November 29th, 2014 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “maestro”

  1. Valerie let him play with the pots and pans in part because she was imagining him years from now–hair too long, but she’d allow it (would have to because he’d been an adult, sleeves pushed back, dramatic arms–how he’d be someone. In charge. And partly it was because she was in charge for now and wanted to be able to hear what he was doing from the kitchen.

    The banging suddenly stopped.

    By Yona URL on 11.29.2014

  2. He plays at night.
    His violin sings to the moon.
    The gondolas rowing smoothly stop to listen.
    The water ripples when the notes reach it…they are strong.
    His bow stings the strings and his fingers fly.

    By Amalyah on 11.29.2014

  3. The fierceful spikes rattled up and down with no certain order. His hands lead the entire group of musicians, everyone following those gentle powerfuul hands.

    By Clarissa on 11.29.2014

  4. A single, sweet note bounced through the air as he pulled the bow across the strings. He stood on a darkened stage in front of a crowd of hundreds. They saw him as nothing more than a statue- a producer of sound. To them, he wasn’t a musician. The violin was.

    By Elyssa.Anne URL on 11.29.2014

  5. What is maestro? I don’t even know what that means!!! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to ramble then. So maestro, rhymes with something, that I also can’t think of at the moment, because I’m being timed, and I don’t like being timed. Why am I doing this to myself. I don’t know. I don’t know.

    By Nana URL on 11.29.2014

  6. “…and this is Phillipe Gerard, the maestro extraordinaire of our ragtag little orchestra,”
    She took his proffered hand, her smile becoming forced as he pressed his lips to the back. “Charmed,” he said, his voice oily. It made her skin crawl and she barely resisted the urge to shudder.
    “Likewise, I’m sure,” she muttered, all but yanking her hand away.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 11.29.2014

  7. There wasn’t any maestro to be seen in the fields that surrounded the auditorium. He had disappeared prior to the performance, making his way with baton in hand, conducting the grasses and otherwise causing the weeds to react in vibrato to the wave of his musical wand.

    By Rmund URL on 11.29.2014

  8. “M-E-”

    He stopped. That wasn’t right. The word had, like, this really weird double vowel in it.

    “I’m sorry, let me start over. Maestro. M-A-E-S—”

    The clock shuddered really loudly.

    By betaveros URL on 11.29.2014

  9. “Maestro, if you please!” joked Earl, only to be struck dumb at the sound of the orchestra. What came after that, however, was even more awe-inspiring. It was as if the waves along the coast where the musicians played became more and more agitated, growing in size and providing their own percussion to those symphonies roared out by horns, pipes, keys, and strings.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.29.2014

  10. A maestro is defined as a classical musician or an object that is disfigured. In life we are all maestros in a way or another, some of us born to create beautiful works of art and others to find a way to fit in, in this disfigured world of ours.

    By Keanna on 11.29.2014

  11. maestro is a kind of foundation i think. Its another thing too, but foundation is the first thing that comes to mind. thats a little fucked up. dont you think thats kind of fucked up? i think thats fucked up.

    By Emily URL on 11.29.2014

  12. the flick,
    the veins
    lining a sweaty hand
    like a released dove
    his hands soar-
    delicate movements,
    and yet bold

    By M on 11.29.2014

  13. I fell in love four months ago. Nothing has changed.

    By t URL on 11.29.2014

  14. ah, the click of fingers and a twirl of your thumb and i am playing that same song i always do, lilting off your toes and tingling off your lips. soft like morning, gentle like stars, a lullaby for any tiredness. i would sing it again and again if you asked me to. but you never ask. so i never do.

    By sunnysuraj URL on 11.29.2014

  15. The music was thick in the air, infusing the entire room with a sadness whose depth pierced the skin of even the maestro conducting the affair. It would be the last time he would perform for her.

    By aasupremo URL on 11.30.2014

  16. It is the leader of the art. As I listen to Neil DeGrasse Tyson I can only make the comparison. The Maestro of science. What is my niche, where I could be maestro?

    By Joshua on 11.30.2014

  17. We were sitting on the couch just looking at nothing while silence wrapped the whole atmosphere. A sigh from him first break it followed by connected movements we both have to do to finally break it. He asked me if I want something, I answered with a slight movement of my head from left to right. He shrugged followed by stretching of his legs. He offered water to continue the conversation. I took an effort to answer ‘no’ but my voice seems so small I think he hardly hear it. He moved closer, at first a little but as he let out a raspy groaned he pulled me in with such fury I didn’t tried to strangle. He kissed me hard with no intention of letting go. I grasp for air and looked at his face with a thought in my mind: Ages is not variable now, as long as he make me feel this way, I don’t care I’m in love with my Maestro.

    By shashy URL on 11.30.2014

  18. The maestro begin to play and the audience was mesmerized. The music sounded so beautiful that no one could move….we simply sat in awe….how could something so wonderful come from someone so small? We didn’t care….we loved it.

    By Tamila on 11.30.2014

  19. I think the treble cleft had left
    A tiny impression, a soundbite
    On the corner of your lip as you spoke.
    In the evening I will say goodbye
    And hear what your floating voice has to say.

    By Jon URL on 11.30.2014

  20. Yuck…sometimes the stories just come to me with ease, other times I need to dig deep to think of something creative. Given the time constraints, “maestro” will be one that stays buried. Sorry…

    By Guinness Man URL on 11.30.2014

  21. There was a little boy that lived in the house next to me when I was younger and I would always call him maestro. I used to peak across the fence into their backyard sometimes and see that he had arranged all his toys in a row, commanding them with a stick. The sheer concentration on his face would instil in me a uncontrollable urge to giggle hysterically.

    By Grainne on 11.30.2014

  22. Ken Takanishi, Dave’s lawyer, rang him, sounding excited. “We’ve made a breakthrough! The adoption papers weren’t the only thing your wife faked your hanko on. She transferred all your joint bank accounts to her name, claiming that you had left the country. Since we can prove from your passport that you were here when it happened, we can prove fraud on her part!” Dave was exasperated; “I don’t care about the money…” – but Ken cut him off; “I know. But this means we can prove that she faked documents, and that makes the adoption papers shaky too. Your in-laws’ lawyer, Kobayashi, is a maestro at manipulating the judges emotions, but this will pull the rug from under him.” Sensing his client wasn’t convinced, he pressed on; “Dave, this is it! This is the big break we have been waiting for!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.30.2014

  23. This word does not sound like it is spelt. I hate words like that. The world would be a much simpler place if every word was said exactly how it was written. (End of rant)

    By SIXTYSECONDSGO URL on 11.30.2014

  24. any word that has an a and an e together makes me feel deeply uncomfortable. this is only my second entry so i am still feeling a bit rusty. hopefully tomorrows word wets my imagination.

    By galoot URL on 11.30.2014

  25. There is a scarf wrapped around her neck, in one, two, three loops, winding around.

    A thick tree trunk, a slight hemp rope, all of these things call her there. That same scarf hangs from the lowest branch, and she reaches up once, twice, thrice, to grab it with her hands.

    By Anna Meursault on 11.30.2014

  26. A man or a women conducting the crowd. Moving them to tears or to cheer out loud. Listen to what he conducts, and you will be amazed or proud. Just remember who conducted this crowd. Maestro, often times forgotten, but never not seen.

    By Stephanie Johnson on 11.30.2014

  27. he was a maestro at frying bacon. the bacon sizzled in the pan. he stood by the stove, early morning sunlight streaming in, lighting his dark hair a golden brown. he wore a green apron. he smiled as he flipped the bacon. red-flowered cacti sat on the shelf above the sink, basking in sun.

    By Shimmona on 11.30.2014

  28. Cats kittens hellions and spaghetti and meatalls heroin parks and birthday boys sunglasses rflection veering stand still and listen for the static

    By melissa on 11.30.2014

  29. maestro? not today. Just a humble grandma waiting for the next time we get to be with our grandson. Priorities sure can shift.

    By Tea Monkey URL on 11.30.2014

  30. she raises the baton before the chorus, and the sea of smiling faces gazes back at her, steady their fidgeting feet and hold their little paper books in front of them. the childrens’ choir prepares for its last performance of the year. with one measure of silence, the children come in, their eyes following her baton as it rises and falls in time.

    By Aura URL on 11.30.2014

  31. When we made love it was like we were making music. He knew how to play me. His hands glided over my body like a violinist guiding the strings. He was my own private maestro.

    By Tracey URL on 11.30.2014

  32. The boy painted repetitive pictures of the girl he dreamed about. No he was not a maestro at his work but you can tell the passion he had for her with in the art.

    By Emily Cregger on 11.30.2014

  33. Music floated through the air, the notes dancing around the heads of everyone present. At the very front if the room was the orchestra led by the maestro. And in the corner, the girl absorbed the music and


    By FallenFromGrace on 11.30.2014

  34. He was a maestro… The kind you would bump into in a busy coffee shop in the middle of winter… Your nose red and your curiosity boiling like the coffee you hheld in your hand.

    By robyn burton on 11.30.2014

  35. waves his feathered arms
    he can’t fly any more but
    godammit he can create
    sweeping sound and piercing cry.
    his tattered coat tails fan the vowels into place

    By Kairn URL on 11.30.2014

  36. In Spain, the teacher wilts under the treeless sun. The white buildings pile up into the hills and even the birds complain of it — life beating down on their wings. The teacher thinks of what lesson this is.

    By Ilonka on 11.30.2014

  37. Good/average at so much, but master of nothing. Lack of drive? Lack of ability? Lack of focus? What can I do to change?

    By essays35 URL on 11.30.2014