January 14th, 2010 | 671 Entries

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671 Entries for “spot”

  1. omg a spot that will blow up the world go into your room and hide and hope not to be gone when it blow up the world

    By benman on 01.15.2010

  2. Spot. Spot the dog. Spot the one that is not like the others. Spot the spotter. Spot. Spot. Spot. I just like to say spot. Such a fun, little satisfying word. Spots on the carpet. Spots on the clothes. That’s what laundry detergent is for.

    By O. on 01.15.2010

  3. evil spot run for your life a boy say momey!

    By ben on 01.15.2010

  4. My favorite spot is that hill. Where the sun kisses our skin, and the wind makes our hair fly; Fly up towards the sky and into the world.

    By Shay Hammond on 01.15.2010

  5. I have a spot on my leg. It is blue and sore. I have no idea where is came from. I wonder if at night I go on crazy adventures and swashbuckle with pirates for some treasure.

    By Mandelin on 01.15.2010

  6. There’s a spot in a field across from my house; from that spot you can see the whole town. At night, it looks like a reflection of the sky. At dawn, it seems like a mouse waking from its sleep.

    By jack on 01.15.2010

  7. The one thing that made me feel like me, no matter what. Through winter, summer, morning through night of every day I had my freckles, the little spots playing connect the dot up and down my shoulder blades.

    By Anonymous on 01.15.2010

  8. spot theres not alot to say about the word spot maybe its on you shirt maybe your seeing a bunch of them after standing up too fast…i suck

    By kel on 01.15.2010


    By abbey on 01.15.2010

  10. dog, face, hole, circle, red, big, fat, huge, bald, tan, same, some, that, shoes,

    By connie on 01.15.2010

  11. Spot decisions …Which are to be taken on the right time when needed … People dont realise it sometimes …

    By Roopa on 01.15.2010

  12. I think dalmations or however you spell those dogs that are black and white with spots. I also think of the spot that is on the floor that I have no idea what is made of.

    By Victoria on 01.15.2010

  13. Spot on, he said, as I took her laptop, her possessions, her clothes, her papers, her life, her fake existence and threw them, flung them with all my might and hate across the chorus room. Spot on.

    By Alice on 01.15.2010

  14. See spot run.

    I can’t remember the rest of it. It’s like the memories of childhood have been erased from my mind forever. Perhaps it was the trauma of living in a disjointed family, none of whose members truly loved each other. Or perhaps it was simply a reflex, a method of pushing back against the horrible things I went through. In any case, my memories of life before the age of about twelve were empty, a blank slate with a few vivid events inextricably etched onto it.

    By vish on 01.15.2010

  15. I spot so many things everyday that astound me. Amazing. Wondrous. Life.

    By Meg on 01.15.2010

  16. There is a spot where I feel the bet. I can be sad or happy and i feel ok. I feel loved and no one can hurt me.

    By beth on 01.15.2010

  17. He looked down at his hands and shrieked at the sight. He rubbed them furiously. He ran to the mirror and began to rub his face until it was raw. “I can’t get this spot off.” He looked in the mirror again and saw that black spots were popping up all over his clean complection. He jumped into the shower(with his clothes still on) and turned the scalding het water on. At first it burned his skin, but eventually, he began to sanitize once again.
    I accidentally walked in on him and stared in shock. His head turned towards me, “I can’t get these spots off of me” I gasped, he had no spot on his skin.

    By Francis H. on 01.15.2010

  18. spot the dog jumped over the log
    to see if he could spot the difference
    between a spot and a pimple
    and also to get a good spot at the park

    By dyor on 01.15.2010

  19. lobotomy

    By Anonymous on 01.15.2010

  20. this place is the spot where i like to lay
    i sit in this spot cause it is my favorite place.
    i can’t say why this spot it my choice to play
    i’d sit in this spot all day
    the way that everything else goes away,
    is something i can’t leave there to leave astray

    By Anissa Valero on 01.15.2010

  21. there’s this tiny little indiscretion a small spot on an oh so perfect life…creating a cavern where once was so open..i often go there when there’s time.

    By one more believer on 01.15.2010

  22. this makes me think of spot the dog. i loved him when i was little and i used to read his books. it also makes me think of writing. like a spot on a paper, period. which is cool because it finalizes something and allows an ending. or a spot on a paper or clothes, blemish. it is a mistake on it and something wrong with it.

    By taylor on 01.15.2010

  23. place

    By clobo on 01.15.2010

  24. actress films cameras all arround and everybody looking forward to see how it ends up. will it be famous will it made them rich, will it be a winnier spot will

    By ampi on 01.15.2010

  25. see spot run there is a spot on my shirt i think that spots on dalmations are beautiful i think i spot something! spot rearranged is stop.

    By Terra on 01.15.2010

  26. The spot stared at me; its color light at the edges, but darker in the middle. I wish I hadn’t had that last bottle of wine before dozing off to sleep — yet the evidence was there. It must have been one wild party, I thought. All I remembered was stumbling through the door, laughing raucously, with Tom and John holding me up. My stomach twisted: nausea. And I was on the verge of hurling.

    By Gouldin Lion on 01.15.2010

  27. i have many spots in my body. Whether it is a birthmark, scar, or mole. These spots my not be pretty, but they are a part of me now.

    By Anonymous on 01.15.2010

  28. I am so sure of nothing;
    So unsure of everything.
    There’s a spot in my vision
    And it’s plotting to spring

    Anytime I mess up
    It’s there to exploit me
    And grow bigger and bigger
    ‘Till the I’m no longer free

    So spot, I wish to leave
    And set sail on my own
    Big spot that blocks my vision
    Leave me alone.

    By Madalyn Gildea on 01.15.2010

  29. I once saw a dog in a corner of a room. It was neither black nor white nor grey but an orange as sun in the bleak of the summer. In this desolate canvas he leapt up at me and licked upon my face. I smelled his musk with a revolting lust.

    By Anonymous on 01.15.2010

  30. rock cat dog money hoe car tot smug

    By Suuki on 01.15.2010

  31. There are spots on all things, living and deceased. Spots that blind the world to see them wholly, as they truly are, and spots that keep them from seeing the world as it is. There is a problem for the world when we cannot see through the spots that are there in front of us.

    By Megan on 01.15.2010