December 27th, 2010 | 376 Entries

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376 Entries for “lucky”

  1. I’ve never felt lucky and am not sure how that feels anyway. I look at numbers and wonder which ones have the luck stuffed inside their curves or rail-straight limbs, and I can’t be certain but I think I have seen tiny legs running out of my shadow. Could that be my luck?

    By nannan URL on 12.27.2010

  2. a girl. a boy. so lucky that they happened to cross each others paths while walking on the streets in Dublin, Ireland.

    By kj URL on 12.27.2010

  3. britney spears singing. she’s a star, music. fortune cookies ducks clovers
    yuck cool words

    By Marsh on 12.27.2010

  4. fortunate
    in love
    good soul

    By Jenny URL on 12.27.2010

  5. me, i’m super lucky becaus ei have a really good life and everything i need to survive. i have the best family and friends and i have food on my plate and heat in my house and shoes under my feet. i am loved too, so i am not alone. i have my parets, brother, and boyfriend and best friend who love me best and i would be no where without them

    By Molly on 12.27.2010

  6. It was only chance that I happened to be so lucky. It was like magic, walking into any store and finding exactly what I was looking for, and on sale! I could walk down the street and find money on it, I always seemed to be in the right place at the right time, except for in the area of love. It was always wrong. I could never find the luck of the draw, he was always the wrong guy, the wrong time

    By Daisy on 12.27.2010

  7. luck is something that everybody can have as much or as little of as they like. It’s all about perspective. Different people have different ways of interpreting it. Some people call it religion. Some call it karma or fate. It is what you make of life, and it is in your hands. In the way you deal with your life.

    By Jennifer on 12.27.2010

  8. The four left clover lead me to my true live and I found it in our wedding book on the eve of our divorce. It reminded me that some thugs are fate And some are luck andsomeme are just crap

    By Marie on 12.27.2010

  9. I am lucky for matt’ my parents and my iPad. Aunt lynell also. Luck is getting a great or dream job right outside of college. I want to be lucky but also blessed. The combo is fantastic!

    By liv on 12.27.2010

  10. You bitch. You have it all. I call you “lucky”. Lucky to be thin, lucky to have a boyfriend, lucky to have married parents, lucky to have your own room. You tell me “Well why don’t you lose weight? Maybe then you’ll meet a guy. Divorce is genetic, you know. Buy a bigger house.” No, no. You’re not lucky. Not lucky to me anymore. Your attitude is something I would never wish to have. I am lucky, not you.

    By Katy URL on 12.27.2010

  11. lucky me. all i have to do is write. luck is not something people can rely on its a mistake to wait for it. it is true that luck plays a role in everything, but how much can we expect it. all it is is chance. all we can do is do our best and them hope for the best to happen

    By Frosty URL on 12.27.2010

  12. I am a very lucky person. Everything works out for me eventually, it seems. But is it luck? Do I even believe in luck? I think there’s something bigger going on in my life than mere coincidence. My ways are being orchestrated, and everything falls into place like a puzzle.

    By Kristen on 12.27.2010

  13. My word is lucky. I would really like to be more lucky. I think if I was luckier I would have more money and be happy. Luck is really handy when gambling. Lucky Charms is good cereal if sugary. I want to be lucky. Lucky is a good name for a dog. Why am I playing this silly game? I want to be lucky that’s why. Lucky for me my time’s almost up.

    By Rachael on 12.27.2010

  14. Time passed by all of us. I woke one morning in my bed tangled in my comforter. As I got up to get my morning coffee I thought about all I had. How lucky I was. How had I gotten this? This thing called life.

    By nyala on 12.27.2010

  15. People say make your own luck, I say “fuck you”. You cant make luck. That’s the point. You have it or you don’t. That’s life.

    By Julie URL on 12.27.2010

  16. I am very. Not many can say this, which compounds and emphasises just how very I am. Lucky.

    By barry on 12.27.2010

  17. He didn’t even say goodbye, he left my heart, he didn’t take the time to lie. But I have always known that I am not so lucky. My toe has always gotten scraped against the pavement, but then again maybe I am just clumsy. One of these days I am going to win the lottery, and then he will come crawling back to me and I will give him a piece of my mind.

    By Ellyn Rivers on 12.27.2010

  18. Lucky is as lucky does. I think those who are “lucky” are really those that understand that you attract everything to you. It’s the Law of Attraction, people.

    By Sophi URL on 12.27.2010

  19. I’m lucky. Lucky looks like Lucy and I really like the Peanuts. Lucy Van Pelt is sassy and I love it. I know when I’ve been insulted! I know when I’ve been insulted. This website would be even better if people weren’t allowed to delete anything or edit what they write at all. People self-censor too much. Also, mispellings are funny.

    By carlie URL on 12.27.2010

  20. siempre me he considerado una persona con suerte, la suerte es simplemente el estado mental de predisposicion a las cosas buenas, la suerte nos lleva por caminos inesperados, y loq que a veces consideramos mala suerte es buena suerte disfrazada de desgracia

    By Maria Jose Corona on 12.27.2010

  21. “I suppose that I should consider myself lucky that we met.” I said, not feeling fortunate at all.

    He shuffled his feet and looked down at them. “No. No… not really. As a rule, one doesn’t meet one’s spirit guide quite so vividly. Well, come on… let’s go.”

    “Wait.” I stood firmly rooted, watching his discomfiture. “You said more than you meant to just then.”

    By mimimanderly URL on 12.27.2010

  22. i prefer the word fortunate instead of this word above
    as i do not worship the god of good or bad luck

    By she53lly URL on 12.27.2010

  23. i get mad when people say things like “fuck my life” because the internet is down. no, not fuck your life. there are people in haiti bathing in shit water. you’re lucky, asshole.

    By gidgetgangrene URL on 12.27.2010

  24. If I were lucky, I’d have 2 houses… maybe three, one in the bahamas, one in new york and one in…Paris…. No London….Whichever one gives me more bragging power. But I’m not lucky. I’ve just got my one house, “loving parents” (yuck) and a squirmy little brother. Why does God hate me so much?!

    By CMF on 12.27.2010

  25. Is there a “one word” of the day or something? I’ve gotten this word three times in a row. I’m addicted!… but not that addicted.. Who knows. Maybe you’ll hear from me again, telling you ever so more, each time, that I’m more and more lucky because I look over more aspects of my life that I am lucky for having..

    By CMF on 12.27.2010

  26. im lucky to be myself, im happy that i go to college and have a great life in there, many friends and colleagues, i’m also happy to have a lovely family, yes, i feel lucky to be myself , and the greatest is that i feel lucky to be born in a muslim family

    By haekal on 12.27.2010

  27. I am not. I’ve broken several mirrors in my life, one intentionally. I’m doomed for eternity, or at least, the rest of it. I’m alright with this, though. To be unlucky one must have at least a little bit of luck for correlation.

    By Korean Nuisance URL on 12.27.2010

  28. Lucky ducky. I am a very lucky duck. I always have been. And yet, there has always been the fear that darkness is just around the corner. Why waste all that luck with morbid thoughts? And why “jinx” myself with claims of having always been lucky? (See, there I go worrying again!)

    By the girl at the end of the hall on 12.27.2010

  29. Relative to the individual
    Standing at the crossroads
    It’s a way of looking at paths
    For neither is up nor down
    Or this way or that
    It’s multidimensional
    And deeply personal

    By tHG URL on 12.27.2010

  30. She was lucky. In all types of ways. Bad. The worst of things would happen to her. Good. She’d get through things by the skin of her teeth. She wished she wasn’t lucky to be wealthy, privileged. She wished she actually had experience and talent….just like the rest.

    By Carnival of Bliss on 12.27.2010

  31. It took one question to loop me back into longing for the sweeping sensation I felt when he held me in the water. Looking at the moon in its full radiance, I knew that this moment would mean something more. Tonight I have been given the opportunity to glimpse in to what I believe the meaning of that to be..and whats on my mind right now; what to wear?

    By C on 12.27.2010

  32. something i am not.
    something no one is.
    something people believe in because they need something to give them a minuscule amount of hope.

    By H on 12.27.2010

  33. I was luck, I guess. There are only so many empty seats on an airplane, and the one right next to mine happened to be open. A stranger sits down. I don’t know who it is, what it is, or why it’s here. It’s not human, of that I’m certain. I don’t know what to call it. It looks human. But it’s not. Shape-shifter is the best word for it, I guess.

    By Shafer on 12.27.2010

  34. he is very lucky to be in the place he is. people who love him, a loving girlfriend. not on the streets. Whoever knew that just waiting it out and sleeping in the park for a month would pay off to such a nice thing. now he’s gettting a job and ged and has a regular income. thank god for luck. and i’m so lucky to have him.

    By Lexi on 12.27.2010

  35. “You’re lucky to be alive.”

    Am I? Can being alive be considered “lucky”? I don’t think so.

    Being lucky is being here, in my warm bed, snuggled up to my boyfriend. It’s having a family that accepts me for who and what I am.

    Living isn’t the important part. It’s being you that makes you lucky.

    By Violetta Caine URL on 12.27.2010

  36. Lucky, lucky, why I am so lucky, ja wenn ich das wüsste, dann wär ich schlauer, wenn ich wüsste, wie ich mich mal eben lucky-lucky mache, dann wäre ich noch noch viel schlauer und vorerst begnüge ich mich damit, mich über den Schnee-Schnee zu freu-freu, denn blau blau blau blühlt derl Elnzlian …

    By Lisa URL on 12.27.2010

  37. Lucky. Number 7. Horse shoe. He’ll/She’ll get lucky tonightt!. Ohh, yes, winning the damn lottery means your one frikken lucky kid.

    By Aubree Fee URL on 12.27.2010

  38. I always said I was lucky…it was a rationalization. While my life has been fortunate…I don’t believe luck had anything to do with it. Now, as the years go by~I might begin to consider myself both lucky AND fortunate!

    By muse URL on 12.27.2010

  39. I am so lucky and I know it and I don’t. I’m lucky to breathe I’m lucky to live I’m lucky to eat. So completely lucky yet I don’t know it. Lady luck breathed on me yet I don’t know it. What is lucky if we can’t see it and can’t appreciate it?

    By Sara on 12.27.2010

  40. she got lucky and found the pharaoh flashlight under her right foot.she winced in pain as she reached to pick it up.ricky rejection’s massive mechanical,spider like robot body came to a quick and sudden halt.jesie heard a whirl and a click,and r.r.’s body fluidly turned to her direction,”i’ve got you,my pretty.”

    ut oh

    By Dann URL on 12.27.2010