December 9th, 2012 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “methods”

  1. Her methods were unconventional, to say the least. She wandered around the room picking things up and dropping them again, starting sentences and abandoning them as she tried to explain to me the problem. She was incredibly disorganized, cluttered, messy, the kind of person who made me nervous. And yet even the half-ideas she left hanging in the air were brilliant, and I knew it was her weirdness that separated her from just someone who was really smart and a genius.

    By Lily on 12.09.2012

  2. methods are the most important thing in experiments. your experimental method must be carefully determined. sadly, life can not always be set up ideally, even if you use the best methods. there are simply too many variables.

    By an octopus URL on 12.09.2012

  3. Methods. Methods. Oh how many different methods there are for any given thing. Lets take happiness, oh the countless ways there are that would equate to happiness and each to their own thought and opinion on what it is to each of them.

    By neen1794 on 12.09.2012

  4. How it is done, how we do it what should we do if we don’t know what to do.Can we do nothing if we do not have metjods for if you think something out are you not using a method.When you cook are you not using a method .I like baking cookies and bacon and sailing because it is fun

    By Emma on 12.09.2012

  5. Hai hai
    The way you do things is this frustrating
    In the manner of the way you happen to be thinking
    No peace
    I seem to find yourself caught in a trap
    You repeat
    I repeat
    Probably the worst method of existence, yes, decidedly so.

    By drifterdanno on 12.09.2012

  6. school teachings science plans planning problem solving

    By mccall on 12.09.2012

  7. the way i go about things and how much they have failed me these days i guess i tend to have to question my methods and wonder honestly how much of them is just routine at this point… doing things the way i do because that the way i’ve always done them it is something to thinkabout i suppose. who knows.

    By joey durant on 12.09.2012

  8. We wrap ourselves up in layers of warm methods at nice, whispering to ourselves over and over that we are not the first ones to stumble through this adventure, that many have come before, that our methods will keep us warm and suspend the pulsing life in our veins.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 12.09.2012

  9. methods are processes that you carry out on a daily basis. there are multiple methods to everything you do ie. waking up in the morning and bruhing your teeth

    By Abigail on 12.09.2012

  10. I know your methods. You’re not sneaky. I’m not like that. I just wanna sit here and put on a movie and ACTUALLY watch the movie. I wanna be able to take off my pants off and just hang out. I don’t ever wanna wear pants again.

    By Madison Hite on 12.09.2012

  11. Of research. This was something that we learned a lot about in my psychology class, but didn’t really ever achieve something. the purpose of that class was not learn to actually perform experiments, but, rather, learn to critique and learn from current research and comment on how it was successful or not, how it fulfilled its purpose and gave us something new to think about.

    By Keegan Livermore on 12.10.2012

  12. I don’t know much about this but it sounds interesting. Methods in what way? In what subject? In love. Is there a method to find your the one and live happily ever after? Methods are secrets?

    By Son on 12.10.2012

  13. I was already planning on contorting today’s word into something that conveys my insomnia. I’m really scared of my own methods sometimes. I’m addicted to melatonin and I’m trying so hard to break that habit, but it’s such a machine thing to do for me, to take those pills every night. It’s just some supplement, sure, but it has it’s effects, and though the immediate benefits are awesome, the long-term ones are really deleterious to my mental health.

    By creepestbloom URL on 12.10.2012

  14. They say that there is method in madness. If that’s the case, why don’t we see more results? Look how many people do stupid stuff – surely there should be a better success to fail ratio than what we’re currently getting? There must be some unknown universal constant skewing the numbers against us

    By Snellopy on 12.10.2012

  15. I don’t know the methods used, but everyone joined in. Smiling and happy they poured out of the buildings wearing crimson and safron, the colours of the day. The colours rich and vibrant blended everything together. It was a day to step out of yourself and to have fun.

    By Meredyth URL on 12.10.2012

  16. methods
    u got diff methods to do diff things
    idk why but i always choose a diff methods automaticlly
    sometimes i mess them up
    then again go for the other one

    By priyansha on 12.10.2012

  17. There are different methods of creating a human being. Like in Frankenstein, you can create a human being from a dead corpse. How weird you might think. It is weird but it is also true. However, you create a monster, not a human.

    By michael on 12.10.2012

  18. She had methods. Most of them weren’t, well, legal but it wasn’t as if she cared. It was just ways to reach her ambition, her goal. It didn’t hurt anyone so it’s not wrong, is it?

    By no on 12.10.2012

  19. That man has devious ways, mean little calculated methods, he’s getting under my skin.

    By Jeanie URL on 12.10.2012

  20. method or madness.. there is always a method to madness.. some might think routine is what keeps us grounded. others might think if all was methodiacal and perfect there would be no excitement.

    By pory URL on 12.10.2012

  21. Various methods. There were so many methods he could have used, most of them much more efficient. The one he had chosen was much too risky for anyone’s taste, so much so that he began to doubt himself. But then he remembered the thrill he felt when he imagined the possibilities, and suddenly, he didn’t feel that scared anymore.

    By Joaquin S. on 12.10.2012

  22. Methods. How can one define methods? Methods are the way we do things. We live our life around methods. Consciously or unconsciously, they influence our life. The way we brush our teeth is one, though we barely think about it. The way we study something is a method as well, though not as simple as brushing one’s teeth.

    By Arjun Ravikumar on 12.10.2012

  23. There’s certain methods he uses. Some are common, some are not. I watch him as he uses them on some guy I don’t know. He seems to enjoy it. Interesting. He uses a method that I’ve never seen before and objectively speaking I have to admit it’s quite original and cleverly thought of. Very effective too.
    I stop thinking so as he comes over to me to try another one of his torture methods.

    By Moniek on 12.10.2012

  24. I want to write a method, instead of using others’.
    Maybe one day. I will have a method name after me, and be a real geek.

    By Offrampq on 12.10.2012

  25. She tried every way possible, but she couldn’t do it. She gave up.

    By Asma on 12.10.2012

  26. odd things that keep you from reaching an end. its all about the means of getting some where. that’s all it is. a strange word method.

    By Quick on 12.10.2012

  27. I love some people who talk with me and i love My family . I m very happy with him <3 love them ! WaaaaaaaaaaaaW

    By fares ben ghorbel on 12.10.2012

  28. Tommy Lee has a band called Methods of Mayhem. Tommy was in Motley Crue, and Pamela Anderson, but there are many methods of keeping him out of your ears, I recommend them all.

    By Rand on 12.10.2012

  29. He wasn’t afraid of dying. He had done it before. It lasts for what feels like a second and then you’re back. Someone else, somewhere else, in a different time, memory erased. You’re not the same, but you’re aware of having been here to some degree. God’s methods made no sense to him.

    By DavidRyanM on 12.10.2012

  30. She was methodical, calculating, rhythmic. Every day was the same, just how she liked it.

    By maisa on 12.10.2012

  31. methods of madness, rolling around in my head turning me into a devious one. shouting from rooftops these methods have me living on the edge. time and space continuum, sparkling stars, sun spinning, earth rotating, breathing giving life to us and our methods.

    By Nicole on 12.10.2012

  32. He’d always been trying to create his own signature. Something apart from everyone else, something that was truly his own. He didn’t want to be identified by his methods, only by his cause, his feeling, his soul.

    By Alex on 12.10.2012

  33. Metoder til at opnå et eller andet. Det handler om at gøre sig tanker om, hvordan man vil nå frem til et givent mål: Hvordan bærer jeg mig ad? Hvordan når jeg dét jeg ønsker? Hvordan griber jeg “sagen” an? Hvilke briller har jeg på, imens jeg … ? Hvordan anskuer jeg dét jeg har gang i? Hvordan arbejder jeg? – og hvorfor? At have styr på sin metode er vigtig.

    By Line Marcela Larsen URL on 12.10.2012

  34. there are methods to her madness. Though her eyes swirl with the psychosis that would be their downfall, her brain still whirrs and clicks like a logic machine. Behind the frightening facade is a calm, cool brain, a mind clever enough to kill them all.

    By Gill on 12.10.2012

  35. “I have methods to my madness and reasons for my failure. But this time i though i did it all right…”

    By LuckyNo.13 on 12.10.2012

  36. It takes a few cold crusty blinks to recognize this neck of the woods,
    Toes are stretched to that bloody orb,
    Fingers are still seizing the retreating twilight,
    Now, since I remember you are who you pretend to be- reach for the snake oil and simper at the cheep gas station lighter discovered nestled safely in my crotch,
    Kerosene would be nice, a wind proof shelter better,
    How long have we been out here now?
    What were we seeking anyway?
    Does escaping commodity fetishism require us to be hungry hungry hobo’s?
    Lint from an old sweater affords an easier than usual fire,
    Are steps towards liberation always shackled?

    By SkyShroud on 12.10.2012

  37. people use all manner of types of research methods. something always tells me that for me i would always seek the path of least resistance but it also has to be that which makes me feel good and benefit more than just myself. No live for just me.

    By Nick on 12.10.2012

  38. methods of madness methods of stirring
    a mortal and pestle is a method
    it makes me think of serious old white men who studied law and medicine with guts and dust spilling over their books. old methods

    By janepaulette URL on 12.10.2012

  39. {july & method & broadcast}

    i wrote out my love
    in the sunscreen on your back

    in curling swoops
    of my tongue on a cold popsicle

    and on the side of
    the sandcaste we built, together

    before it gave under kicking water.

    By isa on 12.10.2012

  40. There was method in his madness, but no one would listen. Instead they locked him up and made him swallow some large blue pills. After a while he hid them in his shoes until, eventually there was a little bit of madness in his methods.

    By Claire on 12.10.2012