February 9th, 2019 | 12 Entries

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12 Entries for “hairspray”

  1. His wicked grin spurred on the demons riding in my own veins. It was nauseating how his recklessness lit a fire in my belly. His hands were deft as the can spun towards the door. A small flick, molten flame casting the dark room into shadows that caught in his teeth.
    “Careful,” He breathed, letting out a hiss from the can that ignited the night into screams of manic death.

    By heather URL on 02.09.2019

  2. Day Thirteen: 2:56 AM. Found a spare bottle of hairspray in the downstairs bathroom. I wasn’t aware we had any left. Stuff’s been expired for about three years, but maybe it’ll still work. Mama Schmidt has been super depressed about the lack of volume in her hair, and this just might be the perfect appeasement gift.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.09.2019

  3. Crazy polyester colors, big hair, an assertion of fun. We didn’t know the cost, then. A kind of innocence.

    By and& on 02.10.2019

  4. hairspray is a product that you use for your hair. it’s common to be used by women to fix their thick hair in the morning. it is very popular around the world and it’s used daily. can be toxic and dangerous to use too much so think about it first, alright?

    By ray URL on 02.10.2019

  5. The fume of the hairspray was overwhelming. She blinked it away.

    By Bridget Grace on 02.10.2019

  6. It was only a small canister, but it was enough to get a good flame going for a few seconds. Alicia flicked the lighter under the spray, rounded the corner, and blasted the man in the face. As he screamed, his partner rounded on her.

    By Juniper Cora Lilith Ember Morgan URL on 02.10.2019

  7. I use hairspray, it it good to keep your hair in place, but some people say it makes your hair look to artificial.

    By Taj on 02.10.2019

  8. I like hairspray. It makes my hair stay in place, so when I play sports I can see fully. I still use it even though people say it make your hair look fake.

    By Taz19 on 02.10.2019

  9. Hairspray can be very deadly if you choose to use it that way like Tommy did that one faithful night. He was walking around with his friends and one of his friends so a store. he said “guys we should get a lighter and a can of hairspray and burn some stuff down.” Tommy did not like this Idea but his friends kept saying ” It will be fine no one will now it was us who started the fire. So they bought 2 cans of hair spray ad 2 lighters. The band of friends walked to a forest and sprayed the hair spray then used the lighter and a fire started. They kept doing this even though it was getting really dangerous. Then one of Tommy’s friend’s sprayed a stranger and then the stranger was on fire. The stranger died and Tommy and his group of friends were sent to jail for a life sentence.

    By Taz19 on 02.10.2019

  10. A toxic purple mist explodes in my face, blasting my hair this way and that as I cough and wave in vain. I taste the poison on my tongue. I can only see purple, now. That awful lavender shade that is not so much lavender as it is gray.

    By snowthatremembers on 02.10.2019

  11. she didn’t need to use hairspray, so why did she own it? she had no recollection of buying it.

    By ataraxia on 02.10.2019

  12. Please pass the hairspray. From across the room I could hear a swoosh. Really! She hollared as the can hit the wall and landed on the bed. “What is up with today?” The two sisters had been in a fights before but nothing like this. They were year a part almost to the day. Most of the time people thought they were twins. Neither of them thought that was cute. They did their best to look anything but alike. No one knew why they were fighting, not even their mom who they both confine in about everything. Ever since they hit 15 and 16 it seems like they are two different people. They had an older brother who was 18 and rarely home. When he was he usually spent his time in the basement creating music and movies. Their mom had past their room when the hair spray was flying across the air. She stepped in and started to say something when the oldest said, “mom, stay out of it!’ Never had she been talked to by either of them like that and in that tone. She was going to get to the bottom of whatever was going on between these two. She had raised them to be best friends. And bet friends is what they had been all these years. What could have caused this break in their relationship? Their dad though it was a boy, that was his first response to his wife. His first conclusion but she couldn’t believe that for a moment. Neither of the girls had any interest in boys at this stage in the life. At least that is what she had thought. Wha could she do to get them to open up. She knew better than to try to force them to share but she also knew she couldn’t ignore wha she was witnessing. She decided to plan to take them out to lunch on the pier. A Sunday brunch and a walk on the beach . It use to be a weekly date after church and Sunday school. That had come to an end several yers back after they had a falling out with the leadership team. It wasn’t that they didn’t believe in a creator or love the teachings of Jesus, they just could not follow a man who thought he himself spoke for God about what others had to say or do. When they stepped away from the team they also stepped away from the community they had been involved in for 15 years. It was not an easy decision but it was a matter of integrity. How could they stay in a system in an organization they no longer believed in? They gave the kids the choice to still go to youth group and for a while they did but they were treated differently due to the falling out with their parents. Rumors started going around about the whole family. People would text them saying they were praying for their salvation and praying for them to come back to the flock. Oh, there was a time when they thought like that. But after all the outreach they did from their own front porch they knew there was more to life than the sinners pray, being dunked and “saved” and giving in a basket to let a group of humans decide how best to distribute your money to the “needy.” When they knew of the needy that were among their own family and neighbors. Was was what was going on with the girls having anything to do with the flail out even after all this time?

    By GmaCis on 02.10.2019