July 5th, 2013 | 134 Entries

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134 Entries for “creative”

  1. I am not ill, I am a creative person; I can be a genius o a crazy girl but I am creative, sure, I can draw a rabbit speaking or something more strange because I don’t mind, I am creative and that is all. The people who are creative is in fact the people who move the world, make it avance and make it better, e-v-e-r-y day. So I ALWAYS continue wearing a teddy purse because I am thus.

    By kelly on 07.06.2013

  2. I like being creative. I hope I’m a creative person. It makes me think of painting, of making music, theatre and splattering a page with colour. Writing is creative too, even under such incredibly awfully stressful conditions. Oh god. I’m not sure I’m very good at this creative stuff. This has just become my thoughts. But I think there is something creative and wonderful about thoughts too.

    By Ellen on 07.06.2013

  3. I can’t feel it
    Packaged up and shipped on
    like some plastic little clone.
    I don’t have feelings
    Emotions are overrated,

    This place is a trap,
    it’s my box.
    And all I can do is wait
    until I get plucked off the shelf
    as a defect.

    By duckszcic on 07.06.2013

  4. “Preposterous!” — “Not at all, sir.”

    “Measuring carbon-14 levels resulting from atmospheric nuclear testing — to determine, with accuracy, the age of an elephant tusk?”

    “Quite so — with unprecedented accuracy.”

    “Nonsense. Fluff and nonsense!” — “Not at all, sir.”

    “Utterly preposterous, I say again. A very creative notion, Inspector; albeit fanciful” — (the Baron paused to light his pipe) — “quite fanciful indeed.”

    “Not at all fanciful, sir. The technique is quite new, yet sufficiently reliable.”

    “I see. Well then.”

    “As a matter of fact, we have already completed the tests.”

    “What! How dare you! I gave no permission.”

    “By order of the Magistrate, a number of samples from your collection have been obtained and tested during the past week. The results are unequivocal.”

    “I see. I quite see. Well, then, there it is. Daresay you have me. By George! You have me.”

    “Sir, you are under arrest for possession and trafficking in illegally poached ivory.”

    By Case Files of Inspector M on 07.06.2013

  5. isolated

    By Raza on 07.06.2013

  6. I just wish I was creative, I always craved the idea, the thought filled my mind with empty holes, ones noone was ever able to fill. Nothing could ever be so ironic as a fully functional brain being unable to function towards its destination. But then again, if creativity came with a button, there would be no meaning in creating anymore.

    By Thanos on 07.06.2013

  7. There is nothing better than being creative. Not only does it make your world more interesting, but it makes life…zestier. Imagine everything being gray, we are all drab we are all the same, that’s what life would be like without creativity. in fact, civilization probably never would have advanced past stone age without creativity. The wheel, electricity, medicine, all of it would be…non existant.

    By Marisa Plummer on 07.06.2013

  8. Creativity is a difficult thing to define. Creative and artistic are not the same things, neither are creative and good. Of course, in being creative, can there really be such a thing as bad? One person’s creative tastes may waver in one direction, some another. But who is to say which is better or bad or good?

    By Claire on 07.06.2013

  9. Life is beautiful! Saw a baby engulfed in her father’s arms. Never saw any scene as blissful as that one. She was comfortable wrapped and protected by her father from all that is bad and ugly on this earth.

    By Sharmili on 07.06.2013

  10. lights, colour, words, letters, empty canvas in front of a beautiful landscape. empty. thoughtless. speechless. voice without words.

    By Charis Le Riche URL on 07.06.2013

  11. She smiled and slowly ran her hand up my arm. “I can do things for you.” I took her hand away. “You’ll have to be a bit more creative than that, Sarah.

    By HeatCheck on 07.06.2013

  12. What is creativity, when the artistic drive outweighs the artistic ability? What is creativity when you’re screaming into the mirror, because the things in your head are trapped, can’t find any clear route to the pencil in your hand, the mouse under your sweating palm. How do you prove that you’ve got the mind, when there’s no paper proof? How do you get where you need to be?

    By Jessica URL on 07.06.2013

  13. Being

    By victor ferreira on 07.06.2013

  14. my fucking creative outlet! thats exactly what this is all about. but now, to write about the writing itself? well thats just dull. how else can i be creative with this prompt,… i dont know. just let whatever wants to flow, flow freely like the stream of piss from a babys yet to be discovered parts. I am so very uncreative when I’m trying to come up with original thought. Everyone is really. they have to allow themselves to be a vessel is all, to be open to anything that will (or just may) advance their creative pursuits. I am so ready for sleep.

    By Laurel on 07.07.2013