November 8th, 2010 | 199 Entries

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199 Entries for “lousy”

  1. sleeping in this hotel bed, i knew i was in for it. i felt an itching sensation on my leg and couldn’t get rid of it for the rest of the week, the next day i found it was not lice, but just one louse. i felt… lousy.

    By PedestrianPaige on 11.08.2010

  2. Lausige Zeiten sind das heutzutage. Das Bier ist zu dünn, der Winter ist nicht mehr, was er mal war, das Essen ist fad, ich bin zu dick und meine Haare sind zu dünn, und die Pelzmäntel, ja die Pelzmäntel, sie tragen Flöhe in sich, im Haar.

    By Lisa URL on 11.08.2010

  3. What a lousy word for a lousy attitude. Who even thought of this word? Who would use this word? Why? It’s origin is about lice, and what vile critters they are!

    By Harley URL on 11.08.2010

  4. The story I wrote today was lousy. It had no form and just drifted accross the page like a leaf on the breeze not knowing where it would end. I had struggled with a starting point and this had lead to my literary wanderings

    By Emmaline Shaw on 11.08.2010

  5. “So, that lousy motel is ‘the most wonderful place in the world’?” – “Yes”, she replied, “while you share the room with me…”

    By bigbaer on 11.08.2010

  6. I don’t really know what does it mean…That’s it, my teacher has told me that it means terrible!!! That’s it! One more word to my vocabulary!

    I’ve to admit I thought it was related with “Loud”!!

    what a lousy English class!!!

    By Sergio on 11.08.2010

  7. I am a lousy daughter, a lousy student, a lousy writer, a lousy friend. Why am I such a lousy human being? Why does God still love me despite my flaws, despite my mistakes, despite my lousiness?

    By Annie Cheng URL on 11.08.2010

  8. People. Whether they’re black or white, big or small, have the potential to be lousy. This is what makes for such inherently depressing lifestyle choices. You expect the worst from people, leading to choices that may not be the best for the situation.

    By Christopher URL on 11.08.2010

  9. I feel lousy that I missed yesterday’s word. “Reader.” That’s what I am. A voracious, avid, hopelessly-in-love-with-books-of-every-kind reader.
    I also feel lousy about being so far behind on my Nanowrimo wordcount. But I will fix it.
    Lousy has a kind of twang to it, don’t you think? I wonder if it’s got anything to do with louse, the insect. Because it sure would be lousy to have louses! I mean, lice.
    (Trains of thought are fun to ride.)

    By Julia URL on 11.08.2010

  10. It has beena truly lousy week this past week in regards to headaches..they have been going nuts, but today is much better comparatively… lousy, mousy, chomp my gum…free form ramblings are always interesting tot ry and follow train of thought with but that’s usually a losing battle for someone who isn’t already in my head. it just sort of happens that way

    By Cricket527 on 11.08.2010

  11. It was, as usual, a lousy day.
    It was hot, and he was sweaty, and he really just wanted to get home and take his dog for a walk. But there was work to do, and he hated it –go into people’s homes, dig up their vermin, and exterminate. Woo.
    He paused to scratch his head. No. It couldn’t be…

    In more ways than one, it was a lousy day.

    By Sor Kyress URL on 11.08.2010

  12. What a lousy life. To have to use the word lousy. Such a lousy word.

    By Sophie URL on 11.08.2010

  13. After only 6 months, I think I’m being taken for granted. Is that lousy enough?

    By K URL on 11.08.2010

  14. This lousy prompt is completely unproductive in my mind. Why does Time’s Up come up the moment the word is visible? Unfair: it inhibits thought and creativity.

    By vivienne Blake URL on 11.08.2010

  15. “Seriously?” Emery asked?

    “Apparently,” Daniel replied, voice sounding absent.

    “Well that’s lousy.”

    “Yeah, I guess so.” Daniel didn’t seem to annoyed about it, but Emery was.

    By Alex URL on 11.08.2010

  16. This word is not in my vocabulary.

    By Peaceable on 11.08.2010

  17. He woke up early, earlier than normal today, just to make sure that things got done before work. Unfortunately, he paid a bill, then sat around and did nothing all day other than read a book. Soon, he was pressed for time upon looking at the clock and realizing he only had an hour left. What a lousy day.

    By Meeks URL on 11.08.2010

  18. I don’t like those danged Roadrunner cartoons. I think it’s stupid that the bird always gets away just by going meep meep and running. A lot of times the wolf makes a good plan but just loses because of plain lousy luck. I don’t think that’s fair, so I don’t watch that show anymore.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 11.08.2010

  19. powerful girl sighed heavily.all her emotions bursting through to the surface.superior man;the man she both love and hated(and felt very ambiguous about)lie dead before her.a stiff breeze blew up her skirt,”damn,the weather was going to turn real lousy,real quick.”

    By Dann URL on 11.08.2010

  20. Some mornings I wake up feeling lousy. Some days I would come home from work feeling lousy but since I no longer work I know longer come home feeling lousy and since I no longer work I no longer have a home to come back to. Boy, do I feel lousy about that.

    By Bryant on 11.08.2010

  21. I had a lousy week, first i was sick, then i learned an important document was not saved. Whats next…… lousy weekend??

    By jolie on 11.08.2010

  22. I had a lousy day today. I spilt coffee on my shirt. My dog crapped and peed on the couch. My sink lecked. The shower was cold. There were no good songs on the radio. I had a MAJOR migraine. I missed every green light. I was in the back of every line. And lastly i had a mascara line on my cheek and i didnt know until my friend Charlotte told me at 3:40 in the afternoon. (ALL ACTUALLY HAPPENED!)

    By Michelle Rye on 11.08.2010

  23. this place is lousy, dick said to his wife, Henrietta. I mean, no compilmentary soap. seriously? what kind of fucking hotel doesn’t have complimentary fucking soap. i’ll bet these sheets haven’t been washed either. im not getting in bed. you get in first and feel a

    By Renee Hoffman on 11.08.2010

  24. crazy

    By john on 11.08.2010

  25. Some browsers will let you view pages and others won’t. I have four different browsers installed on my computer and I have to switch back and forth between them. That’s pretty lousy technology if you ask me. It’s like making different adapter cables for different battery chargers.

    By Princess Desire URL on 11.08.2010

  26. When I think of the word lousy, I think of situation where I am unhappy at the outcome. Also, my parents used this word, so I think of this word as old fashioned. It comes from the word louse which is singular for the word lice. Lice are so disgusting that when I say something is lousy, I am not kidding! I had to pick tons of lice out of my kids hair and it was not a pleasant experience. That happened in Hawaii when the kids were very young. One time I thought that Debbie’s kids had lice, but when she took them to the doctor to get Kwell shampoo, the doctor said that they didn’t have lice. That was embarrasing for me because I was the lice expert.

    By kathylemoine on 11.08.2010

  27. she was lousy. come to think of it she was more than lousy. She was awful, terrible, and a sociopath. Every word she spoke was nearly a lie and every other word was a lie; even her hair was bleached blonde.

    By j. URL on 11.08.2010

  28. Lousy is a day without your voice, I just wish it were my permanent choice.

    By claireg URL on 11.08.2010

  29. “I feel lousy,” she sighed, running her hand through her long hair. Knots got caught up between her fingers and she tugged to free them. Her boyfriend didn’t look up from the computer at all. She sighed again, “You ever just want to run away? Grab a bag and go somewhere?”

    By AshN URL on 11.08.2010

  30. Lousy. That quite effectively sums up my performance at school. It’s a shame, really. I go to a really prestigeous school, and everyone expects a lot out of me. Unfortunately, I don’t expect a lot out of myself. It’s probably on account of being surrounded by overwhelmingly intelligent people, and being derided by the fact that I’m not as intelligent as them. It’s a shame really, because it has not so much as crushed my self esteem as taken it, and locked it away in a box just small enough that it’s always being crushed just to the point of agony, but just lightly enough that I can continue to live.

    By Daisy~ URL on 11.08.2010

  31. I can’t do anything. Anything. I can’t even kick a freakin’ rubber ball.

    She stood there, scuffling her feet, trying to disappear into the asphalt.


    A pity choice. That team doesn’t actually want me.

    By Kat URL on 11.08.2010

  32. Lousy shmousy. You’re having a lousy day, you get lousy luck, you’re having a lousy hair day. Not to be confused with “louse”-ey, as in “lice.” That is quite different.

    By Reema on 11.08.2010

  33. yesterday sure was louusy, but you know what? everydays lousy if you have to stumble through satire like i did! those were terrible times, and i want to talk to people to boot…

    By David John URL on 11.08.2010

  34. Every day ever on Earth since the dawn of time and until the death of the sun.

    By Zach on 11.08.2010

  35. The terrible weather and dreams as of late make me feel just so lousy. I just want to curl up in bed and sleep the day away, but fear of worse dreams keep me from falling asleep. Elements and balance, I honestly don’t even know how I should feel about this. Really, it’s kind of crazy.

    By Phee URL on 11.08.2010

  36. “What, you think a lousy student is going to live a day in this world?” I asked, gesturing at the drawings that lined my wall. “We need these kids.”

    “We need the serial killers?”

    “And the psychopaths too.”

    “You have to be kidding me.” I said, covering my head with the fingers people have called tree roots. “We’re giving paradise to…”


    By Hannah on 11.08.2010

  37. The courtroom was lousy with tension. Another pedophile, making excuses that the 6 year old child was at fault for what happened. And because dumb, poor jury members don’t think this stuff happens, he’ll get away with it again.

    By gobadish URL on 11.08.2010

  38. Lousy freaking day. i think i have a concussion, I hit my head on a pole at work. I realize that the uncapitalized I at the beginning of the last sentence may be a bad sign. It started out really well! I spent my whole language class making sex jokes with my peer group, and now here I am seriously considering hospitalization for a head injury. I can’t have a concussion, I have swordfights to choreograph.

    By Becky on 11.08.2010

  39. Have you ever been lousy? When you are lousy you are useless. You are lousy when you are tired or grumpy. Most people are lousy because they are lazy.

    By kitten54 URL on 11.08.2010

  40. Look, look,
    See, see
    That lousy mousy
    Run for my Kentucky.

    By Jhosy URL on 11.08.2010