October 21st, 2018 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “majority”

  1. The majority doesn’t want this kind of government, or this kind of economic treatment, or these kinds of representatives. Why, then, do they refuse to vote? Why, then, do they find their voices muted, or their priorities shifted, or their opinions irrelevant?

    Look around you – hundreds of thousands of voters disenfranchised. Suppressed, unregistered, removed from polling places. They will take your rights away if you do not use them.

    October 22nd in California. Register to vote.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.21.2018

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    By D on 10.21.2018

  3. I’ve been looking at these words for three days and nothing comes into my mind. The majority of my mind is on hold. On vacation. Disappeared. I miss it, I want it back, but there’s no majority vote for its return because the majority of my mind has deserted me.
    Come back to me,
    Show up again
    and be my friend.
    Give me a call
    You were my all.
    Or if not my all, my majority
    So get on a bus and come home to me.

    By Joanna Bressler on 10.22.2018

  4. ´The majority have thought about the future for as long as it is what it must be doing to get to it´, said the politician.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.22.2018

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  7. of a the majority I feel that I am been turned out of the life that I have created for myself and that really sucks

    By LaTonya Thomas on 10.22.2018

  8. I need to get this done

    By garnet snyder URL on 10.22.2018

  9. A majority of something is when most of it is made up of one thing.

    By jessica0578 on 10.22.2018

  10. The majority of the people liked the movie but I didn’t know whether I liked it. I guess I did like it…..


    By Someone Unknown to you on 10.22.2018

  11. She quickly counted the hands. “Majority. Sorry, Kerry, it looks like that’s where we are at.”
    There was a stony silence from stage right, but everyone did their best to ignore it and move on with the meeting.
    “Right,” Susan said briskly, “What’s next?”

    By Bridget Grace on 10.22.2018

  12. The majority of people will think the same thing. Why not be the minority? Well. It’s not that popular. Maybe it’s the majority for a reason. Because it’s safe, sensible and ideal. Or maybe everyone is silly? Not everyone, the majority.

    By joe on 10.22.2018

  13. In the vote between the people who wanted a swimming pool and the people who didn’t, the people who did had the majority.

    By Emma Reed on 10.22.2018

  14. The majority is not always right. We have a responsibility to the truth, not popularity. The future of humanity depends on our decision. Simple majority rule. Choose wisely, Councilmen, and decide the fate of this planet.

    By Sparklespirit on 10.22.2018

  15. Majority is a word used to describe the group with the most amount of something compared to every other group that has less things than the majority. Ex: He had the majority of the cookies(most).

    By Nate on 10.22.2018

  16. Sad people. Most people in this world are sad. Never always happy. Then we would take for granted the happiness in our lives. The majority of people envy others happiness, which inspires us to go out and find our own happiness.

    By Rory Jean Snyder on 10.22.2018

  17. I feel as if I am literally just one single person; with no connection to the real world. Every one has their place, has their reason of being, has their own decisions to act upon…..but somehow I do not. I am just a single person yet I feel every thing and every one that surrounds me decides everything for me. I do not get a choice, or a voice, or an opinion. It’s just my life for everyone else. I just have to accept it. I realize that it’s been my previous decisions that lead me to this life. Was I ever happy? Probably not. Probably never. I don’t even think I know what “happy” is. I know what it feels to cry and be sad, and most of the time I feel this without knowing why. Perhaps, it is the lack of voice to speak the truth. I do not have the words to give reason. I feel defeated in everything I do. Is that why those around me have decided my fate? They do not see me capable of leading my own life. I should know better. But what troubles me the most is it is not one direction they attempt to lead me. I guess they are giving me a choice after all; however, I find it quite evil for me to make a choice like this. I just want it to go away. I want to go away. Every one would be happier. No one would have to worry about me. No more decisions made for me. My choice. My choice only.

    By Kari on 10.22.2018

  18. The majority of women in Saudi Arabia don’t have full rights due to the guardianship law that restrict them and don’t allow them to make the simplest decision without a man’s permission; of course, unless the woman is lucky and privileged to have an open-minded and supportive family.

    By Haneenx12 on 10.22.2018

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  23. The majority of those who sit in this time with her can bring either angst from her or a time of calm and peace, as she decides how to manover her thoughts. She moves onto her beginnings of a new phase to start to happen right before her very eyes. She is filled with much excitement and ready to get started with her gift: showing those around how to bring out the best of everything she does as she prepares the space around her to bring out those who gather together; conversations creating an inviroment where she wants her friends to show more of themselves: modeling vulnerability is almost a prerequisite and so powerful.

    By Donna Whiting on 10.23.2018

  24. ancient bones scatter as we push our way into the tomb. there’s no life left here. death hangs dry in the air, not heavy as it should be, but light and gaseous.

    the bones here are those of the white man. the once majority annihilated in nuclear fire by their own hand. a symbol of our dark past – before we became Space Africa

    By henry on 10.23.2018

  25. fuck the majority

    just, fuck ’em

    when my dad rants about the unfairness of trans and non binary athletes competing within the “common biology” of cis athletes and winning, about how testosterone is always a competitive drug and how women are just weaker than men – because cis people and strong men are the majority

    fuck ’em

    By Rowan Springle on 10.23.2018

  26. The commoners had come to their decision. A sacrifice would be made. This was the system of policy-making that had evolved over time in the country, from a system that was characteristic of monarchical sovereignty to a system that engaged all citizens, or so they said. They called it the pure majority system – a paradigm of democracy. It would come at the expense of thousands of lives.

    By Conundrum on 10.23.2018

  27. the majority of of teeneagers spent nearly all of thert time on their phones, leaving the parks and fields empty of laughter and joy because they would rather sit inside on social media than go outside and enjoy some fresh air with their friends.

    By Latezya Parks URL on 10.23.2018

  28. This is driving you crazy as much as it is me. You prefer me disagreeable the majority of the time anyway.

    By okayfine on 10.23.2018

  29. Majority means about half or more than half of the people. Example, I was with the majority of the votes.

    By ok.... on 10.23.2018

  30. You’re still being disagreeable forcing me to jump through hoops just to get more than two words out of you. I think that you like to talk just a little bit more than I like to listen though. So perhaps this is simply a waiting game.

    By Fair Enough on 10.23.2018

  31. Majority is a word used to describe a group or thing that is more than the other less significant minorities.

    By Nate on 10.23.2018

  32. majority of individuals often feel the need to support left winged opinions. however, this should not be the case. It is important to be critical of ideas and opinions.

    By Adanna Omaka on 10.23.2018

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  34. The majority of innocent men that have to tolerate being accused of a sexual crime by a woman is incomprehensible nowadays. The word assault is one thing, but when found innocent of any crime, wrong doing or assault, the woman should be held accountable for at least defamation of character. It’s far too easy to make accusations that aren’t’ true, in an effort to ruin the dude. Political or not! If and when it is found that she is lying, she should face the death squad. On live television.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 10.23.2018

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