July 4th, 2013 | 129 Entries

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129 Entries for “manifest”

  1. I think this is a funny word. Hitler wrote a manifest. It’s weird how one word, to me, conjures images of dictators and Communists. Hmm… I wonder if manifest could have a positive connotation for someone.

    By Charles S on 07.05.2013

  2. Only after he had a pistol to his head it became manifest they wanted to kill him. She screeched “No!” But it was to late.

    By Lauren URL on 07.05.2013

  3. Her feelings will manifest in a way no one expects. The sea will rise to meet the moon. I will know where she is without thought.

    By Hesalroad on 07.05.2013

  4. Manifest? Really? My feelings of frustration manifest in various ways. Right now, I’m taking them out on this keyboard. My fingers want to type words I know I’ll turn around and erase.

    By HeatCheck URL on 07.05.2013

  5. It manifested in the form of a fist against his flesh. Her rage had bubbled to the surface of her being, consuming her like a hot flame and blinding with her with its ferocity. And just as quickly it as engulfed her, it dissipated leaving behind a hazy smoke of realisation, she gasped as the consequences of her actions truly sunk in and it dawned on her. She would not make it till tomorrow.

    By Yolanda URL on 07.05.2013

  6. Manifest destiny. It’s that thing in history where people thought that it was their destiny to manifest. haha get it. i guess that was what they were trying to do. also if you want to manifest something…well…idk. i guess this paragraph has been manifested. :) okay i’m done.

    By Amy on 07.05.2013

  7. I am manifest in this world of manifestations. I manifest again and again as the world revolves around it’s axis. Man-infestations is happening on this planet even as we speak or write as the case may be. I am not a man. I am a widget, a piece of machinery….

    By Theresa on 07.05.2013

  8. As I sat at my desk, in thoughtful bliss, my mind manifested itself into a dangerous weapon. My picket sign came out perfect!

    By victor ferreira on 07.05.2013

  9. It was the sum total of everything that they knew and owned. the thick leather ledger contained every deal and swindle that they had ever managed. The strange part for an outsider was the names of the business: Buerger and Rolstand – Traditional Imports and Aftertime Exports. The old man who lived in the alley across the street could be heard wisely saying, “There be something foul in that place. Something rotten down the marrow.”

    By River Ranter URL on 07.05.2013