March 1st, 2016 | 80 Entries

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80 Entries for “lure”

  1. As I walked into Ladurée, the most famous pastry shop in Paris, the scent of macaroons lured me in like angels carrying me in. I felt like I was in heaven. The looks of Éclair made me want to buy every single one of them. Once I took a bite of the delicious treat, I new life couldn’t be any better.

    By Chris on 03.02.2016

  2. i decided to lure my sister into the basement for a ambush i decided to go with the old tactic tie a candy bar to the end of a string then i’m like no that will not work my sister is so gullible i will say mom hid cheese in the basement. Then when she would get down there all a net will fall on her and water balloons filled with paint will fall on her meanwhile i will be eating her candy and watching 21 jump street life is good unless your my sister.

    By Colin on 03.02.2016

  3. It was a gloomy night fog filled the streets. There I was walking down the street mist dampened making me cold while I walked by worn out streetlights that dimly lit up the area around them. I was walking home from work when I saw the cat it eyes green eyes seemed to glow in the dark misty alleyway. I walked towards that cat wondering if it was a stray but when I got down to check its collar it sped down the alley. Just before it turned the corner it looked back at me and stood there. I raced after that cat it turned the corner and was out of site I ran around the corner and slammed right into something next thing I knew I was sitting on the cold asphalt. I looked up and there he was a rock of a man he looked like a giant the last thing I remember was the cat jumping into his hands the cat had lured me into a trap.

    By Ashton on 03.02.2016

  4. I was walking down the trail going hunting with my dad on a rather windy and foggy day making the feeling around us dark. while we are walking the trail splits so we split too. I am excited we split because I am not very good at shooting I like to kill the animals my way. I lure them in with very good food. I wait and let them it it for a while, giving them a good time, then I stab them to it’s death. After a while of walking I saw a dear run right in front of me. I decided to lure it in to it’s death. I grabbed a steak and I put it on a fishing pole. I threw it right before it’s face. It walked toward it and as it did I lured it in. Once it was one foot away I let it et for three seconds them stabbed it ti it’s death. I gathered up the body and wondered down the trail looking for my next victim.

    By Chloe on 03.02.2016

  5. My body froze.
    My breathing stopped.
    My eyes widened.
    I knew exactly what was going on. My parents were both in Hawaii, but this strange man said they were at home. It was a lie, I knew it without a doubt. No one was around, no help. Should I run? But, with further inspection, I realized there was nowhere to run to. Just a long gravel road that went on for miles. His white van was covered in dust and small rock particles. My only real option was to get in, and see what would happen.

    By Chloe Hartje on 03.02.2016

  6. I lured the little boy into the car using his blind dog that I stole from his house earlier that day. After the boy got in the car I sat there wishing the boy knew why I had to take him. The last time I saw him before his mom took him away, he was only a baby. I was sure he didn’t know who I was or where I was talking him

    By morgan URL on 03.02.2016

  7. The whisper echoing into dark mysterious forest, with lush green pine trees stretched up into the sky lured me in. Walking through the crisp spring air, moist soil from the previous rain storm covered my feet. The faint voice in my head screamed at me to go back, but I pushed the slim thought away as confusion arose to go anywhere but the direction the murmur in the distance was. My eyes felt drawn to the faint voice and curiosity surrounded my body as I continued throughout the peculiar forest. The mutter ringed throughout the covered woods, and without noticing the peculiar setting I was continuing into I perused towards it. Reaching the eerie cave, dust blowing through the wind the voice was clear and relentless the dizziness in my head was erased and I realized I was lured into a murderous trap.

    By Zoe on 03.02.2016

  8. I stepped onto the wooden steps, one by one.. creeeeech! I was too scared to go in alone, so I ran back home to try to get my brother to come. I needed to find some way to lure him over to the creepy house. It took me awhile for him to finally come but he did. Soon we went into the dark, spooky entrance. It was filled with cobwebs as if no one had lived there for years. We kept walking until the lights turned on and everyone screamed, “surprise!”

    By to3133 on 03.02.2016

  9. All the kidnapper, Joe, had to do was to lure the kid into his van. He already had it planned out. He would bribe him with cash and tell him he was his mom’s friend, and that he was supposed to take him home. Joe pulled into the school parking lot, waiting for the doors to open. He hoped his plan would work.

    By Erin on 03.02.2016

  10. The feel of crisp air runs down my whole body, I look up at the old rigid house that is on the end of the block. The mysterious man tells me in a deep voice “Follow me” as he had a grin on his face. The man yanks on my arm with full force knocking me to the ground, I can feel the wound pumping blood out of it just like a heart. I get up with despair the guy lifts me up and sets me back on my feet. He turns me in the direction of the house and tells me to walk forward, by the time reached the house it started to downfall he say “Get inside now!” I open the door to stumble upon a nice cottage. I look at him and ask “what is this” he told me he had lured me in to have a guest for dinner.

    By Spencer on 03.02.2016

  11. Step by step, I walked through the rain. I saw the bright light of lighting flash just when I heard a voice, “Come to me, I know you want to…” And then I fell. I fell down until I hit the ground. Unconscious, I felt a bag wrap around me. I was being lured down to a dark tunnel when I saw the man.

    By Emily on 03.02.2016

  12. The room was dimmed. Little sparks of light scattered the room, allowing me to see only figures. A dark mysterious figure crept along the wall. It had dark boots with the laces knotted to the top and a pointed coat. Its hair was stiff, spiked up with gel. He silently walked, with one foot in front of the other. Getting closer with each step. It spoke, his voice trembled a deep sorrow. A light shined as the figure opened his mouth to speak. His teeth were as white as snow. A tried not to focus and glimpsed around the room. I saw a rope in the corner, I knew what had to come next.

    By Lily on 03.02.2016

  13. I was waiting for him to get close enough so I could pounce on him. I had the bait set and it was working. The bait was luring him in and I was ready to attack. It seemed forever but he was finally in range. But just then when I thought he was there. But he wasn’t there only the doll with a knife in her hand.

    By Carter Brost on 03.02.2016

  14. I lured in the ducks by leaving a trail of corn and bread, the corn smelled like a farm, I imagined the cows mooing and sun behind the grey dense clouds as lightning and thunder crept upon. As I lured the ducks along to the right spot… *BANG BANG* I shot my gun at them one by one.. They lie on the ground, dead in a sickly sweet way. I drag them to home and pluck their feathers off one by one with an evil smile on my face. I hear a knock at the door, who would be in the middle of the woods at this time at night? They better be scared for disturbing me and my dinner. I ignore the knock, but I hear it again so I open the door ready to swing at someone but no one is there, all I hear is what sounds like a young girl singing “You’re gonna regret it, you’re gonna regret it.” Over and over again. I hear one more knock and open the door, I see nothing but I feel a pang on my head and everything fades away in to blackness.

    By makayla sunde URL on 03.02.2016

  15. I slowly walk backwards, holding the WiFi password in my hand. The teen slowly follows, looking skeptical. What the teen doesn’t know, is that I am luring him to my house. I thought this wouldn’t work, but apparently a teen will do anything for a WiFi password. Once I arrive at my house, I lead him to my basement to trap him. The old wooden stairs make loud creaking noises, as if its warning us of the somber room below. Once we approach the final step, we were greeted with the strong stale scent of old furniture. I throw the paper to the floor, the teen follows. Quickly I slam the door shut and lock it. I laugh and shout “Hope your not afraid of the dark!” then I ran upstairs. I sit on the couch and take a remote and click a button, soon after a shrill scream follows. My body feels refreshed and recharged, I then transform into my real form, a large spider. It only takes a single, lovely scream to help me transform. Now I can finally eat him.

    By Rylie on 03.02.2016

  16. The memory is trying to lure me in. I don’t want to remember that day, but I guess it can’t help but haunt me. I can’t let it get the best of me, or I’ll have no strength left to fight it off. I don’t want to remember when he died. I don’t want to think of him when I saw him there. Not moving. I can’t think of him or I’ll fall to pieces in tears. I hope he’ll rest in piece. He was the greatest dog I had ever had. Now, he was gone, just like that. All because of the red van.

    By Maddie on 03.02.2016

  17. As I peeked around the corner, I saw an old man and a small girl. The man was probably about 40-50 years old and had salt-and-pepper hair and a scraggly beard. They didn’t suspect I was there. I knew what was going on – the old man was trying to lure her into his car. In one swift move, I jump kicked the old man right in the face. Then, I called 9-1-1. The little girl was going to be safe.

    By taeya on 03.02.2016

  18. To lure is to be secretly catch he attention of something or someone and have them follow you to your desired destination. I often see this word in mysterious novels and books. Sometimes this word is used to attract the innocent character into a trap to capture. The connection of the word seems negative in a way.

    By Patricia pangan on 03.02.2016

  19. The fisherman used his lure to lure in some fish. He was trying to find a bass or some kind of big fish to eat. The fisherman did find a bass some time later.

    By Caden on 03.02.2016

  20. The lure was working! The zombies were going after the piece of meat that they dangled on the end of the fishing pole. They were trying to capture one for the scientist back at headquarters.

    By Caden on 03.02.2016

  21. The lure on the of the fishing pole was designed to catch the of big fish i is the food of some of the biggest fish.

    By Caden on 03.02.2016

  22. the woman lured the man to her house and he decided to marry her 3 months later but when he married her he figured out how she really acts 1 month later they divorced

    By Gods Girl URL on 03.02.2016

  23. He tied the lure to the end of the nylon string, added a few small lead weights, then cast the line over board. His aggressive cast nearly flipped the canoe, but he steadied the boat just in time. It could take hours to land a fish, but that was ok by him.

    By Bryan on 03.02.2016

  24. Her dark thoughts lured her into the room. She closed the door, sliding down it until she reached the floor. Her music was playing but she could not hear, for the voices in her head were screaming too loud.

    By Kellian McKenna on 03.02.2016

  25. They walked together in the woods. M held the rifles while S set up the lures and traps, boasting all the while that tonight would be the night they caught the wolf once and for all.

    By Anne B. on 03.02.2016

  26. aw hell no. I’m not a writer. I don’t even know what lured me into thinking I could do this. I guess it was when I was in songwriting and we had to write about one word each day. I thought maybe it would help me be more creative in my business.

    By Abby on 03.02.2016

  27. He drew me into his arms over a period of around six months. It started as a whisper in the back of my mind but as time went on, the magnetism screamed at me like a violin.

    By Chazzie on 03.02.2016

  28. it was a weak line
    of reasoning
    they thought the beast had no self control
    her wild mane and dirty pelt
    but of course she ate them
    spat out white bone

    By Kairn on 03.02.2016

  29. Lure has many meanings. One meaning that sticks out to me the most is a fishing lure. I love to go fishing and my favorite part is seeing and picking out a lure.

    By Maddygeorge on 03.02.2016

  30. “…hook, line, sinkers, poles.?” “Check, we’ve got everything let’s get out to the lake before it gets to much later.”
    “I missed the warm summer sun and breeze so much.” “I swear if it hadn’t of warmed up sooner, I may have broken down.”

    By Tem on 03.02.2016

  31. Why can’t I lure the voices around me into a cage filled with life sucking monsters? Why can’t they stop talking? Why can’t I have one moment of peace and solitary? What would happen if I took away their voices?

    By Hello on 03.02.2016

  32. I watched diligently as he slid a dark worm on a lure. I was trying take in everything he was showing me, it was tradition. His dad taught him to fish and now he was teaching me, his daughter. I wanted to be the son he never had; I wanted to make him proud.

    By CS on 03.02.2016

  33. Her last shot to make it right. Also her last work and she would be done. No more kills. She had enough, so she waited on the same place at the same time. The right time to catch someone who’s life wouldn’t matter. Who’s life no one would miss it.

    By lucy on 03.02.2016

  34. Sometimes people lure me to do bad things. it does not make me feel good when they do this. I wish they woul d lure me to do good things all the time. Peer pressure is hard!

    By maureen wagner on 03.02.2016

  35. It’s funny, the things we want. Your grandma’s in the grave, and I do not want that 9-carat rose cut diamond or the ruby ring. I want the recipe box. Because she loved it. Because the real Italian lasagna (with the real mozzarella and the fresh basil) is how showed us love. Because the chocolate pie is what she made for you and only you. I want her art. I want her art because I sat at my spot at the dining room table beside you and often glanced up at the silhouettes of ballerinas that pirouetted above the piano. I want the covered bridge painting above the couch in the living room because it reminds me exactly, exactly of Vermont and New Hampshire and our fifth wedding anniversary which really marked thirteen whole years of love. I want *everything* Mabel Kiefer painted herself–the baskets of flowers, the fruit in a gilded frame, the fisherman. Novice, she was. Precious, it is. Your grandpa’s in the nursing home. You don’t want his money. Your grandpa, who held my hand last night. Allowed me to feed him chocolate ice cream. “Missy, you’re here. I’m better now,” he gasped through pain that shot through the back of his head and as his one working lung tightened and heaved. He ran his fingers through my hair as I cried for him. He told us, finally, to go. I think he knew we needed his permission. And so we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house so you could fetch some paperwork. Some piece of me died a little when we had to walk up the front door like guests, had to use keys in the lock. The house was too cold. The house was too quiet–no Westerns blaring in the back room. We walked to the basement, and while you looked through the filing cabinets, I was the one who found all you really wanted: the tools, in the room where he taught you what you know; the fishing rods and reels and nets and lures lined up in perfect rows. You taught me how to “finesse” a fish, and I know where you learned it. As I stood there, I recalled the photo outside Grandpa Earnie’s new nursing home door. Strong and smiling, holding a record-breaking catfish. Husband, you lured me in. Finessed. You did the work that wasn’t really work. But your grandparents, the ones you took me to see on our second date? I fell in love with them too. Set the hook hard. They’re the ones that caught me–and catch me still– in a wide net of love I don’t deserve.

    By Melissa on 03.02.2016

  36. When people lure someone into doing something it can either be good or bad. Sometimes people get lured by peer pressure, other get lured into going out with friends and having fun. Lure is a

    By maureen wagner on 03.02.2016

  37. That terrible boy took my friend away from me. He lured her into his little trap by playing it cool, then showing his true colors when it was too late. Now I would never see her again. Not in the same way, anyway. She was infested by his horrendous personality.

    By B.E. on 03.02.2016

  38. Despite giving me chocolates and a wonderful caramel macchiato to lure me into the bad news he was going to deliver, I was ahead of his game. I knew his tricks and wasn’t going to let him get the best of me. I had prepared for this encounter for weeks and I was going to get my revenge. He couldn’t play me for a fool.

    By Gigi on 03.02.2016

  39. He sat as still as he could by the water, the only sounds that could be heard was the soft wind billowing through the tall reeds, and his heavy anticipating breathing. Suddenly he feels a tug at his fishing line! His bait must have finally lured something in!

    By Sam on 03.02.2016

  40. I did not like how my friends lured me into going to the mall. I don’t like shopping but they came up with several tactics to lure me. But it was nice to spend time with the friends at the mall.

    By Kiran on 03.02.2016