June 15th, 2018 | 14 Entries

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14 Entries for “orbit”

  1. Being given only a small piece of information to an important issue can send my brain into orbit, circling around trying to piece together the rest of the puzzle.

    By okayfine on 06.15.2018

  2. we can only be this–pulled back and forth, forward and backward, side to side in an never ending circle of each other. you and me, falling into the abyss, into love.

    dance with me, push and pull and force me into spinning ever after. chase, and let go

    we’ll love forever in this orbit–live forever until we crash into each other.

    By Samie URL on 06.15.2018

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    By buy_cialis URL on 06.15.2018

  4. She is so selfish. Everything she does if for her own benefit. Those around her, mean nothing to her, except to fulfill a need she may have. She feels the world should orbit around her as though she were the sun.

    By Cat on 06.15.2018

  5. There was just something about him, Lenny couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Was it his ultra-calm demeanor? The way that he just didn’t seem to care what other people thought? Maybe it was the way he could say literally anything and get him to crack a smile. Lenny didn’t know but he knew one thing, he was definitely drawn to Carl Carlson like a moth to a flame. And he wasn’t going to question why their thing worked, it just did. Why worry?

    By Crizzy URL on 06.15.2018

  6. Watch the men all circle her. Watch her as they turn to planets – hardened rock and beings full of hot air, making their orbit each passing day, their revolutions jaunty and lopsided, with awkward sunsets and sunrises. She doesn’t notice them. She is facing outward, toward the stars, and all the other galaxies.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.15.2018

  7. they orbit around the body, like small shielding fireflies. It´s like they are helping him sleep better… Honestly, a weird show to watch but I have never seen anything so beautiful.

    By Bramsy URL on 06.15.2018

  8. she was sitting in the capsule, belted to her seat. How many times until they would free her? The verdict had been “life” but seldom did that mean for life.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 06.15.2018

  9. Speculation is all we can really about cryptos, as nobody truly knows the future value. A lot of what you read online is marketing, PR, and unsubstantiated. We don’t profess to know BitShare’s future, but we can hypothesize, based on today’s regulatory environment, how the industry may evolve over the next five to ten years.

    By ramji URL on 06.16.2018

  10. She felt pulled to him, like a dying star. Which was an apt metaphor for how he made her feel; imploding, taking in all the matter from the people around her.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.16.2018

  11. The rocks had smashed against each other so long ago, in a destructive cataclysmic event. Now they just gently floated around the dead planet, as unobstrusive and gentle as could be. The skeletal remains on the surface slowly turned to dust, and the atmosphere that drained away day by day still felt that impact eons later.

    By Cassandra on 06.16.2018

  12. Everyone in her orbit was perfect: symmetrical faces, white teeth, well-dressed. The kind of people who strolled through the world without a moment’s thought that they might not be wanted there. Who wouldn’t want them?

    By darseyrsm URL on 06.16.2018

  13. chewing gum
    the earth has its own orbit
    the earth circulates round it and it determines the day and night as well as seasons

    By Glory on 06.16.2018

  14. Orbit! “What kind of name is that for gum.” She thought to herself, smiling as he slid her a piece across the table. She placed a cupped hand over her mouth and breathed out and smelled it. She wondered why he felt the need to give her a piece of his gum when she didn’t even ask for it.

    By Cris Nole on 06.16.2018