February 2nd, 2010 | 315 Entries

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315 Entries for “loss”

  1. One of the saddest days of my life, losing that glove. The other, forever alone, haunts me to this day. Poor, sad, solo glove… never to be loved, never to be reunited. Oh, the guilt.

    By Rachel on 02.03.2010

  2. потеря близких, потеря друзей… это включает в себя и смерть и расставание. Потеря любимой вещи – тоже потеря, горечь, точка. Но всему есть причина. Дорожите тем что у вас есть!

    By Tanya on 02.03.2010

  3. I am at a loss for words. Every time I open my eyes, I am at a loss of sleep. A loss of voice when I am silent, a loss of mystery when I speak. I have never lost, but I am always losing.

    By Emilyy on 02.03.2010

  4. At some point or other, everyone has experienced loss. Maybe it was a pet or a family member. Maybe, like me, it was a family member that was supposed to be a big part of your life, but wasn’t. That was my dad. I lost him long before he left this world. I think I feel the first loss more than the second.

    By Chellie M on 02.03.2010

  5. I lost my shoes once. It turns out they were up in the closet. My girlfriend put them there. Like up on top way in the back. They were sandals and it was winter, so I guess she was just trying to get them out of the way.

    By Launchbay07 on 02.03.2010

  6. Right now this word does not apply to me. Things that I have lost are things that I do not miss. There is no room for sadness in my life, positivty is all I need.

    By Kellie Freedom on 02.03.2010

  7. I grieve the loss of my mom. I think of her every day. Iwish she was here. I have not lost much in my life.

    By georgia on 02.03.2010

  8. Failure. When you cannot do what you set out to accomplish, it is a loss.

    By Austin on 02.03.2010

  9. I’ve lost a lot of things lately. And I’ve realized that loss isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’ve lost a lot of things that I’m glad to be rid of. Of course, losing friends is never fun. It never, never, never is. But that’s life.

    By Greta on 02.03.2010

  10. Crap, so I started typing and, well, I started typing about the wromg thing. Soooo loss. I’m at a loss for words, but that’s normal. There’s a KKK google…wtf?!?! Lol

    By Megan on 02.03.2010

  11. Loss. A sense of loss if not loss in reality. I sense that I lost a few readers with my first word. And yuo? You are still here? Do you like reading about other’s loss? Voyeur that you are! Bah! Think about someone else’s loss.

    By slb2 on 02.03.2010

  12. i loss my bunny in the lossing pool when i was about to loss my clothes n the hoodtrunk i loss them to many times before and i cant keep lossing my stuff i get soooooo tired of loss

    By sidney on 02.03.2010

  13. loss toss voss cost most host boast boa toast crust

    By Anonymous on 02.03.2010

  14. loss of a friend can be very traumatic for some as it is akin to losing an integral part of your sanity, the loss can be overcome by help of other friends and family.

    By Dreamsmasher on 02.03.2010

  15. I felt very bad for my best friend’s loss of her dog. It was only 4 months old and she lost it after two weeks of having it. She’s devastated. It doesn’t really affect me all that much. My dad thinks that the coyotes ate it. They probably did. I hope they find that poor puppy.

    By QpM on 02.03.2010

  16. loss hurts, not matter what. loss of a game, loss of a friend, loss of love, loss of family, loss of hope, loss of freedom, loss.

    By ehc on 02.03.2010

  17. cadmon is in a state of loss about his father and he can’t think strait.

    By Danaka on 02.03.2010

  18. if your grandmother dies orsomeone you love…

    By Cadence Gayfer on 02.03.2010

  19. I lost something recently. It left me with this hole, gaping feeling. I thought that it’d fill up over time but it just got bigger and heavier even though it was empty.
    I wnder if you ever find something that you lose once you’ve lost it or if you just replace it with something else.

    By Vesa on 02.03.2010

  20. …and I knew that nothing would ever be the same. The sky fades to black, and the curtains are drawn.

    ‘In the end, no one wins.’

    By -A on 02.03.2010

  21. Sometimes I’m scared of loosing some things. Like love. Will the loss of love make me a bad person or a good. I don’t know.

    By Evelina on 02.03.2010

  22. if somebody dies [passaway]

    By Cadence Gayfer on 02.03.2010

  23. death is what it means

    By Cadence Gayfer on 02.03.2010

  24. sadness.hatred.pessimism.missing.nostalgic.void.end

    By tena on 02.03.2010

  25. DAMN

    By CC2224 on 02.03.2010


    By SJ9345 on 02.03.2010

  27. I keep having dream where I’m going blind in my left eye. Then I hear piano music and start to lose my mind. I want to lose these dreams… They scare me

    By Rachel on 02.03.2010

  28. loss is a terrible thing. it makes me think of death, or a loss of words. i wish my computers teacher had a loss of words cause sometimes her voice really annoys me. i would also like to have a loss of this computers class cause it is completely worthless and it truly means nothing to me and does not effect me in any way shape or form. i dont care about this word anymore. watch the youtube video gingers do have souls. hahahhahaha

    By logan on 02.03.2010

  29. I never lose. So i never feel the sense of loss. I am a champion. I am undefeated. I am the ruler of the entitre universe. Logan is not he is a loser. He never wins, and so his parents lock him up in a kennel and feed him loser pills. They don’t like logan. I’m just kidding :) I lose things all the time because I am so absent minded.

    By Tiana on 02.03.2010

  30. The loss felt too great as Watson stumbled out of their club. First Holmes and then Mary. Mary who had been so sweet and caring, comforting him even as he should have been taking care of her in her illness. Poor dear girl, he had been the death of her. He should have noticed her decline and he should have noticed too how much like a set up the message at Reinbach had been. But he didn’t, he hadn’t.

    By alexa1162 on 02.03.2010

  31. it means you lose a video game
    just kiding it means pass away?

    By amy on 02.03.2010

  32. i have loss too many people to function. family, friends, and memories. i dont know how to cope with these losses. i just have to move on. and maybe i will gain them back, with time. i have new things to grasp onto and i cant keep trying to get the things i once loved back.

    By bailey tarasovic on 02.03.2010

  33. alone in your thoughts without anyone helping you deal with the loss

    By Divasal on 02.03.2010

  34. loss is one of the biggest holes. even though everything is always changing, there is always loss and there is always new. but going from good to bad, from having not having, that’s a hard change.
    we adjust, we accept the violence
    but not the loss.
    the two need to be swapped around. loss, natural loss,happens.

    By pot on 02.03.2010

  35. ?!?!??!?!!??!?!?

    By Anonymous on 02.03.2010