June 17th, 2010 | 360 Entries

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360 Entries for “leap”

  1. She knew what she was doing when she fell for him. A giant change, a giant risk, a flying leap. But she wanted it; she wanted him.

    So she leapt.

    By Zombie URL on 06.18.2010

  2. When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. For living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next, or how. There is a tiny thin line between being brilliant and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth. The moment you know how you begin to die a little. We guess. We may be wrong but we continue leaping, hoping for flight, into the dark. So what the hell, leap~!

    By Anne on 06.18.2010

  3. I leap into faith, I go headfirst. I give my all and everything I have to love, to be with the ones I love. I dive in and give my all to those who deserve it and sometimes those who don’t. We all deserve to be leapt into everyonece ina while

    By Heather on 06.18.2010

  4. I leaped through the field of flowers to get to you. After everything we went through I was ready to be with you.

    By Marina on 06.18.2010

  5. Leap. Just leap.

    From the skies above, he leaped. Roaring down through the skies, between buildings, past workers taking their coffee breaks and tapping away on their keyboards. He saw the world in motion, as he fell towards tarmac strips populated with the yellow dots of taxi-cabs.

    By Thomas on 06.18.2010

  6. Leap. Do it. Don’t think
    Leap. Love Laugh Lord over yourself,
    like it, loop around and around and around
    let the bubbles of effervescense surprise you
    astound you astonish you
    playfully powerfully passionately
    Leap. Leap. Leap!

    By Julie Jordan Scott URL on 06.18.2010

  7. ohhhhhh im is a frogy jumping and leaping to my long lost love alejandro!!!!!!!!!! nfjdejudedunj no just let me go alejandro!!!!!

    By Sasori no Akasuna on 06.18.2010

  8. Sometimes a leap is easy. You just jump and let go and let your feet find the answer. Sometimes it’s not so easy. When you can see how far you have to go, when you have as much time as you want, it can be the hardest thing in the world.

    By Dylan S on 06.18.2010

  9. jump jump jump. i was going to leap into the arms of my love . but when i got there i saw him with another man

    By Sasori no Akasuna on 06.18.2010

  10. oh god, i can’t believe i have to do this again. the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. that saying reminds me of game night, and ryan and kelsey. i’ll miss ryan when he goes to college. i wish he wasn’t gay, he’s very attractive.

    By Lal on 06.18.2010

  11. that’s it, just jump.

    By Anna on 06.18.2010

  12. Loving you might take a leap of faith, but I’d jump three miles if that’s what it took.

    By kaleal URL on 06.18.2010

  13. I was staring over the legde
    then I jumped

    By crash fistfight on 06.18.2010

  14. The frog leaped with all his might, upon the highest cloud. The cloud got angry and showered his vengeance upon the land. A fury of acid rain destroyed half the world and made us all into mush.

    By Xander Wolfgang Higgins URL on 06.18.2010

  15. you always have to take leaps in life, if you don’t, then you will never get where you’re supposed to go in time before you die. its all about risking things, and following the uncertain things, aka taking leaps of faith

    By Jennny URL on 06.18.2010

  16. The hulking monster was coming quickly after him. In front of him, a chasm, behind him, rows of teeth all but too happy to devour him. There was only one thing he could do: hope that some bird would fly beneath just as he leaped. He came to the edge, and leaped.

    By D. on 06.18.2010

  17. close your eyes. and leap. into the unknown. leap into the possibility of failure, into the possibility of being unhappy, leap into the possibility that you will lose everything. close your eyes and leap into the future – into the possibility that happiness and success may be there too. close your eyes and leap into the possibility of the impossible.

    By a.k. URL on 06.18.2010

  18. i have never seen anyone jump off the golden gate but i hear that a lot of people have. i think about it every time i’m in SF, i think about what it would be like. suicide is too spiritual sometimes. death is death is death. its the end and nothing else.

    By j. griffin on 06.18.2010

  19. He leaped into the air, jumping for joy after getting an A on his test. Yippee!! I can’t believe I’m going to pass this class! Jenni was leaping too, because she got a B+ on the test!

    By Andrea Samuelson on 06.18.2010

  20. we leap through time like gazelles in motion. we don’t stop and don’t pause to think. we just follow our natural instinct to run away from whatever is chasing us. those who can’t keep up are left behind.

    By colourrxn URL on 06.18.2010

  21. lance armstrong went across the moon and leaped over the alien in the motel 6 and decided to sleep with it because it had boobs. Then, the internet attacked and loved cookies.

    By ariel URL on 06.18.2010

  22. it was a choice. a descision that changed my life. i don’t think i knew, then, that everything i ever was changed right at that moment. it was a leap of faith, a discovery, and i knew from that point that i was someone new, someone amazing. i was making my life complete.

    By Elcee URL on 06.18.2010

  23. through the woods he darted, unsure of whether he was chasing or being chased. dodging trees, rocks, crags and streams, he seemed to be flying through a sky of green and life. in his sight he saw a log, a relic of power and might. he leaped…

    By keith URL on 06.18.2010

  24. leap year… take a leap… leap of faith. Take a leap and leap of faith in the same year make it a leap year. Will this be my leap year, the year I take a leap of faith and try something different?

    By Meg on 06.18.2010

  25. down and out along the street
    i felt the urge to leap
    a broken bell and stolen leg
    I rarely felt the clearance space
    but rough and random rackjobbers
    work double overtime in the city
    just to get by.

    By Ryan Nelson URL on 06.18.2010

  26. Aleap. everyone has t take one at one point or another in there lives. The key to doing it is just going forward and not looking down.

    By Holden URL on 06.18.2010

  27. Leaps. Bounds. Contemporary living is leaps and bounds ahead of the days gone by. Leaps. Bounds. Let’s keep moving forward. Jumping into a wonderful world of excitement and pleasure. Leaps. Bounds.

    By SM on 06.18.2010

  28. I watch the students down below, too busy, too intent on their own lives to look up at me. Me. Standing here watching them.

    By Daytime URL on 06.18.2010

  29. leap
    leap over it all
    all the obstructions
    all the snarling faces
    all the fallen buildings
    leap over it all
    whatever’s in your way

    By Louis Kearny URL on 06.18.2010

  30. I leaped over the wall only to find a sheer drop on the other side, dark, frothing water below; I turned on the spot, my assailants footsteps growing louder behind me, and then I—

    By Louis Kearny URL on 06.18.2010

  31. i leapt from the building and nearly broke my legs but the exhileration made me keep going jumping and bouncing from side to side and forwardly moving like a beast chasing after its prey but i was the one being chased.

    By Justin on 06.18.2010

  32. the leap from one bench to the other was a stretch. yet the 2nd grade girls, bored during their brothers baseball games found themselves jumping across and back over and over. until Sadie had to get stitches.

    By Sydney URL on 06.18.2010

  33. She shifted from foot to foot on the clouds. behind her, the Golden Gates gleamed and a thousand angels watched her fearfully. no one had so willingly left…. But she snapped her wings open and the Angel leapt from heaven.

    By The Lovely Love Lii URL on 06.18.2010

  34. frog jump leap pad. THe frog leaped from the lilyu pad. the man will leap if he is not stopped. the dog will leap from the truck so tie him down. the boy leaped into his mothers arms.

    By carly on 06.18.2010

  35. When you leap off a cliff you don’t often think about what the consequences of your actions are going to be, you simply jump off. Not worried about what could possibly happen.

    By Jenn on 06.18.2010

  36. Standing on the edge of the curb, the little boy fidgeted with the strings of his back pack and wiggled his knees. The first day of school was going to be a big leap

    By squeebee URL on 06.18.2010


    By JOSHIAH AKA JOJO URL on 06.18.2010

  38. I was a frog on a beautiful pond. I loved my pond. It was wet and safe there were plenty of friends. I never wanted to leave my pond. I could leap all around. Then one day a girl kissed me and I had to leave.

    By Deirdre URL on 06.18.2010

  39. what is a leap? something round? or maybe there is something in a rooller couster?
    interesting!!! i am soooo bored!!!
    wow! that is so not interesting!! amazing!! woooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww
    bla bla bla bla blah
    hello people of earth!!!!

    By ghfg URL on 06.18.2010

  40. Leap over the fear
    the regret
    the resentment.
    You are the one to blame
    for all the advantage taken.
    So leap over the idea
    that you are not your best.
    Leap to grasp something that resembles
    belief in yourself
    in freedom.

    By Jess Schwartz URL on 06.18.2010