December 8th, 2012 | 219 Entries

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219 Entries for “broadcast”

  1. I watched the reporter flip her hair as the news program was preparing to go on air. She did not realize that the cameras were trained on her and filming, so she carefully put a finger in her ear and dug out a small piece of wax.

    By Rob Summers on 12.09.2012

  2. attention all mass media followers
    here’s something you don’t care about
    a divorce in the paper, a star high and dry

    what makes this better than my life?
    why is this so important?

    By Julia URL on 12.09.2012

  3. She prepared herself every morning in the same way. Up at 3 am, shower, dress, hair, base coat of makeup, a quick cup of coffee. She never ate until after the show, still nervous after so many years on the air. She drove herself to the studio and stayed in her car, the radio playing the soft rock station she usually loved. She flipped it off, looked around to make sure no one else was in the parking lot and smoked a cigarette in silence. It was 4 am. At 4:15, she made her way into the building, smelling of perfume. She greeted the security guy, who gave her a perfunctory nod, and made her way to the makeup room. She clutched her large purse in her lap like a teddy bear as they worked on drawing her eyebrows on, making her eyes bigger, changing the fundamental shapes of her own face. She smiled at herself in the mirror after they left, and then frowned, creasing her brow. She got up and walked into the studio, where she glanced at the morning’s top stories. She gave small smiles to her co-workers, and her co-host tried to goose her when she stood up to get another cup of coffee. It was 5:30. She lingered over the coffee as long as possible, putting in milk and 4 sugars. She usually took it black, and someone joked with her that she was off her diet. She smiled thinly, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes. She sat back down in her chair, wiped off her teeth for any traces of coffee, and closed her eyes. The music began. It was 6 am. She started off the top story of her day: “All of us are fake. We live in a fake world, and I might just be the worst faker of them all.” Her producer made frantic hand motions at her, and her co-host started to break in, but was silenced when she pulled the gun from her purse. She smiled again, this time a wide, wild one scrawled across her face. “But you can end it. You just have to end the broadcast. And that’s what I’m doing now. Good night, and good luck ending your own.” They saw her wince as she pulled the trigger, but when her body was rolled away later, the producer swears she had the most beautiful smile on her face, one he had never seen in all those years.

    By June on 12.09.2012

  4. She listened to the broadcast on her way home. “5 inches of snow expected by morning. Better stay off the roads, they are slick. Now back to the music, thanks Chad!” She punched off the radio as another sickening carol blared. She just wanted to be out of the snow, and next to the warm fireplace…

    By Archori on 12.09.2012

  5. are you going to broadcast this selection? I don’t see why it’s such a problem people do this every day in the US. Broadcasting has always been your dream and yet you fear jumping into a new project. No one will judge you, alright that’s a lie everyone will judge you for what you do in this industry that’s what it’s all about here.

    By Colette Quattrone on 12.09.2012

  6. news tv anchor blonde haired lady bad skirt suits weather sports criminals politics war religion iraq muslims iran bombs nothing good!

    By laci URL on 12.09.2012

  7. She always found the idea of it wonderful. Broadcasting was her life long dream. When she was growing up she’d watch plenty of broadcasts and study them to see what were the qualities the best broadcasters possessed. In college she majored in communications, and put an endless amount of passion into her work.

    By Iris on 12.09.2012

  8. Her suit was too tight and her hair was cut too sharp, itching the back of her neck. The words on screen didn’t make sense to her, but she could stumble through them perfectly, eye to lip, brain never engaged.

    By Lily on 12.09.2012

  9. Please look at my feelings on the internet!
    I put them there precisely for you to enjoy.
    They aren’t real until you see them, right?
    We have to hear that tree fall
    to verify its existence.
    Other people need to see that I have
    Thoughts so that I can believe I do, too.

    By Genevieve on 12.09.2012

  10. The televion. The radio. The podcast.
    When does it ever stop?

    By Ari on 12.09.2012

  11. I’m broadcasting my thoughts through the airwaves, you’re apologetic as always.

    By Cafune on 12.09.2012

  12. The broadcast finished airing. Mike rubbed the thin sheen of sweat on his head and sighed. He looked at Marianne, his co-host and heard her talk about something. However, he really was relieved that his first day, at this job had gone well.

    By Clairako on 12.09.2012

  13. The broadcast came overbthe television with a cackling sound interupting the current show. A masked man had come on the screen and said “PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES THE REVOLUTION HAS STARTED.” The screen went blank and a feeling of dread filled the air.

    By Jerri on 12.09.2012

  14. The BBC – The British Broadcasting Company has been under some flak recently. I know it’s not a perfect organisation – was there ever? – but I can’t help but think of it very fondly still.

    By andyprue URL on 12.09.2012

  15. The truth and the lies mingled in loud filmy words
    In online television and spokesperson’s voice
    Towers to satellites of never-ending mantras

    By Rene Emerson on 12.09.2012

  16. Nowadays, things get broadcasted across the world in an instant. You could say 10 words here in America and someone in China or Japan or Indonesia or Afghanistan can know in a minute flat.

    By Jodi URL on 12.09.2012

  17. Whenever I watch news or something about it, I see it as a broadcast. The newscasters or host could be talking about entertainment, the world, sports, weather, etc. It could be a big story or something minor.

    By Jessica on 12.09.2012

  18. the broadcast said that there would be snow. it never came, just rain. rain, that was all we got this winter. i don’t mind but i would have liked to have snow.

    By kathpine98 on 12.09.2012

  19. the broadcast went live sunday, tony stark kidnapped, killed, who even knows. He can’t turn off the news but watching it makes him sick. His best friend gone and all they can discuss is business and weapons and pat robertson is shouting this is what happens you live a vile, sinful life, when you live by the sword you die by it.

    By chrism25 URL on 12.09.2012