June 22nd, 2014 | 115 Entries

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115 Entries for “mispelled”

  1. a niu werd mey bee formed when it’s mspelled

    By Akatsuki Kiara on 06.22.2014

  2. ah mispelled, I do that all the time. Funny that the word mispelled comes up as mispelled on here. I wonder is there antoher meaning to this word that I am not getting. I don’t seem to have a large enough vocabulary for this game the one word write game.

    By Crystal on 06.22.2014

  3. everyone misspells my name
    but no one did it better than you, back then
    shuffling letters in any order, arbitrarily
    changing them day by day
    however looked prettiest

    I guess you thought what I was given at birth
    wasn’t enough, didn’t suit you
    so you tried to rearrange me
    to look more like
    whatever you wanted
    me to look like

    By caitlinmonster URL on 06.22.2014

  4. Nevr!

    By BlueRay on 06.22.2014

  5. I often mispelled things. Sometimes I read things wrong, and that’s probably why now when I think
    about it. My friends laugh sometimes and I don’t know if it’s because I have dyslexia or just having a hard time with English, but it’s not like I mind. People understand me, and that’s what’s important.

    By Frida on 06.22.2014

  6. I think I mispelled your name when I wrote it down in the tag that was hanging from your corpse. Then I killed myself.

    By Jo on 06.22.2014

  7. Isn’t it ironic? Because there is no word “mispelled”…there are two ss’ in “misspelled”. Not sure if this is an intentional mistake by oneword, or just a typo. It’s funny, though.

    By AJ Kenobi on 06.22.2014

  8. misplelled is a average word that is a bird which is absurd and data pie

    By TheMan on 06.22.2014

  9. In 3rd grade, I lost in the championship of my spelling bee, because I misspelled the word “they’re”. I should have come in first, I just spelled “there” instead. Damn it.

    By Eric on 06.22.2014

  10. You mispelled my name. You always do and I’ve lost the energy to correct you about it. But it’s just another thing in among many that shows me exactly how little you care. You cant even get my name right how could I expect that you would give a damn about me.

    By Stephane on 06.22.2014

  11. The names of many poor souls forced to be called by a label that no mortal but themselves can spell.

    By Jess Fox on 06.22.2014

  12. Mispelled. I’d tried, but the words jumbled up in my head and rearranged themselves. They looked nothing like the what came out, or what it was supposed to be. The teacher sighed, giving me a look of exasperation. Yeah, yeah, I know. I wasn’t trying hard enough. I was careless. I was sloppy. Never something about me trying hard and not be able to come up with it.

    By Linda Maye Adams URL on 06.22.2014

  13. i cant. u will. ok. just think. i couldn’t come up with any misspelled werds within a minit to be abel to get my poynt acrost. so i will gif up on my atemp.

    By Lee on 06.22.2014

  14. It is really funny or its so bad I don’t even understand what they are saying.It gets me very confused.

    By 물 안개 on 06.22.2014

  15. “I’m sorry, I think my name is mispelled here,” she said, holding up the paper with a confused look glimmering in her eyes. “That says…that says Sibella. My name is Sierra.”
    “Sierra, listen to yourself for a moment,” Alana said. “Do you remember the first song Peter sang you?”
    “No. Wait, yes – he sang…he sang Sibella from A Gentleman’s Guide!”

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 06.22.2014

  16. For him, it may have meant nothing; a simple slip of the finger or of the mind. But to her, it was everything. She took all his careless, meaningless mistakes personally, entirely oblivious to the bigger picture at hand.

    By Annelise King on 06.22.2014

  17. I looked at the paperwork put on my desk in front of me. The name of my client was mispelled on the face sheet and it just seemed to remind me that no one was reading these charts. No one cared to bother with it.

    By Patrick McLean on 06.22.2014

  18. Mispell isn’t really a word I like. It’s not shocking, it’s always bad, and you get points off for it. It’s sounds like one of those words you use just to use.

    By Jesse on 06.22.2014

  19. I hate how people carelessly misspell words. It isn’t so much them misspelling it, it is more or less that they that they publish, or post it without simply rereading something even if it is just once.

    By Cassandra on 06.22.2014

  20. i ran into the hallway, screaming until they were forced to turn around, they had misspelled it; and the change of one letter made it take on a whole new meaning.

    By tiggy on 06.22.2014

  21. When rendering a new fruit, into my refridorator, biting it
    my taste buds misspelled the sweetness, misunderstood
    how utterly glowing the sour bite of a plum came be,
    hardly correct is human error, pretentious, carrying in
    the bruises on our arms that we had from falling from an early tricycle,
    sounding out a creation from diction can be tedious in style,
    experientially, a frog memorizes the lilly pads to the latter end of the pond,
    leaping, memorizing, correcting the past’s slippery falls,
    correction, correction.

    By Milad URL on 06.22.2014

  22. One time when I was younger, I was a stellar speller. I was such a fantastic speller, that I made it to the state level of the national spelling bee, and I was so terribly proud of myself. I was a little embarrassed that I spelled my very first word wrong and lost, but I was so happy to have been good enough to participate at all.

    By Marika on 06.22.2014

  23. Sweat permeated through my checkered button up. The warm lights danced across my face, and the crowd was nothing but a silhouette of blank faces. I knew my family was somewhere out there.

    “The word is onomatopoeia.”


    I went over this one. The fear of failure washed over me like an inferno, my blood boiling.

    By Mike Thompson on 06.22.2014

  24. “You mispelled my name.”

    She bristled. “What?”

    “You mispelled my name,” I repeated. “It’s got two n’s and a y. Not one n and an i.”



    She shook her head. “That’s a boy’s name,” she said. “You’re Dani from now on.”

    “No, I’m not.”

    “Yes, you are,” she argued, brandishing her pencil. “I’m not changing it.”

    I brandished my fist in reply. “You sure you want to stick to that? Because I think you’re going to spell it correctly.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.22.2014

  25. I sat on the couch watching true blood, contemplating how I would have treated myself in a small town of fluttering vampires who eagerly sought blood. Turning my self in to the fangs of a vampire lied my only option for survival–I imagined converting in to the breathless immortal, and leaving the town to storm my own empire of peace in a faraway province. Whatever reasons I had to live, fueled me to give in to getting bitten by a vampire–that’s if, and only if, resided I in this invigorating sitcom.

    By Milad URL on 06.22.2014

  26. The paper was stained with misspelled words, ink smeared along the parchment in sickly dark streaks.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 06.22.2014

  27. mispelled! lol!

    Ok that’s just going to bug me.

    Now I’m thinking OCD… I guess I have more than I should if all I can do is look at a misspelled ‘mispelled’ word!

    Although… maybe “pelled” is something… Something that was ‘mis’d – Now I have to look that up.

    Nope. “Pelled” is not a word.

    So maybe that should be tomorrow’s :)

    By Noisy Quiet on 06.22.2014

  28. Davis looked over the ransom note again. There was no way he could get ten million dollars in that short a time. And as an English professor, he couldn’t help noticing that the kidnappers had misspelled his daughter’s name. He was surprised how much that annoyed him, even at a time like this.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.22.2014

  29. the test will not be announced
    nor will you know you are taking it.
    the mistake will be to notice the mistakes.
    do not be mislead by misspelling,
    or by poor articulation.

    the words to Love’s incantation
    are intentionally misspelled
    deliberately inarticulate and vague
    and written sloppily across the page.
    the test is to not notice

    By Sappho on 06.22.2014

  30. I misspelled my name because everyone else does. Because words only having meanings if you give it to them right. After all, what meanings do we create. Everyday someone redefines them.

    By Destiny on 06.22.2014

  31. He was agitated. Despite his best intentions and his supposed higher purpose, Kurt had allowed himself to get drawn into some ridiculous debate on facebook about what people should be able to wear in Muslim countries. Here he was losing his temper with some lunatic called Rose Petal who was making inane racist remarks and had repeatedly mispelled his name. He’d wasted one precious hour that should have been spent concentrating on how to seduce Juliet McKinnon.

    By bb333 on 06.22.2014

  32. Incorrect, it stops me in my tracks as my eyes gloss about the page. It sticks out and slaps me in the face. It can not go unnoticed. Its a word, an earnest attempt gone wrong. A word that has been mispelled.

    By Vanessa on 06.22.2014

  33. Cast in the dark a random toss
    missed by a mile, a frog to
    a wart magic dispensed without
    true intent or aim it flys about and
    lands upon some unsuspecting soul

    By Protean on 06.22.2014

  34. I misspelled my name. They gave me the passport and sent me into the country. I was just another face and I would forever be the misspelled version of my name. There was no going back now.

    By Syn Lovely on 06.22.2014

  35. It is logically impossible to spell a word incorrectly. It is, however, very common to spell a different word than you intended to.

    In an infinite universe all combinations of phonic characters will eventually refer to something.

    So get bent, Spellcheck.

    By Tutlens on 06.22.2014

  36. My messages to you were so sloppy when you broke up with me. So poorly thought out, full of self-pity, and full of grammatical errors. I guess that’s what love does to you. Or rather, that’s what heartbreak does to you.

    By caitlin harvey on 06.22.2014

  37. Pounding on the door but I would not let her in, not with the words misspelled and misshapen like a drunken tattoo on the back of my hand–she would know, she would see the faint tear-stained pages that I could not erase and could not repeat.

    By aria autumn on 06.22.2014

  38. I marked the paper:8 out of 10. The small child was clever but still misspelled supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. She would have to work on that…

    By Mysana on 06.22.2014

  39. He misspelled so many words, and used such terrible grammar in his letter, that I considered correcting it in red pen, like a school teacher would do, and sending it back to him. There’s no excuse for bad spelling and grammar.

    By Julia on 06.22.2014

  40. “it’s a y, not an i”
    your lips form a tight line but i laugh
    and trace the “i” darker in the sand
    with the sunburned heel of my right foot.

    i don’t care how it’s spelled
    i don’t care how i feel.
    saltwater waves will swallow you whole, every consonant,
    one misprinted “i” buried in sand-memory and time.

    By missfeathy on 06.22.2014