November 8th, 2010 | 199 Entries

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199 Entries for “lousy”

  1. I had a lousy bug named poopfurger. He was a rowdy little cockroach that went inside my ear about a year ago. He was yellow with a crusty exterior. He had fish eyes and a thousand and a half teeth on his face. He wasn’t very nice now he resides in my brain.

    By Danielle on 11.08.2010

  2. That lousy rascal! What has he ever done but complain and make life miserable for those around him? The gall it takes to be him. Lying around day after day never doing anything but expecting it done for him.

    By Becky on 11.08.2010

  3. It was a lousy feeling.. Knowing that you’ve given your all for someone and have them disrespect you like that. I know, it’s something I risk for my profession but

    By Amiee URL on 11.08.2010

  4. It was a lousy day. The boss grilled me as soon as I walked through the door.

    “Johnson!” The bottom-heavy voice boomed.

    “Yes sir?” I remembered then that I had completely forgotten the report due today.

    “Why don’t I have that report on my desk yet? I have given you ample opportunity to turn it around this past month, and yet you still disappoint at every turn. Clean out your desk.”

    Thus concluded my lousy day.

    By Joe on 11.08.2010

  5. I thought about all the people who were gone now… people that I had cared about, and I felt lousy. I felt lousy…. Why is it that that expression seemed to trigger something within me? Something that was almost — but not quite — a memory.

    By mimimanderly URL on 11.08.2010

  6. lazy fatherly.. .the old man was a lousy husband, he always layed around, ignoring the needs of his family and wife, and led an unhealthy relationship with his family. He was the epidome of lazy. The doom of their marriage was inevitable. The wife was trapped. The family, was trapped.

    By brooke on 11.08.2010

  7. The day felt like a life-time.
    There was nothing to look forward to. Nothing to do. Nothing to see.
    Maybe this town isn’t what I thought it was like.
    It’s lousy, I guess….
    But my friends make the day more tolerable. :)

    By Angel of Music URL on 11.08.2010

  8. He was a lousy man, living off of another’s food and house. He did not work, and he did not feel the need to. He had everything he had in his sister’s house, why go find work where he would have to sit at a desk as lousy as himself? He would not give up this kind of life for that kind of office life again. He had experienced too much corruption in those offices, and he would not risk the purity of his soul for another experience like that.

    By Anny on 11.08.2010

  9. I’m lousy that I can’t keep my emotions in check. I’m so angry about the world we lived in today; full of hated and fear install within others. I just want to scream and shout to them to STOP DOING THEIR HURTFUL ACTIONS TO OTHERS!

    By gimordex on 11.08.2010

  10. Those days when you wake up wonky, your brain is still asleep and the door hits you on the way out. But without these days i would never be able to enjoy those days of rare of spectacular beauty.

    By Justin B. Hawkins URL on 11.08.2010

  11. My dog is lousy. He never catches or plays like the neighbors dog. He is no fun at all. All he does is sleep and eats. What is worse, he likes my sister more than me. It is true. I wish I had a goldfish.

    By james on 11.08.2010

  12. You are a lousy person, even though you are not. You make me feel lousy even though you make everything that is happy happy. You probably won’t like my lousy story and I am probably going to hit you in your lousy shoulder for being lousy about talking and letting the lousy feelings you get from being around people who make you nervous and lousy issues you refuse to work out with me make you feel lousy things instead of not being lousy and talking things out before you just let them go to lousy loserville so that I can feel lousy for all of forever.

    By dennice URL on 11.08.2010

  13. this is lousy. sitting here. which didn’t used to be lousy, but is, now, since i’m
    “supposed” to be doing something else… feeling rejected, frustrated, tired out, misunderstood, detached, beyond knowing… it’s… just… kind of … lousy.

    By jennifer on 11.08.2010

  14. My brother is so damn lousy. He usually comes home and does absolutely nothing for hours while he could be accomplishing something worth while. Sometimes I just want to hit him and not have to worry about his laziness.

    By Steve on 11.08.2010

  15. I want you to know a couple of things from my perspective:
    I don’t care that your day was lousy, you sat on your ass all day and complained.
    I don’t care that you thought that the spices I picked for the food weren’t quite right.
    I don’t care that you had to spend money on a vaccine you don’t need. It was YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check the price, not mine to know the details of your insurance.

    Fuck you.

    I love you.

    I’m sorry. I wish I could say I didn’t blame myself for everything.

    By ObsidianSky URL on 11.08.2010

  16. My Lit class this year cannot possibly be described with a better word. Lousy. How else would you describe a class which discourages original thought, marks incorrect the immaculate, and stuffs meaninglessness down the throats of its students.

    By Julia A. URL on 11.08.2010

  17. I see my life as very lousy. It needs more oomph! More energy! I can’t go into college with a lousy personality! I need to change!


    For now, I’ll stay lousy

    By T URL on 11.08.2010

  18. today i felt very lousy. i think that i might be coming down with the flu. i felt sick but still have to do lots of things. feeling lousy is not a good feeling hopefully i do not come down with anything

    By monsie URL on 11.08.2010

  19. Johnny sat, dejected and tired from a long day at his new high school, East Chestnut. He couldn’t even count the number of times his family had moved within the last 2 years. He had no friends; to be completely honest, he wasn’t even sure he had the people skills to make friends anymore.
    This is where it all began. This is where Johnny met Sam. This is where Johnny lost his mind.

    By Lynea Vandruff on 11.08.2010

  20. The lousy Cat. That stupid cat. Sitting on the couch. Sam is it’s name.

    I can’t think of anything to write about. Not at all- I feel lousy. Like I’m not needed like the girls at this new private school are jerks,

    By Reilly on 11.08.2010

  21. Everything just ran into blurs. Nothing was specific anymore; I couldn’t make out what was true and real and what was my lovely imgination. I didn’t want to know anyway. The reality was too harsh, cold, sharp, and bitter. I loved the comfort of my mind and world.

    By Marissa URL on 11.08.2010

  22. The trumpet style gown adhered to her torso and cascaded from her knees, it was an glamorous sight to behold yet, with less than an hour’s shopping through the bridesmaids felt lousy.

    By Amy on 11.08.2010

  23. hmmmmm, I think about the lousy days I have had in the past. There usually begin with not wanting to get out of bed and end with me wanting to go back to bed. In between those two thoughts it is filled with few smiles and laughs, just lousiness.

    By Beverly Keck URL on 11.08.2010

  24. The fact that I have to take another job to make ends meet is quite lousy. It is a shame that az does not pay its employees a decent wage. I mean really? Is this stake so fucked that we can’t afford some decent wages for the people who decide to stay and work in this state? I can’t wait to leave this lousy hole

    By Ashley on 11.08.2010

  25. Sometimes life is really lousy. The government makes lousy decisions, as well as ordinary people. Is there a way that we can improve our lousy lives?

    By Bryce on 11.08.2010

  26. school work is really lousy some times. i know its creating a foundation for an amazing job but still. this week has been kind of hard not going to lie. my english class is killing me. i really hate my new paper.

    By audri on 11.08.2010

  27. today is the definition of
    the sky a bleak half wheeze and the frost wet and fierce
    as the ground hurtles from midday day drink and afternoon day dream
    i find solace only in the silver spire window crack
    a break in the seems

    By silvia diego on 11.08.2010

  28. You make me feel lousy. There, I said it. There it is, just a few lines back. You make me feel lousy, so lousy. Lousy enough to lie in bed all day and do nothing, just sit there and get fat and hate the world. And you want to know why? Because I love you, and you’re not here. Please come home.

    By Lauren Kolodkin on 11.08.2010

  29. My response to today’s word is lousy—probably because I’m trying to write in my office with both my husband and 15-yr-old daughter home. I can hear his TV—The SImpsons—off to my right and her singing along with pop music from above. How can I concentrate on anything? WHy did I even try?

    By Andie on 11.08.2010

  30. I feel lousy when I don’t do well on school work. I feel lousy when my bed is unmade here at college. I feel lousy when I miss my family so much it hurts, but I can’t see them. I feel lousy when you tell me you care but then don’t answer your phone when I need you most. And most of all, I feel lousy knowing that what we had was special…and that we will never have it back again.

    By Teeps on 11.08.2010

  31. i do sometimes feel lousy, and i know its not a good thing, especially when you have a lot of work to do. I need a dose of rejuvenation everyday, or a motivation to overcome it.

    By Mayank Tripathi on 11.08.2010

  32. Richard never liked feeling lousy. His friend Tom was the opposite; he had a masochist train of thought.

    By Taylor Soper on 11.08.2010

  33. It is pretty lousy when you join a singles sight year after year, and you cannot find a man of your dreams, let alone a date.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 11.08.2010

  34. Today was a lousy day. I wok up late, didnt get what I needed done, partly do to my own laziness, but that is besides the point.

    By Reed Fisher on 11.08.2010

  35. Lousy days are the worst.
    But without them, what’s to define a good day?
    The best good transforms itself from the worst bad.
    If you’re having a bad day, just know life will be getting much better.
    So, cheer up!

    By giraffeslovepopsicles URL on 11.08.2010

  36. one thing i dislike is when people do a lousy job at everything. it just seems that people dont care about anything amymore. they just do a lousy job, half done and looks like crap. the sad part is that people actually get away with it.

    By nubia on 11.08.2010

  37. I am lousy at patience. I am lousy at being humble. Lousy lousy lousy. Many of my family and friends are lousy at a lot of things, but to admit it…that’s a whole different matter. They will not. It’s part of human nature though, to be lousy at things…because the more things we are lousy at, generally, the better we are at a few things.

    By Lauren Alexandra on 11.08.2010

  38. This whole month I have been feeling lousy. I have a lot of stress and i’m feeling a little depressed. It has been three years since i’ve felt like this.

    By enzo URL on 11.08.2010

  39. Lousy is a lousy motherfucking word
    take it away
    keeping me awake with it’s “L”
    dragging like a cat against my mouth
    And that “S”
    By the “OU”
    Like shit I owe you
    A better fucking word
    but suck it up
    this is life

    By fullmetalguitar URL on 11.08.2010

  40. This should prove to be a lousy poem,
    Bursting with some banality, some trite
    Formality formed to forsworn some forsaken
    Skin brushed upon tin but it’s rusting
    It’s rusting, I’m broken and lost.

    By YerFace on 11.08.2010