November 30th, 2014 | 63 Entries

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63 Entries for “fort”

  1. A pretty place, it’s ancient and also reminds us of olden days and people. You get to find a lot of them in India which have a lot of mystery, stories et cetera in all the bricks of it. It has beauty and ideas of architecture in it.

    By Anushka URL on 12.01.2014

  2. My fortress is reinforced with the sturdiest materials. Nothing less than quilted fortifications to protect against the dangers of the night. Yet despite it all, there’s no greater shield than sunlight.

    By asavas on 12.01.2014

  3. The fort lies in the middle of a vast desert. It is warm not as hot as it seems. He lies on his back in his bed behind me. Ladies wait to be able to touch his soft feet. Untouched, unworked, soft and smooth. But why?

    By nora on 12.01.2014

  4. I like forts like building forts using the coach cool right.

    By Andrea on 12.01.2014

  5. Detroit, later 60s.
    What have you seen? The streets changed, I know.
    the layout of lines, arteries.

    hamtramck, polish village.
    against jos campeaux, i know.

    By sarah on 12.01.2014

  6. I wil build a fort strong and true . It will keep the enemy at bay but nothing can compare to the fortress around by heart that will strengthen me against your assault.

    By Tracey on 12.01.2014

  7. Me and my brthers liked to play war with a pillow fort we made.

    By Caelan Taylor Jolley URL on 12.01.2014

  8. once when I was little a built a very big fort I used chars for the base and lots of blankets and pillows it was awesome

    By Elizabeth on 12.01.2014

  9. The pillow for was massive. Begining in the living room and snaking out into the kitchen and hallway, it created a new world to explore and imagine; a safe haven of soft cushions and warm fabric that proteted from the sharpness of the world.

    By all4imagination on 12.01.2014

  10. at first i thought the word was ‘fart’ and i got so excited but i guess i can deal with a fort. right now i am lying in a blanket fort in the middle of my living room because i am a lazy loaf.

    By galoot on 12.01.2014

  11. A fort is a small building usually used in war, but sometimes used as simple fun for children or toddlers, and occasionally for hunting.

    By WriteFast on 12.01.2014

  12. A fort is a small building usually used in war, but sometimes used as simple fun for children or toddlers, and occasionally used to keep off the ground and out of site for hunters.

    By WriteFast on 12.01.2014

  13. A fort is a building.

    By WriteNow on 12.01.2014

  14. It’s not what it’s made of or the reasons why. I see it as home, an escape for those who need it. There are many escapes in the world, for instance reading is my fort, we all need one, what’s yours?

    By Tegan URL on 12.01.2014

  15. The little boys were building a fort and no indian was going to get in. They had their little cannons and faux moat ready for any attack. Oh what a wonderful imagination those children had, they were intent on keeping something out, maybe it wasn’t indians, but me.

    By Tamila on 12.01.2014

  16. It was late in December. He wished he could be back home in front of his parent’s hearth drinking hot chocolate (and maybe a bit of whiskey if dad had already had some). But he was here, at Fort Benning, or “The Fort” as his family called it. He was the most recent in a long line of residence at The Fort. He hated every minute of it

    By David on 12.01.2014

  17. Fort Collins what a beautiful town to live in. It has been a pleasure living here. I love the culture in Fort Collins. My roommates and I want to build a fort someday. We always talk about it but I never want to do it because it is a bitch to clean up. Someday we definitely will though.

    By heather on 12.01.2014

  18. i built a fort around my heart
    and you made a mission to tear it down
    you did
    and with it you tore down my heart
    now i find trouble building either back up again
    but god i wanted to let you in
    i was your best idea
    you were my worst mistake

    By carey URL on 12.01.2014

  19. Fort makes me think of blankets. I want to make blanket forts with my loved ones. When mentioning loved ones, George comes to mind. I want to make blanket forts with him one day in the future, in our mansion lol.

    By Lei on 12.01.2014

  20. building a fort
    to keep you out
    and keep us in
    against the cold
    we wear our fears on our
    fingertips like spikes
    to prick the skin of our frosty
    inside we breathe life
    rosy cheek colors under the

    By sevenwords on 12.01.2014

  21. His eyes peered out as if from battlements; his nose was a blockade; his lips, a sealed pipe. They opened only to let out sewage, before closing up again. “Leave, you’re not wanted.”

    By Holden URL on 12.01.2014

  22. i defend you ’til my last breath

    brick walls…strong yet brittle.

    what are you guarding?

    i’m just following orders

    By bobshay on 12.01.2014

  23. Fort Wayne Indiana. The place I currently call home. Like a fortress for the next 2 and a half years of my life in pharmacy school. Strange thing is I only stay home and I know nothing about it. I think I really need to take the time to explore.

    By Mike on 12.01.2014