June 15th, 2010 | 226 Entries

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226 Entries for “fallout”

  1. I’m not sure what this word means. Let’s see if I can look it up before time runs out… Oooo I like it: Lingering effects are intriguing! Oh, and I get how it ties up with that radioactive gibber now.

    By Frankovich URL on 06.16.2010

  2. It was a fallout shelter. It was crazy they just sat there starring at the statue in the middle of the room. It seemed to be pointing. Pointing at something with it’s wrinkeled withered hand. I wasn’t sure what they wanted from us, what he wanted from us, though he seemed to speak to the people in the room.

    By Lindsey on 06.16.2010

  3. fallout , in , sideways, backwards
    wind in my face
    smell of bleach
    I can’t find the remote
    turn it off
    change the channel

    By COh on 06.16.2010

  4. Black hole
    . . .

    By gwen stormy leifer URL on 06.16.2010

  5. I’ve loved many women in my life. She was the most recent and the most devastating. We became too close too fast. When we spent time together it was like the room we were in was the only place in the world that space existed and everything beyond it was solid matter. Time didn’t exist for us we were so wrapped up in one another. In the end it broke like all of my previous relationships and the shrapnel from our fallout has lingered under my skin making me aware of it’s presence and her absence in the most uncomfortable and persistent way.

    By Dana Steele URL on 06.16.2010

  6. The world ended. Somehow he simply doesn’t care. Millions dead. Certainly, yes, that is a tragedy. Nothing to be done for it htough, There are radiation burns, disfiguring his face and body. But he never was a handsome man. and he’s still stronger, still healthier than he thinks he should be after it all. There’s no real shortage of food. He’s more than capable of setting traps and hunting. There’s Emily as well, so beautiful even as her hair grows back in in thin patches, who suddenly finds herself needing (if not wanting) him after all those years. All in all, the end of the world turned out rather pleasent he thought.

    By Ellory Adeleigh URL on 06.16.2010

  7. The walls were solid, the floor was barren and of a hard cement. This was my fallout. It was cold, dusty, peaked with mess. I dare not to escape it.

    This is my room as I look around. I am on my bed. In my fallout

    By Connor on 06.16.2010

  8. it’s like he’s broken. a toy that nobody wants. nobody needs him anymore. he’s falling out of patience, out of love, out of time. it’s killing him inside. it’s driving him mad. he wants to throw punches and be brave, but he’s falling out of that too. he’s got nothing left to him. it’s all over.

    By Elcee URL on 06.16.2010

  9. A falling out? A fall out? What’s the difference? I don’t really like this word. I don’t really have that much to say or rather, anything substantial to say. All I know is that I definitely do not want to ever fall out of anything that’s remotely good.

    By priscilla on 06.16.2010

  10. “It was the fallout of Mocrucorp that caused this.” I said, hissing seconds later. Spit with blood accents filled his eye like dye.

    By Hannah URL on 06.16.2010

  11. The time has come, so rush your children into the safety of the
    room. Leave the dog, ’tis better you live with heartbreak than
    not at all. Where are the canteens of water? We left them
    above ground, didn’t we? Oh yes, we did. Oops.

    By Styrofoam Anchor on 06.16.2010

  12. radioactivity, mutations. nothing good about that. don’t expect sympathy from anyone else either, because they’ll be suffering from the same thing and can’t help you. gruesome, gruesome… there’s nothing else worse really. and nothing will grow, so you’ll probably starve. nice way to go.

    By Penelope on 06.16.2010

  13. There is something called a fall out of a relationship. When you fall out of a relationship it may mean that a friendship is over, or two friends may just stop talking and drift apart. It may also mean that a boyfriend and a girlfriend have fallen out, because of a fight or jealousy or some other kind of hate. there is also a band called fall out boy.

    By scyrynowski URL on 06.16.2010

  14. separation..loss..growing up..growing out..friends..lovers..

    By mocha on 06.16.2010

  15. “Lainey,” he said. My name trailed off into a dot-dot-dot, a string left hanging in the air, no finishing it up and tying it up into a bow. And that was it.
    For a while.
    He turned to face me, but it was impossible to make eye contact for the shadow that his cap cast over his face. I reached out and pushed the brim of it up, causing his bangs to spike up over his forehead and leave his eyes wide open. Their blue made me dizzy and unsure, and, just like always, I had to watch the corners to keep from losing sight of my thoughts. I waited for them curve as he realized what I was doing, or to crinkle as I tried to find some other excuse as to why I was avoiding his gaze. But when I saw them do the exact opposite and dip down, I glanced back to the middle just in time to see the blue slashed in half before he stepped back and tugged the cap back down, throwing him back into shadow again.
    “Lainey,” he repeated, but this time there was only a breath before the words continued, “we need to talk.”
    Strike One.
    “I don’t really know how to put this, because, well, it– we– were never really, you know…we…”
    Strike Two.
    “…but I just think it’s best if it just stays You and Me. Does that make sense?”
    Strike Three.

    We’re Out.

    By Lexus URL on 06.16.2010

  16. She felt as if she was losing control of her life at times, like all of her feelings wanted to fallout onto the floor.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 06.16.2010

  17. i’ve had a recent “falling out” with friends lately but i now have realized that they are not worth my time or energy. i have wonderful new friends who care for me and involve me in their lives.

    By becky URL on 06.16.2010

  18. She knew there was no going back, not after the fallout from that tiny little friendship. You couldn’t change her mind, not with all the chocolate cake in the world. Take the pretty little jasmine garden, and shove it up your ass.

    By Killjoy Divine URL on 06.16.2010

  19. Oh man, I had the biggest fallout with my best friends. LIfe hasn’t been the same since. I don’t go to the same stores or even see the same people anymore. Sides have been choses battle lines are drawn. I was actually un-invited to a party recently by some well meaning people. So everyone is “comfortable”. Did I mention it was their fault?

    By rosey URL on 06.16.2010

  20. Tears poured as I listened to Fallout Boy on my stereo. It my blurred vision I stumbled over to my stereo blasting it louder, so it would hopefully drown out the words he said.

    By Julie URL on 06.16.2010

  21. nuclear war, all damage, no life anymore, sad imagination, hopefully never come, end.

    By tranquillaris on 06.16.2010

  22. She says the stars fall beyond our imagined futures. She says no matter if we shoot for the moon, we will never be among the stars we see. They’ve already burst into flames.

    By dreamingofjynx URL on 06.16.2010

  23. the aftermath was frightful. never again will he eat fajitas from that mexican restaurant… scarred from the fallout.

    By Sydney URL on 06.16.2010

  24. Sometimes people fallout, it just happens. Sometimes it’s a fight, sometimes it’s one sided, but it happens. It happens and friendships fade and relationships fade and it’s sad, often. Good relationships should be maintained.

    By Kat on 06.16.2010

  25. The stars in heaven
    Have not yet approved
    of your beauty

    You are dust
    Or ash
    and you fall out of my hair
    on windy days

    or tangle in the straps of my tank

    I don’t approve
    of your beauty

    By squeebee URL on 06.16.2010

  26. the way a person is killed
    the world is pulled from under them and they fall from the world in a cruel embrace that kills what life was and could be only a sick bastard could do this to a person.

    By Tyler on 06.16.2010