October 20th, 2018 | 21 Entries

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21 Entries for “bell”

  1. yes and no , perhaps , or whatever. This is clever. Coffee is ready. I go to fetch a hot coffee. The bell tells me when to stop writing.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.20.2018

  2. I was standing at the metro station after midnight alone, and there was a strange man looking at me in a weird way, giving me the impression that he is about to rob me, then I saw someone else passing and I was saved by the bell.

    By Haneenx12 on 10.20.2018

  3. Please turn in your paperwork. Please wait for the bell. Please pretend this gray campus isn’t the gateway to a modern Hell. Please remember to study for the test you’ll never remember. Then pray that you’ll at least survive the very first semester. Perhaps you’ll find some newfound cheer when we finally reach December. Then you can burn your final exam and spit upon the embers.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.20.2018

  4. The mournful tolling of the bell echoes dully off the snow-covered houses. My feet crunch through the layer of ice as I trudge onward. The third funeral in a week. This can only mean one thing.

    The plague has returned to Tlia.

    By Sparklespirit on 10.20.2018

  5. The loud ringing echoed amongst the brick walls. The sound of footfalls acccenting it. The smell of sweat was sweet and sickly. I had to get away. I had to be free. But the bells called, they bechoned me home.

    By Kyle Seghers on 10.20.2018

  6. seeing the word bell reminds me of my grandparents as their last name is bell, my grandam always made a joke about “doctor bell” because our old doctors name was bell and if we every got hurt my grandpa would always well let me look at it, I am a doctor. but he’s not.

    By Emma Carter on 10.20.2018

  7. last night I visited my family and I rang the bell before I entered their house.

    By fawziah on 10.20.2018

  8. school bell, phone ringing, text message, bell tower, grandparents last name, bell on a pet collar, bell that rings when you open a door to go into a store.

    By emma on 10.20.2018

  9. The bell fell from the top of the church. It was an old bell, the church people would have to replace it. It was a gold color, it had a crack.

    By L on 10.20.2018

  10. the bell..
    such a shockingly violent way to start the day
    clangle, jangle, buzz
    get yo’ ass up outta that bed
    and get to work

    it doesn’t feel live i’ve won the morning…

    By chantemcb on 10.20.2018

  11. Elle est tres, tres belle… Sometimes, not always. Eye crust glitters in the morning when the sun hits her face and the silver bells that hang in her window, attached to the string that binds her curtain.

    By Zoe on 10.21.2018

  12. The Hell’s bell is a cute, shiny still horrible little thing. It hangs on a beautiful red velvet ribbon above the head if the damned soul. And when this poor spirit finally is getting a peace of mind or would become almost reserved with its situation, this tiny freak of an instrument starts to ring with blaring, unstoppable, infuriating sound.

    By cup on 10.21.2018

  13. I hear a bell ring in my head. I think it’s coming from outside… or is it? What if it’s coming from the inside of my head, a figment of my own imagination. It sounds like a wake-up call, but from what? Am I in a dream? I am sure I am wide awake. But no matter how many times I stretch my eyes open with my hands, the ringing sound of the bell just won’t go away.

    By Conundrum on 10.21.2018

  14. The goddamn bell tolls right outside my window. For whomever it’s tolling, I hope they get their ass up and out or hit the snooze button.

    By Abby Jelly on 10.21.2018

  15. Liberty Bell Circuit. The place of hopes and dreams and glorious parties that lasted until sunrise. The place of laughter and danger and neon lights. I can’t believe that I’d left. I can’t believe that sooner or later, we’ll all be gone.

    By Sparklespirit on 10.21.2018

  16. She heard the chiming in the distance, but was so entranced with her book that she thought she had imagined it. It was just part of the soundscape of the story she was involved with, intimately involved with, actually. The outside world was gone- nothing to be seen or heard or thought of except what was on the page.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.21.2018

  17. Does anyone know when the prompt changes? My time zone is Eastern Standard, so anyone on the Eastern Seaboard of the US/Canada would be helpful! Thanks!

    By Sparklespirit on 10.21.2018

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  20. As soon as I heard it, my heart dropped. That sound was the end of my social life. As soon as I walked out of that door, Jeremy was going to announce to the whole school what happened. He told me as much. Twenty minutes ago, he texted me, so I would agonize over it. I’ll be lucky if I don’t catch a criminal record, all brought on by the sound of that damn dismissal bell.

    By Macey Schieffer on 10.21.2018

  21. rrrrring
    he heard the doorbell and panicked
    was she here already?!
    he hadn’t finished shaving…
    or cleaning

    By chantemcb on 10.21.2018