December 9th, 2012 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “methods”

  1. Methods are important as they define how things are done. You may be the type of person to stick to methods, others like to change them up and dont live by them. Methods help us as individuals and help us complete tasks.. but then they are only methods; they dont define the very idea of what it is the method is about, just a way of doing something

    By Lara on 12.10.2012

  2. The methods of living life and doing things are endless. Endless, counting ways of doing a single thing. Crinking tea, reading a book, sleeping. It just baffles my mind to no end. There is not just one right way to do it. There are more than one and that makes me happy.

    By Sana URL on 12.10.2012

  3. First thought is the snowboard trick – up high in the air, bent backwards almost if you have good style. A simple trick apparently but one hard to do with good style – “he’s got a sick method” or “best method out there” is high praise, even in the spin to win landscape that has become competitive snowboarding.

    By Ara on 12.10.2012

  4. I love having good methods in my skin and making my skin look fluorishingly fantabulous amazingly splendid!!!!!!

    By Joyce on 12.10.2012

  5. mathematical methods used in art fill the pages with measurements of ink and watercolors
    overflowing the pages with bursts of vibrant laughter, waiting to scream out the answers to life
    with simple methods

    By madyson haskins on 12.10.2012

  6. Methods?

    By Daij on 12.10.2012

  7. There are a lot of methods that you can use for this math problem.

    By Madison on 12.10.2012

  8. There is always a method to everybody’s madness! If not the world would be crazy!

    By Sierra on 12.10.2012

  9. In science,we learned about the scientifc method. the scientific method has 7 steps. all of them you need we you experiment.

    By Sloane on 12.10.2012

  10. I have many methods to annoy my brothers but I do not have the time to use these methods.

    By karen on 12.10.2012

  11. lets use are methods and be assassins

    By alexandermc on 12.10.2012

  12. There are a lot of methods in math. Some of them are hard and some are easy.

    By Shelby on 12.10.2012

  13. There are a lot of methods in math. Some of them are hard and some are easy.

    By Shelby on 12.10.2012

  14. Here, twenty years later, it’s still the same. We are playing on a jungle gym too big and far from the ground. Our methods of navigating the gaps are the same – we wait, we waver, but we know there is no other way to make it to the other side or go back. So we close our eyes and hope that we are the only ones who know we are in over our heads. That everyone on the ground can’t see our shaking hands.

    By cmsiena URL on 12.10.2012

  15. You can use methods to solve your problems. You can use some methods to solve some school problems like in math or other classes. You can also use some methods to solve your own problems.

    By Annette on 12.10.2012

  16. there is a method for everything. a method is a system, in geography for instance, i recently wrote an investigation into social deprivation using a number of methods. this is a really boring word. i really dislike it. i don’t think we should go through life methodically, it’s dull.

    By Bronte Cowley on 12.10.2012

  17. i have to solve some methods in order to do math….

    By Kilee Hunsaker on 12.10.2012

  18. Today we are going to use a lot of methods for the project we are going to do for this month.

    By rodney on 12.10.2012

  19. The scientific method is very important to know if you want to become a scientist.

    By Brianna on 12.10.2012

  20. methods is a way of doing something.

    By Destiny on 12.10.2012

  21. Once I was a perfect rendering of an artist. I slaved and struggled, I batted away demons in the night. My heart bled for my work and I was ragged and torn by rejection and time. Now I am nothing more than a human woman- I write and I sing and I am wife to a husband. There are ways in and out of everything, there are methods to our art just as there are to our madness. We are not bound by superstitious addiction to one route only-

    By Laura Mary URL on 12.10.2012

  22. I think method means plan or your way of doing something.Example this is my family method.

    By christian gurk on 12.10.2012

  23. Dying is an art if you want to get the hell off this earth. The methods available are what is the puzzling part. Which way should you do it? Should you use the method that will lead others to think it was accidental?

    By D Riley on 12.10.2012

  24. Methods are how you do something, and what you use to do it. The methods of scientists are to use the scientific method and to write down notes of their experiments.

    By mccrazy URL on 12.10.2012

  25. My methods get me through my day
    Get up
    Feed the dog
    Next day
    Practice makes perfect

    By CamilleWren on 12.10.2012

  26. There are different methods of learning. These methods are categorised by what age group it is being applied to. The methods are not same for all age groups of people. Children have different methods and older people use different methods.

    By medini on 12.10.2012

  27. dodgy methods. that is what he had. I have no issues with his results, but his methods were dodgy… and that is all i have to say about that. tick tock tick tock tick tock…

    By helena URL on 12.10.2012

  28. there are many methods for building a life. there is the method of structure, the architect, building from the ground up, according to scaffoldings. there is the method of the sailor ~ following the winds and the currents, being driven by the weather and moods of the sea. there is the method of the hermit, who stays in a hole, dark and intimate.

    By Kya on 12.10.2012

  29. Methods are but rules. Regulations. Found in chemistry class, on Ikea furniture. The methodical nature of your smile pinpricks me, in that sleazy way you picked me up at a bar, after one too many cocktails. The effervescent blue kind.

    By Holly URL on 12.10.2012

  30. some solutions we thought of when solving a problem(?) =|

    By yuki on 12.10.2012

  31. There are many methods of torture. The wooden pony, the knee-splitter, the rack, but none as painful as the saw. The saw was originally not used for cutting wood, but for cutting the pelvis bone of Spanish inquisition victims, as thy hung upside down from their ankles, entirely conscious ’till the saw hit their heart.

    By Skyapter on 12.10.2012

  32. Methods. What to say about methods. Ways to do stuff and stuff. Nothing else but methods. I don’t know what to think about methods. Every time something is timed I get nervous and i just don’t know what to say so I’m just sitting here trying to think something about methods but instead I’m wondering about nothing because I’m not actually talking about methods.

    By sdf on 12.10.2012

  33. Her methods were dangerous:

    She hitch hiked to every city to elude the ghosts at her heels, but the world caved in every time. She cleaned up each scene with enough money to travel out of the country — but it didn’t help. All she could think about was that night and how it changed her life forever.

    By ewelina r on 12.10.2012

  34. There are methods to not getting angry.

    By Pamela URL on 12.10.2012

  35. then the method for his madness was foolishly applied to the world’s catastrophy. fever pitch as it was I tried to laugh, and then siged.

    By Rocco Caniglia on 12.10.2012

  36. there are many methods in which to complete all tasks, most methods work, but there is one method that will fail.

    By James URL on 12.10.2012

  37. The methods for math is very simple.
    The girl used math methods.

    By gorge URL on 12.10.2012

  38. The little boy used the math method on his test.

    By jake URL on 12.10.2012

  39. methods of work can be useful if you arent sure what to do. In the case of a test, you may want to rule out the answers you know are wrong and take a guess at one of the leftover possibilities.

    By jako360 on 12.10.2012

  40. I like doing methods on a snowboard. Method is a grab that is common in snowboarding.

    By Bubbles1213 URL on 12.10.2012