February 8th, 2019 | 8 Entries

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8 Entries for “meet”

  1. Meeting. The word echoed in my mind. Something the weight of a rock quickly grew inside my stomach, as i looked at the words on the screen.

    By Shaina Gilbert on 02.08.2019

  2. Hello, friend. It’s been too long. Where would you like to meet? Would a cup of coffee suit you, or would you rather get something to eat? It’s a Friday night; the restaurants are packed. Perhaps we’ll grab something small. And we’ll wine and dine where the moonlight hits the perfect angle of your condo’s wall.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.08.2019

  3. Ssss. Said the snake. Not really. Said the eagle. I wasn’t talking to you. Said the snake. But now you are. Said the eagle. I suppose so. Said the snake. So where does that leave us. Said the eagle. Me slithering through and you flying above. Said the snake.

    By and& URL on 02.08.2019

  4. “we’ll meet someday,” it spoke softly. “you’ll know me, then.”
    the light crossed their face and it filled them with a sort of longing they didn’t know they could feel

    By basard on 02.09.2019

  5. I want to meet The One. No, not the Romantic One. Not like a “soulmate” or anything. But The One who Did It. There’s always That One Guy, That One Person in the crowd, in the group that starts everything, that has the crazy ideas. I want to meet them, and take notes, because there’s only so much one person can think of on their own.

    By Sparklespirit on 02.09.2019

  6. as we walk on the misty covered street we meet this very strange young man. He was covered in seaweed and smelled of beer and fish. He told us that he is selling fish for his family and that he is very poor. My husband of course didn’t believe the man and thought he was just playing tricks to earn money. I on the other hand was very worried and gave him 20 pounds for his troubles. I told him we needn’t no fish and that he just take the money. He gradually excepted and walked off. I felt as though I had brung the poor mans hopes and faith up today.

    By jasmine on 02.09.2019

  7. I wish I had never met you. Without you, I would still be on track. My memories wouldn’t be riddled with landmines, one stray step resulting in a colossal explosion of my own doing.

    By Jordan on 02.09.2019

  8. we didn’t, though. we never met. we connected. we sent out spidersilk filaments of maybes and would-I’s and can-you’s and then they joined in the center, in lieu of our hands touching and fingers curling slowly around each other. it was enough. it had to be. it was all we had.

    By Rin URL on 02.09.2019