January 4th, 2013 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “lord”

  1. i walked up the cold marble steps to the throne. ii bowed down on my knees and the lord’s cruel laugh filled my ears.

    “Look at her and her tattered appearance! Guards sentence her to hard labour in the mines for life.” He went and crouched down to my level and whispered in my ear. “Have fun.” He smiled and I was roughly pulled to my feet. The guards dragged me away and my last look of the outside world was of the lords cruel, evil, grinning face.

    By Sabrina on 01.05.2013

  2. God is he real? No one really knows. If he is real what does he look like? Does he have a beard? Is he old? Lord, where does that word derive from anyways?

    By bob on 01.05.2013

  3. i am my own lord
    we musnt look to the vast sky for answers to this earth
    look down to your feet
    look into the eyes of your peers
    and ask yourself questions
    and live
    and experience
    and find your own solutions
    we needn’t have a lord
    we only need our own capacity to reason

    By jill URL on 01.05.2013

  4. Lord is God, right? Do you believe in God? I do. Some days though I’m a bit confused and iffy. Most days I know for a fact He’s there because I just do………….

    By Zeina on 01.05.2013

  5. There once was a beautiful lord. Despite all his beauty, he still was not satisfied when he looked into the mirror. Then one day he realized when he saw a poor young man, what he was lacking, but the poor man had.

    By Lucretia URL on 01.05.2013

  6. lord of the world. lord of MY world. he is my love and everything that I am. I love him. I always will. Yet I have to be appart from him.

    By Kelli on 01.05.2013

  7. Lord, oh lord my god, you are a mighty god,
    For sure you painted the skies blue and streaked
    Them through with clouds enough to color the
    Endless firmament–but you are also a quiet
    God and I sometimes wonder if you’re still there,
    Having constructed such art; I wonder if you
    Still paint, or if we’re staring at dead work from
    Millions of years ago.

    By Chez URL on 01.05.2013

  8. lord on earth. you’re there. watching. don’t bother about me. take care of everyone else. really thanks., I’ll manage.

    By lord on 01.05.2013

  9. Lord.
    For you, I have tried. For you, I have failed. For you I have succeeded.
    And i will do so for eternity.

    By lord on 01.05.2013

  10. “What are you thinking about doing today?” she asked me with a smirk on her face.
    “It depends Nina, what do you think I should do?” I replied with a grimace, knowing she would have something in mind.
    She grinned. “We could always go down to that mansion. The one with Lord Nicolas’ ghost in there. What do you think?”
    “That might not be the best idea,” I told her.
    Lord Nicholas was a terrible man, or so legend had it and I wanted nothing to do with going into his deserted house and poking around.

    By Reyna on 01.05.2013

  11. lord of the rings gandalf frodo the hobbit
    lord of the undergrounds chief rocka
    one of the best hip hop oldschool tracks ever
    keepin it real

    By Amin on 01.05.2013

  12. Oh lord. what am i going to do. im not thinking of you. just him. and what im going to do with him. and what im going to do with myself. and where im going to end up. and with who? by myself? what is it that you wanted me to do. is there anything left of the love between us two. as i replay the song that has me thinking of you.

    By Lashae on 01.05.2013

  13. I think no thoughts about the lord. I am not sure I am a believer. Raised Catholic, I saw people do horrible things, go to confession on Saturday night, gain forgiveness and still commit horrible deeds. So I think no thoughts about the lord.

    By Deb Kosteniuk on 01.05.2013

  14. My boyfriend is extremely religious, and his parents are those stereotypical “Jesus freaks.” He’s not as bad as them, but he’s still very, very religious. I, on the other hand, am not. I believe in God, the Lord, and I believe I’m a good Christian. But I can’t help but be terrified that his parents will hate the day he proposes to me just because I’m not like them.

    By Olivia on 01.05.2013

  15. Suddenly, a servant barged into the hall.
    “Lord, there are intruders! At the gate! Your daughter is missing sir!”
    There was an echo of silence before the crazed king was bellowing orders into the grand hall.
    “Soldiers! Attack our enemy! Full force! Show no mercy and FIND MY DAUGHTER!”

    By Kelsi on 01.05.2013

  16. I was once a brilliant writer, a lord that gleefully conquered the written word.

    By Meghan URL on 01.05.2013

  17. One mistake, one falter and it festers forever. There is no letting it go for you. Its like flecks of gold in the pan, the payoff you’ve been waiting for. This damage is not mine, but I’ll pay for it every time we get into this.

    By voodooscotch on 01.05.2013

  18. God. Jesus. I don’t know. I don’t really know what I believe in. Do I believe in God? Is there a God? What else is there? I don’t really know, but you told me not to think and just write. So I’m just writing.

    By Sarah on 01.05.2013

  19. They tell me that if i kneel down and pray to him then he’ll save me from these troubles. I think they all need to believe in a higher power so that they don’t feel the stress and worries of their every day lives.
    The only reason someone in the past invented this “lord” figure was to scare everyone. Scare them into behaving and doing no wrong.
    I don’t think I should have to attend a castle like building once a week in order to behave myself and know the difference between right and wrong. I can live that life without giving up my paycheck or praying to an invisible entity every night before I lay myself down to sleep. What do you think?

    By sam on 01.05.2013

  20. many people see their “lord” as God or Allah or anything really that is higher than themselves, of greater value; their creator. It therefore usually ties in with religion. I, however think that a “lord” can be within yourself. You can be your own lord, your own higher power, your own creator.

    By Carla Das Neves URL on 01.05.2013

  21. The nervous servant shuffles to the main room of the castle. “Darry,” the queen says, “My lord and lady,” the servant softly blurts out.

    By Annee on 01.05.2013