November 9th, 2010 | 153 Entries

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153 Entries for “average”

  1. It was an average day. Coffee in the morning, with a doughnut on a white paper napkin to one side. Newspaper on the table in front of him, headlines barely glanced at. He didn’t really care about the news, but it was part of his routine.

    By M. Lawrence Key URL on 11.10.2010

  2. Working to become average has been my goal. Somedays average looks pretty good to me after I’ve looked around and compared myself with others; never quite good enough in the things that matter most to me. But then I realize that I only have to be better than my average.

    By Bryant on 11.10.2010

  3. average what rhymes with average
    beverage average beverage savage, fred savage, the golden years, the golden gears, the peach and pears, batman and his bat lairs. Shits so average.

    By steve french URL on 11.10.2010

  4. Average is as average does, not below, not above. Indeed, it seems, average is between what you think you are and what others seem.

    By Bishop Chave URL on 11.10.2010

  5. I think that ‘average’ is a word which has lost meaning in this day and age. We are all special, every single one of us, despite our status as tiny blips on the universal scale. We are special in that we are different, that we can see and define the galaxies, that we know nothing yet seem close to knowing all. That capacity isn’t average. It’s extraordinary.

    By Lauren Kolodkin on 11.10.2010

  6. I look at my feet, starting with the toes. Trace up my calves to the thighs and torso. Let my gaze caress my arms, down the tapering of my fingers. See my brown, hair, brown eyes and too pale skin. I’m not sure that I’m bothered by my average-ness.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 11.10.2010

  7. “He’s just an average guy,” he said, shifting in his seat. “I mean, I can’t imagine him getting up to anything illegal.”

    The man’s expression didn’t change. “Regardless,” he said, “answer my question.”

    Jason inhaled and said, “I don’t know where he was Thursday night, sir.”

    By Morag on 11.10.2010

  8. An average girl. Blends in the crowd, doesn’t speak up. Unnoticed. Easily forgotten. I want to be different, stand out, be remembered.

    By Emily URL on 11.10.2010

  9. I guess I’m just an average space explorer. I haven’t really discovered anything, except for more space. All I want is to be like the other famous space explorers and discover things like black holes and aliens on other planets. Who am I kidding, I’ll never be as great as them. I guess I’m just an average space explorer.

    By rahostetler URL on 11.10.2010

  10. i am an average girl but i have my qualities.

    By E on 11.10.2010

  11. Average in the synonym fore normal, every day same.

    By A URL on 11.10.2010

  12. I’m average height. I once was very tall, taller than many people, but now most people are taller than me.

    By Tyler on 11.10.2010

  13. I’m an average person in a world where people have something special about themselves.

    By Jason on 11.10.2010

  14. The average Joe, the average schmoe
    Doesn’t know which way to go
    He hurries left, he hurries right
    He tries to find a little light
    In his life, or in the world
    Around his heart a band in curled
    Of iron, telling him that he
    Has so much more that he can be.

    By Mrs. Mitchell URL on 11.10.2010

  15. The average Joe, the average schmoe
    Doesn’t know which way to go
    He hurries left, he hurries right
    He tries to find a little light
    In his life, or in the world
    Around his heart a band is curled
    Of iron, telling him that he
    Has so much more that he can be.

    By Mrs. Mitchell URL on 11.10.2010

  16. Average. I’ve tried so hard to be anything but. I lie to make myself seem different, I try so hard to be memorable. I don’t want to be average. I don’t want to be forgotten. And as I’m lying here on my bedroom floor, I realize, I am just like every other over-emotional confused gay teenager. I’ve become average. Unmemorable. Me.

    By Alexx Roux URL on 11.10.2010

  17. I want to be more than average. I want to be something, anything, that isn’t average. But I feel often that I am going nowhere, that everything I do is not above or below, that I am skimming across the surface of the “average” line and am doing nothing, saying nothing, to stop it or get better. I worry that years will pass and nothing will change, nothing will be gained, and i will be nothing more than the person standing next to me.

    By somedays on 11.10.2010

  18. The average monkey is able to run about 20 miles every day, except for Sundays, when he needs to have his hair looked at for fleas and tiny insects. The female can’t be bothered to do his hair on other days of the week because she’s too busy doing her own hair, writing articles for the local newspaper or solving quadratic equations.

    By Lodolfo Lumbre URL on 11.10.2010

  19. Mean, average. “Swallow the birds,” said the salesman in his lonely cubicle with ice floating everlastingly about the pupils of his eyes. “I can’t hear your thoughts on this clear summer morning.”
    But there was nothing to hear, only the chirping of buildings’ death-ray windows and the silence of a glaring foreheard jutting out into the intersection of thought and the zoo.

    By mixolydian333 URL on 11.10.2010

  20. Average is a good word. It is used to discribe things like how much water one american drinks.

    By Ben on 11.10.2010

  21. Average means awesome in my words. I am average, it is so insane because I’m awesome. What’s the one word? The bird the bird the bird is the word!

    By Roar I am not a dinosaur on 11.10.2010

  22. when I think of one word best friends or besketball come into my head because those are really inportent to me and if you think it is silly then every one else has there own opion on what they think is theres.

    By kaytee on 11.10.2010

  23. The word average means ordinary or normal. For example, you could say that Bob was an average guy. The word average is used a lot during the day. I use it almost every day. It is very common in people’s vocabulary. Average does not mean boring, it just means that you are normal.

    By Angela Young on 11.10.2010

  24. I am not the average girl. Music comes first but not everybody LOVES it. I am the only one. Shy and speechless, but full of heart with the sound of music.

    By Amanda URL on 11.10.2010

  25. normal everyone regular i am average to the regular scholl boy but not in britan and in america so I am like most people and they are averege like me and most of my friends who are like the average american 7th grader who goes to middle shcool and plays sports

    By ricky on 11.10.2010

  26. most people are average like me the average 7th grader that goes to middle shcool and plays sports who enjoys being outside and playing vieogames

    By ricky on 11.10.2010

  27. I am not the average. I am above. I am always a little better then the best. I lift one more pound then the next guy, I can do a math problem one more second faster then he next guy, I have one more touchdown or double then the next guy. I am not average.

    By Jonny URL on 11.10.2010

  28. average is an over all view of a group of things living or not if 90 is the average amount of people in a court house than there can be more or less than that in the numbers if that is the case than the numbers will be around 90.

    By Teo Scott on 11.10.2010

  29. Average is a thing that is hard to talk about.

    By Ethan on 11.10.2010

  30. I’ve already had the word average as my “one word”. Is it just the word of the day? I’m somewhat confused, but oh well. I’ll figure it out soon enough. Oh no! My timer’s out! Noooo!!

    By Angela Young on 11.10.2010

  31. Average; definition: not being good or bad. the batting average of ben is
    The Average of a set of numbers is the mean. I think…

    By cl on 11.10.2010

  32. In the middle of all that is great and all that is so minimal I exist. Being a lone person that strives for nothing mroe than just being normal. She is way more than avervage.

    By Jeff on 11.10.2010

  33. I try to be an average person, but there are days when I know I am much more.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 11.10.2010