June 12th, 2018 | 23 Entries

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23 Entries for “construction”

  1. This is the same word i got last time. Im asdfdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    By Bronson Furman on 06.12.2018

  2. The site was still under construction, so I couldn’t begin building my art profile. It was frustrating; I had been using the same web page to sell everything I produced. My paintings, my shirts, my phone covers – all of it was easily processed and shipped off using the website in question.

    Now, however, it was down, with no definite time for when it’d come back. And my funds were starting to deplete.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.12.2018

  3. struct

    By bobross1234 on 06.12.2018

  4. there is something that builds in me when you smile
    the construction of a perfect tower
    that is built to fall down
    brick by brick you stack me up
    with every smile and every second of eye contact
    you set me up for failure
    for I know the second you breathe on me I will fall down

    By Claire on 06.12.2018

  5. there is something that builds in me when you smile
    the construction of a perfect tower
    that is built to fall down
    brick by brick you stack me up
    with every smile and every second of contact
    you set me up for failure
    for I know the second you breathe on me I will fall down

    By clarino910 on 06.12.2018

  6. Where does one begin with the construction of reality? The people, the places, the experiences that mold us take shape in our reality, but from where do they come? If our experiences are our reality we can shape our reality to anything we want – our fantasies can become our reality if we set out to experience what we’ve only seen in our dreams. Are dreams reality?

    By Kira on 06.12.2018

  7. He looked at the construction with a wary eye. It would probably not hold, knowing his luck it would break when he was in the middle of it. But it was the only way for him to leave this place. And he should leave, he could he his pursuers already, not long before they caught sight of him.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 06.12.2018

  8. ‘If you just hadn’t, …’

    Her sense of frustration was palpable, it flowed through her evidenced in her clotted sentence construction, her tangled and ill-woven throughs, the logic that refused to support stand up and support her. She felt outraged; that she needed to defend herself was such an injustice.

    By Meredyth URL on 06.13.2018


    By Robert Kohlhammer on 06.13.2018

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    By buy_cialis URL on 06.13.2018

  11. What are you building? Or even, WHY are you building?
    I spend my days reading and working and learning and growing but the outcomes are ever more unclear, the blueprints are fading and the engineers are gone and I find myself building just for the sake of building. Building because I feel into construction and it’s all I know, not because there’s a vision or a dream or a plan. And what is it worth? These tools – the books and the machines and the hours invested – they could be better deployed,by a labourer more skilled or a structure more worthy than me,

    By Barber on 06.13.2018

  12. Construction destruction construction hats yellow hard top i need one for this helps me feel safer protected when i come into the house. Dad. Walking on eggshells. put on my protective headgear

    By Mary Haller on 06.13.2018

  13. We wrote our names with dust and mirrors, a rebellion against forgetting. The rain saw and claimed the secret kept back to the sky.

    By DT on 06.13.2018

  14. The difficulty with this construction was that this building could not be demolished and started from scratch. It was a conflicted building, full of sections that needed to be torn down and full of special sections that needed to be protected and handled delicately. The initial reaction was to demolish the whole thing and start over, but while the building as a whole could no longer exist as it was, some of its parts were too important to loose. The first step was to determine which parts to keep and which parts to demolish.

    By okayfine on 06.13.2018

  15. She listened to the hammering and her brain started to spin. It was too much. She pushed her chair back from her desk and stormed over to the window, throwing it open. “Do you mind?”
    Nothing happened. The hammering continued. She wasn’t loud enough to be heard over the chaos.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.13.2018

  16. When I think of construction I think of buildings, equipment, and people in helmets. If you visit any major city you will typically witness many amazing examples of construction and architecture. Buildings that designed to be eye catching and different, as if being hundreds of feet high and containing dozens if not hundreds of people wasn’t enough to stand out. Despite looking different on the outside, and being different on the inside, they are all made using the same basic principles of physics and building materials. Steel, cement, and sheet rock. They are a lot like people in that respect. We may look different on the outside and each fit the world in our own unique way, but we are still the exact same set of organs and elements as the next person in line at Starbucks.

    The key difference between the construction of buildings and people is that buildings are only created once they have a purpose, but people are created having to find a purpose. And just like any aged building we can always change our purpose down the road if we want.

    By Kristian Pierce on 06.13.2018

  17. The construction site was deserted. Men had been laid off. A wave of redundancies hit the town.
    Archie was devastated. His whole family was living on bread and baked beans. No-one offered to help him find a job. At home he just stayed in bed. The days got longer and longer. All around him the trash of his life piled up. His wife left him and took the kids. She didn’t leave a note. One day she just vanished. His life exploded and he ended up on the street begging for coins at the Mall.

    By David Lloyd on 06.13.2018

  18. The construction of the building was taking longer than anyone had thought. The rumors milling around about the affair and the murder made it hard to keep the project moving forward. No one like the idea that their kids would be going to a school with such a scandalous beginning. But the school board wanted to move ahead, either way, crossing their fingers hoping that it would all be yesterday’s news in a few days.

    By Kali Harpa Allen on 06.13.2018

  19. Construction. Your least favorite season in Michigan, if you live here. Highways turn bright orange and neon yellow with workers, and despite telling you to slow down, cars still speed by. Either that or they stop completely and traffic is backed up from the Mackinaw Bridge to inner city Detroit. Orange barrels, annoyed people. It’s the worst part of summer.

    By Jenna on 06.13.2018

  20. They wanted to build something together, but that would never come to pass. The strange thing about losing someone is that you miss less the person, and more the things you could have done. The things you would have done if time was kinder.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 06.13.2018

  21. Construction paper: my kids used to call it “instruction paper” when they were little. We never constructed anything with it, and it never instructed us. Neither name for it was very good. It ought to be called “Christmas tree garland paper,” how it’s good for the colorful chains with the with the interlocking rings.

    By Julie on 06.13.2018

  22. The little, blonde girl moved slowly through a maze of abandoned tools, broken bricks & lost hardhats. Sobbing quietly she squeezed between unfinished walls & tip-toed down lonely hallways. “Where are you?” she whispered. Stumbling, she fell forwards, hitting her shin against a concrete block. She cried out, & clung to her leg. “No no no no!!!!” her scream ripped through the empty building. Tears streaked her strained face as the little girl pulled herself up with a whimper. Her echoing crys surrounded her, wrapping her up in their eerie sound. Limping toward a corner, the little girl broke, & sat down, pained with anguish & terror.
    Her little head, weighed down by worry & fear drooped slowly. Crying quietly, she sat alone in an unfinished, lonely building.

    But was she alone? Creeping footsteps tell a different story. A shadow stalked through tools, bricks & hardhats. Past unfinished walls & down hallways. The little girl looked up, terror evident on her childish face, as she listened to laboured breathing coming closer & closer. The footsteps made their way past the concrete block, over tear dripped floors, coming closer to the frightened little girl. The child pressed herself further into her corner, watching the shadow lengthen as someone came around the corner……..

    Bella jumped out! “Found you!!!” she cried. “You okay Gracie? Are you crying?” Bella walked over carefully and pulled the sobbing Gracie into a big bear-hug. “Aww, you banged your leg! Lets get back to the others, & Mum can give you a band-aid” Bella tugged Gracie along as she exclaimed about how great this old construction site was, for hide-n-seek. Gracie followed along, thinking that maybe she was too little for this kind of thing……

    By WolfBlood URL on 06.13.2018

  23. You build stuff, that’s basically the whole sum of it. No not really there’s a lot more to it but I’m lazy as hell and don’t want to describe it any further than that. So you you take stick and take another stick and set the parallel to each other lol. And just like that you made an L shape, congratulations

    By Trash Lord URL on 06.13.2018