June 16th, 2010 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “matching”

  1. she spread her legs and let her fingers do the walking on her perfect spot.her movements were-in her mind,anyway-coming as close to matching how she imagined his lips and tongue would act.but who needed men,with their imperfect needs and wants…what a pain in the ass.after all she had herself.if someone was going to be imperfect,it might as well be herself.that,she could deal with.she didn’t have to be forgiving or kind.she felt her fingers bring the heat.her nipples one pleased her as much as she did.

    By Re:Joyce URL on 06.17.2010

  2. Matching clothes. Only if I could wear matching clothes with someone I loved.

    By Haha, whatever. on 06.17.2010

  3. I received this word last time and i really hope that it isnt the same word over and over again because then whats the point? always getting the same thing but then again the point of the matching game is to get the same thing so i cant really complain as i like wining. Win. I like wining.

    By Mellon on 06.17.2010

  4. I was at work when I placed my feet upon my desk. A giggle surfaced from the other side of the room and I turned to see who it was. My coworker pointed to my feet and I saw that my socks were not matching.

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 06.17.2010

  5. Matching. Two different things finding they are not so different after all.

    By Brian URL on 06.17.2010

  6. I’ve made a match! I’ve managed to match an old coat I’d found in an alleyway dumpster with the travelling ambiguities of a stranger’s mind.

    By Frankovich URL on 06.17.2010

  7. i wore the same shoes as my boyfriend once. they were black converse. what i thought was just normal footwear, that went well with my outfit, he thought was too matchy matchy. i wore them anyway. thats why he loves me, or so i hope.

    By rachel on 06.17.2010

  8. one world
    we are all human
    we’re all from this earth
    we can all work together
    we have more things alike than different
    we all love
    we all think
    we all care
    we all sing
    we all laugh
    we all cry
    we all love somebody or something
    we all need the same simple things

    By Rebecca R. on 06.17.2010

  9. Matching our walking rhythm, we continued down the narrow path. It was getting darker by the minute, the moon seeming to get weaker as the night got thicker. I couldn’t see her shoes any more.

    By Tom Fall URL on 06.17.2010

  10. we walked, step by step, all over the earth – through universes and galaxies, airways and heavens without even moving. we never moved an inch, but we went there.

    By jasmine. URL on 06.17.2010

  11. socks match. shoes do too. certian people match, if you’re lucky enough to find the right one. colours match, some clash. but clash is the new match in my eyes. :)

    By Jeshooka URL on 06.17.2010

  12. matching is when you take two items, and you think that they might have something in common, so you connect them, or match them because of their correlation. Also, it can be applied to relationships.

    By tom on 06.17.2010

  13. Matching our walking rhythm, we continued down the narrow path. It was getting darker by the minute, the moon seeming to get weaker as the night got thicker. I couldn’t see her shoes any more. The night took us away.

    By Tom Fall URL on 06.17.2010

  14. The way she sits on the floor makes her look like a monkey, limbs sprawling, hair a mess, wicked grin, socks always mismatched.

    By starchild on 06.17.2010

  15. Imagine life as a puzzle. Everytime you find matching parts is the moment when you get a better clue about the bigger picture…

    By indaflow URL on 06.17.2010

  16. Matching. I rarely wear matching socks. If I could find them, I would, but I’m just far too scattered to find matching ones. I just end up going for the most comfy two I can find.

    By Emily on 06.17.2010

  17. It was hard to match the face to the person; she’d been staring at the line up of men for what felt like hours now. It made her feel like she was in grade school again, playing that god awful matching game. She didn’t have a photographic memory and for what wasn’t the first time, she felt herself resenting it.

    By LManns URL on 06.17.2010

  18. There was only one shoe on the side of the road as Karen walked past it, her umbrella almsot spiralling away in the storm. I have to get home, she thought, but she couldn’t help but think that the satin red slipper was the prettiest she had ever seen, and was sad that the slipper was missing a partner.

    By Lily on 06.17.2010

  19. matching games for little kids are lots of fun. they stretch your mind in new ways, and force you to work on your memory skills. is a website to match compatible singles. it is slightly sketchy but it works for many people.

    By moria on 06.17.2010

  20. “So what if I don’t wear matching socks every day?” I asked, nudging him on the arm playfully. “I’m only human.”

    “That’s doubtful.” He muttered, clutching the rose between palms. “Damn I miss her.”

    “That’s not doubtful at all.” I said, mocking his tone. “Damn I miss you.”

    By Hannah URL on 06.17.2010

  21. Everything she was wearing was matching – shoes, bag, jacket. Even the hair, which was a curious shade of yellow. Like dried mustard on a table. I asked her if she knew how to get to Belfast but she looked behind my head and tutted at the seagulls gathering on the lampost.

    By Mabel URL on 06.17.2010

  22. i’ve always been so afraid of having to match everyone. constant need to NOT conform. to ALWAYS be different. if i wear a certain pair of jeans i’m shunned because that’s what society wants me to wear. maybe i just like these jeans okay? maybe sometimes i like what’s trendy…

    By Clara on 06.17.2010

  23. matching is for losers. Nothing really matches. embrace the differences.

    By hengh on 06.17.2010

  24. We wore matching clothes. we always did that. we were twins after all. since we were born it was matching hats, shoes, dresses. I don’t know why people thought just because we looked like, we had to wear the same clothes. Wouldnt they be confused? What if I wasnt really Luciana and she, my twin, wasnt really Lane?

    By Bianka on 06.17.2010

  25. i love matching clothes. black and white, green and yellow, anything with a system that works. it doesn’t have to be rational, it doesn’t even have to look good as long as it follows a certain strategy.

    By elina on 06.17.2010

  26. Matching clothes are the best ones. I always try to match what I wear but sadly, it doesn’t always work.

    Black and white is my favorite matching. It always works, and it’s always stylish. The most important thing about matching, though, in my opinion is that you follow a certain strategy.

    By elina URL on 06.17.2010

  27. My husband and I are very different in many ways but we have matching energy so it all works out in the end. He is easy to be with because we are always in sync. And for this I am grateful!

    By Peaceable on 06.17.2010

  28. I had opened the windows and doors that day. I heard the far geese winging high and free, sounding like ships that found their way out of the a fog. There was a gently tugging breeze and right in the middle of matching his socks I walked out into the world. I never looked back.

    By GeeGee on 06.17.2010

  29. Bymatching my mind wOUld say somthng abOut matCh-fixing..
    bUT yesterday wn I ws rUnning l8 fOr stUdy.. rUshing in evEry-thng tO b hUrry.. evEn skippEd brEak-fast nd finally wn gOt away frOm nd gOt da bUs, I nOticEd dt my sOcks were un-matChing !

    By Rabeeta URL on 06.17.2010

  30. I love matching new shoes with a new handbag. It’s a wonderful thing to do. Matching outfits with your best friend is also very fun. I know that when I go to the club I like to match my earrings with my dress. It makes you look well put together and you appear as if you take care of yourself. How nice.

    By Tieara on 06.17.2010

  31. He looked through the rack of clothing. Maybe it was lame, he didn’t know. He’d always thought girls liked this sort of thing. But finding matching outfits was harder than he expected. Somehow he didn’t think it would work just because all the clothes were blue. They didn’t make co-ordinated his and hers clothing anymore, though.

    By Rai X URL on 06.17.2010

  32. Matching is what our brains do best. We have these preconceived patterns and we are looking for the familiar based on these patterns. To break out of the matching habit we need to look for differences as well as similarities.

    By John danzer URL on 06.17.2010

  33. I wore two different scarves one pink striped and one with red and pink paisleys they were very complimenting to each other and matching in their own way.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 06.17.2010

  34. Who says that one must match? Your socks should match, you ought to match your loved one; oh, how terrible, that dress clashes with your hair! Why must we continuously fall under the demands of our society? To hell with matching, to hell with the common views. Live life in whatever way you wish; unmatched socks or otherwise.

    By Marie on 06.17.2010

  35. i already did this word! eh whatever. matching. eyes should mismatch. that’d be so gorgeous and itd make everyone even more different than they already are. it’d be interesting…i would want one green one hazel eye.

    By teal URL on 06.17.2010

  36. Matching
    Like shirts
    though we are not wearing any clothes
    our bodies match each other
    as they enclose
    the same symmetrical space
    in between
    like two spoons
    or a pair of opposite facing vases

    By m.A.c URL on 06.17.2010

  37. They looked exactly alike, the same length and weight, hilts guilded with diamonds and other precious gems. They were exactly the same, but complete oppposite, one was made in darkness, the other in light.

    By Emilie URL on 06.17.2010

  38. Matching lovers , catching stars, latching onto to something …always yearning for more

    By katie on 06.17.2010

  39. putting two airs together. till their equal. they can be differant or the same but they somplete each other. its pretty magical and wonderful. like a puzzle. :)

    By kellie URL on 06.17.2010

  40. what the hell? I had this one yesterday. ok something that matches – a shirt and tie, socks, maybe two people. we could match if we tried to.

    By Sian Joan on 06.17.2010