June 13th, 2018 | 20 Entries

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20 Entries for “metabolism”

  1. Metabolism is when your body converts what you eat into energy.When someone weighsthe proper amount for their age and height that means they have a good metabolism and their body is converting their food properly.

    By Talia Braunstein on 06.13.2018

  2. A rage burning like the metabolism of a man running for his life, roaring through my tissues. Hard as steel, yet molten like lava I walk through this life fighting my mind, who tells me to fight all those around me, when really my mind is to blame. I am to blame.

    By Emily Vandevier on 06.13.2018

  3. I don’t drink margaritas anymore, or eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, because my metabolism has all the agility of a snail caught in a sticky quagmire on a warm and rainy June evening. I feast on salt and arugula and watch everyone else get thinner on beef and beer, and I wonder to myself just when my body decided to rebel against me. When it decided that occasional indulgence was toxic, and it needed to survive thirteen simultaneous Russian winters.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.13.2018

  4. All those things bitten off, chewed, absorbed, and passed through. Those little bits of life that pass like lovers or memory, or sand, unable to be kept, just passed through, unlike time that theif that take so much of us and leaves so little. Each chew is a gift of life for life.

    By Flyderkov URL on 06.13.2018

  5. She knew that thing lived. She could see it pulse and move and there was something in this thing she would compare to a human heart. But still – this planet had a temperature well below absolute zero – HOW did it survive?

    By Fran Hunne URL on 06.14.2018

  6. Moving fast, burning away, energy turns to flesh turns to energy, flying through the void, no stopping it, no turning back, no way to rest. Thrum of a heartbeat, screaming of lungs, muscles straining against skin, tearing, binding, creating anew.

    By Liz on 06.14.2018

  7. Metabolic chapters swimming jumping up your metabolism, schism, frying pan of rhythm, hope you don’t go swimmin’ in the exhibition, violation, so long hating, got that ‘ism, so many isms, prison, schisms, living

    By Mary Haller on 06.14.2018

  8. She felt the calories surge through her body, but she didn’t care as she devoured each bite without waiting. Her metabolism wasn’t what it used to be, sure, did it even matter anymore? Who was looking at her anymore anyway?

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.14.2018

  9. Eat. Eat. I gotta eat.
    I think to myself as I go about my day.
    Fold the laundry.
    Eat, please.
    I start working on the dishes.
    When I finish this, I’m going to eat something.
    I search the fridge.
    Distracted; “mommy, can you help me find…”
    When was the last time I bathed?
    Eat something. After my shower. Okay.
    Up the stairs.
    Rinsed, not washed.
    The baby is crying now.
    Nursed, burped, colicked.
    Once he’s asleep, you gotta feed yourself.

    By Heidi P. URL on 06.14.2018

  10. My best friend Allie’s metabolism is that of a hummingbird. Her hands are in constant motion and her mouth moves just as quickly. A quip here. A grin and a wave there. Me? Mine’s more like a condor. Lumbering and ferocious.

    By Aimee A. on 06.14.2018

  11. Everything he ate went straight through him. He had a pretty high metabolism. Or maybe it was the bones and lack of skin and organs. The Skeleton King cackled as he dropped another chicken wing down his trachea.

    By Rover URL on 06.14.2018

  12. Late at night whilst I try to sleep the metabolism of the thoughts going through, until I wake up and feel like a cup of filter coffee.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 06.15.2018

  13. I sometimes feel our metabolism also depends on our mood. It’s not just a physical thing, it’s also a mental thing. When one is in a happy state of mind, the metabolic rate is automatically high, and when one is sad, it has drastic effects on the metabolic rate.

    By Shalini on 06.15.2018

  14. for me metabolism the capacity that your body has of burn fat

    By edino on 06.15.2018

  15. Her metabolism was stalled, she was certain of it. Along with the change of life had come a change in fitness and a change in metabolism. Why did this happen? Wasn’t grey hair and saggy skin enough? Now the saggy skin was filled with a bloat and spongy substance that she couldn’t quite accept as a reality for her life moving forward.

    By ep7 URL on 06.15.2018

  16. I was lucky enough to inherit my metabolism from my father’s side of my family. In my high school years I hated my higher metabolism because it made it much more difficult for me to accumulate muscle mass. My body kept burning calories before I could convert them to actual body mass. However, now that I am in my later 20’s I can just appreciate that I have not started gaining unwanted weight.

    By Fair Enough URL on 06.15.2018

  17. metabolism, this is a science word. there is no life without metabolism.

    By Shanmuga URL on 06.15.2018

  18. His metabolism ran like a wild rabbit. He could not consume enough food. He started to look like he was starving by the way he was thinning out. Dieting was never a decision he made. Food was always a must have just to survive. Yet, something strange happened when he turned 23. It was like a switch turned on it ramped up even worse than before. Several trips to the hospital. Poked and prodded by a dozen or so doctors and they still came up empty-handed. Why was his body not holding the nutrients he was feeding it. He was eating whole foods, clean and healthy. One would think this would at least help in his situation. Fed up with feeling like he was going to die just wasting away. He decided to do the opposite. He traded in everything he believed in about eating healthy. He quit planning his meals, going to the farmer’s markets and keeping clean. No more of that, all out the door. Now he was eating meat for the first time in a decade, greasy food, crappy carbohydrates, sugary sodas, sweets any chance he had. Did it make a difference? Was he gaining weight? Did he still look like he was starving himself to death?

    By Cris Nole on 06.15.2018

  19. My rail-thin figure is in large part thanks to my supercharged metabolism. But then again, perhaps I’m just not eating enough calories. I was never one to count them. I didn’t snack as much as my peers. But I sure drank a lot of Mountain Dew.

    By asavas URL on 06.15.2018

  20. “I have a fast metabolism.” Branwen says, voice cutting through the night air like a sword through an ogre’s belly.

    “What?” I respond, eloquent as always.

    I can’t see if she rolls her eyes, but it feels like she does. The firelight glints off her teeth, and her small smile ends up looking dangerous.

    “You were looking. The doctor said I have a fast metabolism. That’s why I look like this.”


    “Either that, or it’s just the will of the gods, but that seems sort of… obvious, I guess.”

    By darseyrsm URL on 06.15.2018