September 3rd, 2012 | 443 Entries

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443 Entries for “miracle”

  1. It was a miracle.
    He finally stood up after all of those years, stumbling about, crying in joy. He had done it! Because of the water in his backyard! He could finally walk!
    He walked barefoot in the grass, and then ran, and then ran and ran into the woods. He extended his arms out–
    And got sliced by a sharp branch.

    By Chihuahua Zero URL on 09.04.2012

  2. I told him not to do it. Of course he didn’t listen–he never has before. I can only hope that it doesn’t ruin him. Doubtful, though. That would take a miracle.

    By Katina on 09.04.2012

  3. A miracle is needed to write this college essay. I have absolutely no idea what my greatest achievement is. Would putting down on paper my favorite quote really make me a candidate for your college? No? So stop asking.I won’t drag on about my role model, no I wont describe the best night of my life and PUHlease do not ask again what my traits mean to your college. I just don’t know. I suppose I’d make a great student because I’m uncertain, out patience and quite frankly, done with this application process.

    By Olivia Piper on 09.04.2012

  4. It’s a miracle to find people that you can easily love. Whether it be friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, co-worker, different family members.. whomever you find, they will make you happy. love = happiness.

    By Tasha on 09.04.2012

  5. a miracle is something i’ve always wished for, it’s something that i once needed in my life, something that i think doesn’t exist now. ever since july 10th when my father passed away from cancer i have stopped believing in miracles. why couldn’t i just have one miracle, to save him? to save the one man in my life that i’ve ever cared about.

    By julie on 09.04.2012

  6. It’s a miracle to find a person that you can easily love. Whether it be a friends, a boyfriend, girlfriend, co-worker, or a different family member, once you find that person, anything can fall into place. Love will make you happy. Love makes everyone happy.

    By Tasha URL on 09.04.2012

  7. I think I used to believe in miracles. But recently they belong to movies, scripts, written dialogue, and the thoughts of dreamers. I suppose by definition you would have to believe in a supernatural to believe in miracles.

    By Seth on 09.04.2012

  8. it is something that we don’t expect, but simply happens. We cannot explain it, but we shouldn’t have to. We should be happy about them, as everyone will experience something like it sometime in their life. By living we are creating a miracle.

    By Victoria on 09.04.2012

  9. This word is often assosciated with religion. Something which I. Am severely opposed to. I hate it when people use the term ‘miracle’ to desvribe an even that occurred by chance, or coincidence.

    By Kieran on 09.04.2012

  10. baby being born, person being cured by cancer, love, laugh enjoy, god, wow, incredible new, amazing, saints, evening, winter, end, beginning, start stop, old, new creation, awe,

    By Allison on 09.04.2012

  11. life. the biggest miracle of all. i was truly amazed at the love that overwhelmed me the first time I seen her. so small and vulnerable. so amazingly beautiful. love, embodied. overwhelming love.

    By albusd URL on 09.04.2012

  12. I like this guy who lives right across the hall from me. I like him a lot. And I never want to mess it up. And I am so happy to have him there; I am so happy that he is so close.

    Is that kind of like a miracle?

    By ankni URL on 09.04.2012

  13. It was nothing but a miracle that I got out. I was trapped for years that felt like eons in your grasp. You gave me nothing but false hope and the eternal optimism I learned to supress for so long just came bursting through each and every time you came around. And now, nothing. Like it never happened. Our flames just fizzled into the finest of ashes, and I can only sum my escape from the roaring flames as nothing but a miracle.

    By Chevaugne on 09.04.2012

  14. time of wonder, time of inspiration, time for humility and courage. time for action, and time to watch with awe.

    By winslow north URL on 09.04.2012

  15. Miracles are full of shit. They don’t just happen like Christians claim. YOU make your own miracles. You are in control of other people’s miracles. Miracles are something hopeless people believe in. They don’t actually exist.

    By Rae Ballek URL on 09.04.2012

  16. The baby’s cries echoed off the cave walls. My captive had finally done it. She had produced the most holy, the most cherished life. Here. In this dark, dank abyss, where only hatred and sorrow are born.

    This little miracle would be my prodigy. My successor.

    But first to get rid of the mother.

    By Max Ryder Thompson on 09.04.2012

  17. you coming into my life.
    you saving me.

    By asyiqin URL on 09.04.2012

  18. Faith precedes the miracle. Always. Having faith is to believe. Although a lot of media and people will tell you that because of a miracle in their life they have faith, but miracles require faith.

    By a on 09.04.2012

  19. A miracle is something that doesn’t happen often. Although many hope and pray for them, they are not given out often. No matter how much you want it and or deserve it, the chances of getting it are very slim. A miracle isn’t something that is just given out to anyone. They are actually very rare. If you want or need something you have to work for it. You have to be able to get it yourself. There are times when all you want is a miracle, and there is nothing you can do to get it. It’s out of your controll, but everything happens for a reason. No matter how tragic it can be.

    By Abby on 09.04.2012

  20. I don’t know if I believe in miracles. Because miracles are usually associated with god and as an atheist, the logic just isn’t there. and I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced an honest to god miracle.

    By Cassey on 09.04.2012

  21. A miracle would be happiness. Happiness from love and trust, I want a miracle. I want a significant other who I can love and trust. I them to treat me how I deserve it, and I want honesty. I want a miracle.

    By Natalie Joy URL on 09.04.2012

  22. dream

    By Francisca on 09.04.2012

  23. A miracle is a wonderful thing.
    But a miracle doesn’t always exist.
    Why do people believe in miracles? and not just believe it’s a coincidence? Isn’t it useless to believe so such things?
    No hope.
    there’s nothing.
    We write our own miracles.

    By Sharky URL on 09.04.2012

  24. It’s amazing how something miraculous can happen without you even realizing it. A miracle should be something that takes your breath away. Alters your perception. And ultimately changes you in a way that you could have never dreamed of.

    Keep that miracle alive.

    By Samantha on 09.04.2012

  25. It’s a miracle! The paper was finally done. She had worked long and hard on this and she was finally free from her vicious English assignment. Hours of effort were contained in the 21 pages of black and white text in front of her. She had researched and drafted and concluded until she could take no more, and her work had finally resulted in a finished project. When she found the stapler in the drawer, she was reluctant to mar her paper with such a blunt metal piercing. Nevertheless, she stapled it together and prepared to turn it in.

    By Julia URL on 09.04.2012

  26. A miracle is when something happens unexpectedly, that you never thought would happen in a million years. Someone with a hard head, changes his mind, of course it’s a guy, women are reasonable, mostly, or someone you have been praying for, actually gets better, but you do have to pray for them. Miracles do happen, but you still have to try. A miracle is part faith, part hope, part luck, and a little bit Disney.

    By Eugenie Giasson on 09.04.2012

  27. outstanding,everlasting peace in the world. No more war no more violence no more discrimination or prejudice. All that is left is silence. Like the calm of the ocean after a storm. The only question now is what will mankind become? What will they do now that their time is not consumed by the violence of war by the need to solve every problem. If mankind can change and true humanity be reached then the world has perhaps performed a miracle.

    By Faith URL on 09.04.2012

  28. Oh miracle! What exactly are you?
    Something that never happens, or just casully appears from heaven in its full existence of happening?
    Should I say I want you:? Should

    By Luna URL on 09.04.2012

  29. Again the same? Miracle or coincidence?
    I shoudl say fait. But whether its going to miracle or

    By Julia URL on 09.04.2012

  30. Oh my. This little baby. How can something so small mean so much? I never knew this little baby, my little girl could be put into one word. Miracle. My little miracle. The doctors told me I could never have kids, but now I do.

    By Alyssa on 09.04.2012

  31. It’s a miracle that I found you. It’s a miracle that you walked into my life, when I needed it, which is when I didn’t even know it. I wouldn’t be who I am without you. I wouldn’t be here. You saved me.

    By simplystephanie URL on 09.04.2012

  32. Only a miracle could explain what happened that night. A miracle that made the women cry, and the men hide their faces. A miracle that made the children wonder. A miracle.

    By Rachel URL on 09.04.2012

  33. she was about to go into surgery, and she was unconscious–dead to the world. a few days earlier, our youth minister had given our family a small bottle of holy water. my mother, probably with shaking hands, probably with tears in her eyes, poured a few drops onto her right index finger. she made the sign of the cross on my sister’s forehead. she didn’t expect anything to happen. no one did. but as my mother pulled away, terrified for her child, her youngest, her baby…my unconscious sister lifted her hand and touched my mother’s arm. my sister’s eyes didn’t open. her breathing did not change, and after a few seconds, her hand flopped back down, and she was lifeless again. it was impossible, and therefore a miracle. it was God telling my mother that my sister was going to be okay. a comforting hand. a reassurance that my mother was not going to lose what was so precious to her. today, my sister is alive and healthy. she survived the surgery. she is a miracle, and i love her with all my heart.

    By Melanie on 09.04.2012

  34. I believe in miracles

    By Amanda URL on 09.04.2012

  35. miracles happen everyday. it doesn’t have to be something huge like being risen from the dead. it’s the little things, like a green light when your running behind or a front row spot at the mall. sometimes it’s just a cheerful smile when you were feeling lonely.

    By Abigail Archer URL on 09.04.2012

  36. It’s quite miraculous… Usually very difficult to believe. Then again, to the person who accomplished the miracle, that may not be so. I’d like to see at least one in my life.

    By Reverie on 09.04.2012

  37. Miracles are often associated with god or some higher power. But I think there isn’t such a thing as a miracle. There are incredibly lucky happenings. Luck is kind of akin to a miracle. I think Luck to one person is a miracle to others and vice versa. Do either really exist? I don’t know. There are just good coincidences. And that’s all there is to it I think. Or maybe not. Life is complicated and so are miracles and luck and the whole mess of it.

    By sarah on 09.04.2012

  38. babies are a pretty wonderful thing
    sort of a miracle in a house full of garbage
    or are they just another piece of crap in a pile of billions of other babies
    simply miraculous in their “individuality”
    all the same
    all in pain
    too many mouths for huge stock piles of food

    By Bekkerz on 09.04.2012

  39. It was a miracle that the man did not die that day. The sun shone down upon his grimace as it surreptitiously made its way to his eyes and his hands left the wheel. A car screeched into a collision and all was gone, save that man.

    By Alec URL on 09.04.2012

  40. miracle is when something extra ordinary happen when you thing nothing will happen or when good thing happen after a bad thing happen. life is a miracle as how good has created this world with all the life forms in it. the universe is a miricle whereby it is hangging without a pillar or a rope to hold it where it is

    By sapniyah on 09.04.2012