September 3rd, 2012 | 443 Entries

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443 Entries for “miracle”

  1. A miracle. Isn’t that what a child is? A ‘miracle of life’? Something to cherish, to celebrate? Not something to scorn, to look away in the corner in shame.
    The again, what miracle kills its creator?

    By Bianca on 09.04.2012

  2. They say it’s a miracle that they met

    Say it’s a miracle that they have what they have

    Say their blessed

    But others say blessings don’t come to their type

    But who’s to say that they don’t?

    I, for one, believe their blessed.

    I just wish you would do, Dad,

    And not just see them by the way they’re dressed.

    By deliriumatic on 09.04.2012

  3. it was a miracle that little sally didnt fall off the cliff while wearing those stupid flip flops. she shouldnt have been hiking with those on, and especially not kicking up all that dust. Thank God that little sally didnt fall over the ledge, less it be a terrible moment in history. What the actual fuck

    By aaron on 09.04.2012