November 28th, 2014 | 54 Entries

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54 Entries for “bargain”

  1. He could never walk through a store without purchasing any bargain he could find. Even if it was an item that didn’t interest him, he would rationalize any resistance by saying that someday it would come in handy. This compulsive spending drove his wife crazy.

    By dan URL on 11.29.2014

  2. i used to think that i was getting great bargains spending money on useless clothes at fast fashion retailers. then i realized women in sweatshops were making these bargains for mere pennies. that is no bargain.

    By galoot on 11.29.2014

  3. i used to think that i was getting great bargains spending little money on useless clothes at fast fashion retailers. then i realized women in sweatshops in third world countries were making these ‘bargains’ for mere pennies. that is no bargain.

    By galoot on 11.29.2014

  4. He wanted to make a bargain with me. That was all he said. That was all he ever said. I didn’t know what he meant–I just knew that maybe talking to him would get me what I wanted. And what I wanted–well, I didn’t know at the time. I knew that I was confused, and a little angry sometimes, and not as smart as I was supposed to be. And I knew that sometimes he hurt people. And I knew that I should not be bargaining with him. But I did.

    By tentwelvefourteen on 11.29.2014

  5. What can I say…I am a bit flawed…frayed on the edges… but if you look close… you can find the part that makes me a one of a kind….a bargain.

    By Damaged Ink on 11.29.2014

  6. it’s a bargain, i hear myself say, even though i don’t believe it. but he needs this, so i carry on.
    You won’t do much better than this!
    he looks at me and his eyes tell me he doesn’t believe me. but he’s going to play along anyway. because he’s sorry for me. he’s sorry for me and i think that might be the saddest thing if all.

    By Síle on 11.29.2014

  7. The bargaining came before the acceptance. A stage like any other, a threshold to cross, although a journey not to be made fully intact. Such are the rules of loss.

    By Intuition on 11.29.2014

  8. I think a bargain is a deal person number one makes with person number two. bargains can be good and bad, almost like everything in life. but then even our ideas of good and bad are often mixed up and completely made up by society. but this is me rambling on without actually making a point. and here I bring to you yet another life metaphor.

    By charlotte on 11.29.2014

  9. “two for the price of one, hm?”

    death looks on from his perch in the sky, hovering a dozen feet above the unhappy couple, their hands linked in a final intimacy before the cliff and its rocky waters below claim both their lives. death picks the scraps of his last meal off the razor edge of his scythe as the two plummet, and he catches their dying expressions, their last words in the reflection of the blade.

    hers: i’m happy to die.
    his: i’m happy to die with her.

    By Aura on 11.29.2014

  10. I found a bargain in the store yesterday. It was a beautiful purse that would normally cost 100 dollars for 15. Of course I should have known it was too good to be true, the strap was broken and the thread to fix it cost more than the purse. How was that for a bargain?

    By Tamila on 11.29.2014

  11. He wanted to make a bargain with me. Well, what the hell did that mean? A bargain for life? How long was this going to last? How long would I have to sell my soul to his? He was scratching my name down on the paper and I could see the chicken scratch through the way he held the pencil nub through his knuckles. There was no way that this could be good as he bent over the desk and looked up at me in the darkened light. No, this could not be good at all.

    By Alexa Gagosz on 11.29.2014

  12. A bargain can be misleading. A bargain can be the tool of a master-duper. Be careful of a good bargain.

    By Beth on 11.29.2014

  13. She didn’t bargain for such a complicated man when she fell in love. But that is the way it is, and she would deal with her choice because that is what love is all about.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.29.2014

  14. stop bargaining he said.
    i can’t she said, that’s what i do
    you just need to stop bargaining and listen he said
    because then, only then you can see what’s really going on
    what is important and what is not
    what you can achieve without being have to negotiate.

    By Ellie on 11.29.2014