October 23rd, 2018 | 14 Entries

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14 Entries for “cost”

  1. The cost is too high. This moment in the sun, the perfect golden sunset, the sea spray, all of it, is not worth the cost of every moment after. But you know, as you always do, that I will pay it anyway. I will always do what I need, do anything, for one more perfect day with you.

    By Sparklespirit on 10.23.2018

  2. What is the cost of being alone? Isn’t being alone total freedom. Freedom = free. Somehow being alone, completely alone, seems like it would come at some cost though. Emptiness a lack of, cost is an amount to give, if you are empty you have nothing to give.

    By VallyP on 10.23.2018

  3. I could speak with you all night and it would cost me nothing. We sat together in the empty public area, skeletal chairs scattered around the room, no overhead lighting, and we didn’t care that it was getting dark, getting so dark we couldn’t see each other.

    By Fox + Hedgehog on 10.23.2018

  4. You order a hamburger at the Eat ‘n Flee Diner to the west of campus, and you sit down to find that it’s bloody rare instead of medium well done. How much will it cost? Nothing, hopefully. You return the meal to the waiter, only to see her eyes spin to the back of her head. “I am the cow goddess,” she moans. “I reject your rejected gift.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.23.2018

  5. No one thought about the cost of the choice. We just went with it. Go with the flow, huh? Now they’re in the middle of a flood of flows that they never imagined might sweep their precious lives away.

    By kate on 10.23.2018

  6. Today my money came to pay my education. It costs are very expensive. I find that ridicilous. Money doesn’t grow on my back.

    By Amal on 10.24.2018

  7. Price. The amount it takes to acquire something – whether it be materialistic or emotional.

    By misha.sheth on 10.24.2018

  8. If i sold dreams id have quite a lot. If we all sold dreams we would be swimming in money that we didn’t need. Cause we dream for reason, a reason that i might have. Dreaming helps us be creative, but i like dreaming because i can be anything! For that my dreams would not be sold, i treasure them like gold.

    How much would you dreams cost? Would you even sell them?

    ????Someone unknown to you????

    By Someone unknown to you on 10.24.2018

  9. The cost of something is how much you need to pay to get that thing. Like, ‘The tomato cost 50 cents.’
    ‘The wagon cost 50 dollars.’

    By Emma Reed on 10.24.2018

  10. Cost is a word used to describe exactly how much of an item do you need to get/receive a particular item of physical/emotional value to you.

    By Nate on 10.24.2018

  11. “At what cost?” She took her sister’s hand. “He doesn’t love you. They don’t love you.”

    She stood up tall, and her eyes focused out the window. I’m not sure if she was looking at the castle or at the clouds. “But this is the only way for me to change things.”

    By Kiki H on 10.24.2018

  12. It costs too much, but freedom is worth fighting for.

    By Haneenx12 on 10.24.2018

  13. The stock market plummets; the cost of food, gas, electricity, goes up. Where does it end? Perhaps with Democrats elected two weeks from now to offset our criminal Republican government? Wake up, America. Very few people, I presume, if any, are alive to remember the Great Depression after a stock market crash in 1929. Soup lines, homelessness, deaths through starvation and freezing, savings gone all at once. Lives permanently, irretrievably, changed. My mother had to have an abortion. No money to support a baby, two salaries needed, and my parents were among the lucky ones. They had a place to live and food on the table. Her next baby was stillborn. Did she blame the abortion? I bet she did. So much of our parents is unknown; how I wish I’d asked more questions, listened more to her life history, given her more sympathy and understanding. That’s it.

    By Joanna Bressler on 10.24.2018

  14. Everything comes with a cost. Because the reality is that we live in a world with scarce resources. We don’t know it, but each and one of us subconsciously makes choices by comparing the benefits provided by the options available to us. We always want to go with the better option, surely. And when we make a choice, we think that that choice is the best one at that particular time. As time passes, though, it may very well turn out that that choice wasn’t actually a very good one in hindsight.

    So I don’t believe many of us make ‘poor’ decisions. We’re just too misinformed.

    By Conundrum on 10.24.2018