constantly mispelled. Wait. That word is misspelled! How crazy is that?! Will lots of people write about the fact that it’s spelled incorrectly, since spellcheck immediately underlines it with red dots? Or will no one care? Am I the only person left in the world who cares about spelling and grammar? It’s so sad! I am alone in the world in a sea of misspellings.

    By Kimberly URL on 06.23.2014

  24. One day I misspelled the word ‘hey’
    Is it hay or is it hey?!
    I am stupid I heard them all say.
    Everyday, everyday.. I shall misspell the words I say.
    Funniest thing about this day is I see you have misspelled, misspelled…
    Ohh hayy, heyyyyyyyyy.

    By Mandolin Mariposa on 06.23.2014

  25. It is broken and incorrect. No one will know what you are talking about because it isn’t what they have in their mind, unless they are stupid in the same exact way as you. It’s about knowing the pattern.

    By Michelle on 06.23.2014

  26. Denk nach!
    Sieht du es nicht?
    Bist du denn blind?
    Schau dir den fehler doch mal an!
    Kannst du ihn nicht finden?
    Pass doch mal auf!
    Schalt doch mal dein Gehirn ein.

    Ich denke nach.
    Ich mache es.
    Aber ich sehe es nicht.
    Nein ich bin nicht blind,
    aber tortzdem finde ich ihn nicht.
    Ich passe auf,
    ich gebe mir mühe,
    aber jetzt ist es mir egal:
    Du kannst mich mal!

    By Anuri URL on 06.23.2014

  27. Don’t forget to look at that college loan dear Scott Pilgrim the third with the crap on top of your big poo-brain set of donkey footed head wearing tooth picks.

    By Jim Ranger on 06.23.2014

  28. Is this a joke? Some sort of meta-linguist nonsense? Misspelled is misspelled, not mispelled. I hate when I misspell mispell. Why would there be a word so hard to remember how to spell, about spelling?

    By davydoright on 06.23.2014

  29. i dont really know what to write about the word mispelled oh my god mispelled mispelled mispelled mispelled is that mispelled?

    By Anna URL on 06.23.2014

  30. She was crazy, a mistake. She was the wind that drove the storms. Her screams were songs and her passion was like the hot blood coursing through her veins. She was the winter, violent beautiful and in the eyes of the world, she was a misspelled woman.

    By A. G. Russell URL on 06.23.2014

  31. How can I write about the word “mispelled” when it’s supposed to be spelled “misspelled?”

    By mrsmig URL on 06.23.2014

  32. Misspelled doesn’t have one s…it has two. Just looked at my dictionary, not Google, just to clarify.

    Really, oneword? Rookie mistake.

    By Anna on 06.23.2014

  33. Surely my mother meant to name me after the way she mistreats me?

    By Andrea URL on 06.23.2014

  34. As his teacher misspelled the word dichotomy he was thinking how he could closer align their interests to bed her. He decided to follow suit and rather than correcting her to wait until the class was over. He approached her desk slowly but confidently and asked for some after school tutoring. The following year she passed away from Malaria.

    By Joe on 06.23.2014

  35. I finished up some peoms one daay
    And as I tuccked them each away

    I found a mispelled wrod (or twoo…)
    So I fixt them up as good as new.

    But soon I found taht there were moar…
    My writiing had errors galore!

    Oh, waht to do! All theese misspelligs-
    My poems I’d shurely not be selling!

    I stared, I cryed, I smaacked my head
    I went to tear my work to shreads.

    Yet beefore the poems could meet their maeker,
    I looked down at the crumpled pappers

    And then I reelized something grand!
    Somthing that made me understand.

    Deespite the errors, big and small
    My peoms are not so bad at all!

    By Gabby URL on 06.23.2014

  36. Not again. Misspelled again. Now I have rewrite this all over again. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.

    By Ariaroo Efe URL on 06.23.2014

  37. what was that for? the letters that were supposed to spell my life were misspelled… i was too late to respell

    By jimbo URL on 06.23.2014

  38. Misspelled words are the bane of my existence…how the hell did you people misspell it? Really…? But, maybe it’s a joke. It’s all a trick, a mere rouse to trick us all into writing fiercely about it…but, I wonder—-who wrote about it and didn’t even notice it was misspelled?

    By Clroeser URL on 06.23.2014

  39. He mispelled my name again. I hate that. Its not CHOLE, its Chloe. I fucking hate when people put a K. Its not their fault, its not an easy name but its just another thing to laugh about. I try hard a lot to spell and pronounce peoples names correctly but whatever.

    By Chloe on 06.23.2014

  40. Miss Spell is a lovely lady. If only she didn’t have a drinking problem. But she stumbles around red-eyed, showing up in reputable places-never quite sure of her adress or other Miss Information. Among her many Miss demeanors she has many Miss Takes in several leading newspapers. Yet how they are never spotted is a Miss Tree.

    By nikita Questel on 06.23.2014