July 9th, 2008 | 157 Entries

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157 Entries for “chrysalis”

  1. chrisalis is something i have no idea about. i have know idea what it is, what it represents, and what it’s supposed to mean. i’m thinking it has something to do with caterpillars and that it’s actually the technical name for a cocoon, but again, i remain stupefied.

    By marlowe gregorio on 07.10.2008

  2. a butterfly something that has not opened yet or reached it’s full potential beauty…crusty broken squashed thing that will soon have outlived it’s purpose..a shell, maybe what we all are before we really become us and reach the beauty that is within us… we have to learn to welcome and accept ourselves as the lovely individuals that we are

    By winterchild on 07.10.2008

  3. snails crystals, the worlds going to end, really dont know what it means, hope its somthing good, its kinda scary a little bit but im pretty sure its somthing to do with rocks and that, somthing pretty old erm thats all i really have to say a think oh wait nah its all good,

    By geefresh on 07.10.2008

  4. It is a plant with a lot of chrysanthemum in it or it is a disease.

    By shaun on 07.10.2008

  5. The only way I know Chrysalis, is as a record label that had The Cure on it. Fuck does it have the cure on it? I can’t even remember anymore. Everytime i think of chrysalis however, i think of john peel and the peel sessions and remember looking at records that had amazing bands who had played the peel sessions..oh yes what a life we do indeedy lead. without music it is nothing.

    By JB on 07.10.2008

  6. i have no idea wat the hell that means, which bothers me cause i essentially pride myself on being smart. and not just intelligent smart like smart smart, knows things and has the good sense to only apply them sensibly. the sort of smart that knows how to take advantage of peoples thoughts but only does it to arseholes, that sort of smart guy.. ill look that up now

    By David on 07.10.2008

  7. No idea. This could be a kind of flower. Or a disease. Or a new brand of American car. It would also make a modern first name for a girl. Or the name of a specific type of snow flake. Man, 60 seconds is NOTHING in the face of such an amazingly rich word.

    By Koen on 07.10.2008

  8. wtf i could not see no word XD

    By eddie on 07.10.2008

  9. chrysalis is the name of a band i know, oh wait, no, it’s one of their songs. it’s not very good. butterflies emerge from chrysalises… is that the correct plural? chrysali? someone please tell me!

    By t-dogg on 07.10.2008

  10. A chrysalis is a butterfly’s shell thing. I once had an english book in school which went by the name of chyrsalis. It ts a nice word and describes thetransformation of catterpiller into butterfly beautifully.

    By Paul Carroll on 07.10.2008

  11. the chrysalis, fraught with death and new life, delicately balanced from the tip of a twig. There were things happening that no one could see, and though it looked as if death reigned, in fact there was birth taking place. What a perfection of a hiding place, thinly walled and frail, yet tough to withstand the fierce changes without.

    By Heidi on 07.10.2008

  12. I saw the moth emerge from its chrysalis. I was in third grade, and my teacher always had it out for me. My moth hadn’t hatched in class yet, and she assumed that it wouldn’t, because I hadn’t taken proper care of it. However, one day it hatched. It was one of the last of the class to hatch. I took it outside and watched it fly.

    By Jnak on 07.10.2008

  13. butterflies
    the end result
    how did it all start
    a worm
    wet and dark
    swathed in cotton
    growing where we can’t see

    By deb on 07.10.2008

  14. chrysaslis sounds like a mixture between a chrysanthemum and a crystal-like structure, particularly the cocoon of a butterfly (the emerald one, don’t ask).

    By kalinalessa on 07.10.2008

  15. i have no idea what this word means !!! first part sounds like Christ …. second part sounds like alias …. reminds me of crystal too …. well thats it .

    By Nik on 07.10.2008

  16. a butterfly pod that caterpillars biuld when they change , metamorphosize into bitterflis. it is shiny and made of a web. it lasts like 3 months and moths do it too. they come from ugly caterpillars and then entert their chrysalis to metamorphosize into moths.

    By jessica on 07.10.2008

  17. when he went into the tomb, there was death. He was cocooned in cloths that were wrapped around him, his head, his body, his hands and feet. All bound in cloth for burial. His Friend came to the tomb, embraced his sisters, and wept. He opened the tomb, broke the chrysalis, and called his name “Come forth!” The dead man obeyed. THe Lord said “Unwrap him from those grave cloths” life where death had seemed forever.

    By Heidi on 07.10.2008

  18. catipillar butterfly emerging. coccoon soft silky hanging from a tree colourful silkworm. Wings folded, wet, sticky. Born. Birthing.

    By Tracy on 07.10.2008

  19. a beautiful form is alive, it nourishes itself from this cave of nurture, a beauty escapes to live its short but wondrous life.

    By Starry on 07.10.2008

  20. The chrysalis glistened in the morning sun, aching for the heat that would only come with the longer rays of a distant future. It is often said that there is no substitute for being the first to see this phenomenon in the morning, seeing that there is no way of guarding the splendour of nature at its most raw and inspiring naked self. Why is the human condition so absolutely sided against seeing the best in the small things that life has to offer, compared to the ideals man place on his own life?

    By Loki on 07.10.2008

  21. Here comes the butterfly.
    In it’s third stage.
    The undeveloped butterfly waiting…

    By shalimar on 07.10.2008

  22. home in pods floating in a stream & holding up my head. Holding up a tree, keeping it waiting. strung up rung up shut up shut down loathing boating being becoming

    By jon of the atom on 07.10.2008

  23. a bug
    a shell
    a beauty

    By arcane on 07.10.2008

  24. Every now and again it feels the same. This burning feeling. This feeling that I should be out doing something more. But every time that feeling washes over me. I stop. I close my eyes and remember that this is sacrifice is for more. This pain is for more. This pressure-drenched chrysalis-like incubation period will pay off. So I can fly.

    By Nu Sol on 07.10.2008

  25. Butterflies, moths, and caterpillars, all ever growing. Ever changing. Forming the chrysalis and then evolving in their own way into a new creature. A new organism from one old. Changes of state and being creating these wonderful creatures.

    By caoimhe on 07.10.2008

  26. I have no idea what chrysalis means, but it sounds like a process. A process which takes place in nature and results in an ending of importance and completion that is designed and maintained through biological process.

    By Chris on 07.10.2008

  27. I’m not even sure what that means. But I won’t go look it up now. Reminds me of a chrystal, and this girl in my one class. Her name is Christie. She holds herself like she’s real delicate, like she might break. She sits down all neatly and quietly, flicking her hair over her hair- it reminds me of her.

    By Michele on 07.10.2008

  28. “Are you anemic?” he asked, staring down at her.

    “No. I don’t think so, at least,” she said, reflexively rubbing her fingers against the surface of his desk. “But I haven’t been getting much sleep.”

    Outside, the sky was rose-pink, alight with the gold of the fading sun.

    By coriolis on 07.10.2008

  29. An image of hope, the beginning of the glory of God in the change from wriggling caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. My daughter can’t believe the magic of what happens in that coccoon!

    By Patrick Cusick on 07.10.2008

  30. What the hell is that word? Like maybe a crystal analyst. Yeah no clue!

    By Michael on 07.10.2008

  31. I had a dream once that doves were dropping arsenic from the sky. I ran to the only shelter in sight, an old outhouse which became my chrysalis.

    By Markishmark on 07.10.2008

  32. open,
    that is what your face
    tells us about your heart,
    that is what we see from the shape
    and direction of the petals,
    your colour is freedom and you wear it well.

    By R.M on 07.10.2008

  33. I have no idea what the hell that is. I think it sounds like the cacoon of a caterpiller. Or some ridiculously beautiful diamond that has been formed for millions of years. It is now worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and I own it. Since I can do what I want with this…I am going to make three objects. A ring out of it, a small dagger, and a necklace. One for me, the others for friends.

    By laurence critchell on 07.10.2008

  34. Chrysalis walked slowly down the block, bobbing her head to the gentle music on her MP3 player. There wasn’t much to do on the summer stroll but the thought of a fresh donut awaiting her mouth when she got home was somehow the highlight of her day. Donuts and doggies were her two favorite loves.

    By rys on 07.10.2008

  35. as the beautiful worm transforms into the butterfly in life so does the water flow from the high to the low. sometimes all that glitters IS gold, and it is the ones that would hold you back that will offer the “best” advice. with no regard to the transformational powers..,

    By Aaron on 07.10.2008

  36. lol

    By lol on 07.10.2008

  37. a time for change. a new beginning. a fresh start.

    By TL on 07.10.2008