January 4th, 2013 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “lord”

  1. lord mi se asociază cu titlu şi nu cu noţiunea de dumnezeu. lord cutare cutare,

    By Valentin Eni URL on 01.05.2013

  2. “Is your father a lord?” he asked
    “You work for him but you don’t even know who he is?” she asked incredulously.
    “Not everyone knows your father missy.”
    She spluttered, which was very unladylike, “Don’t–don’t call me missy!”
    He bowed low, “Sorry ma’am.”
    “Silly Irishman.” she huffed
    He ambled towards her, “You got something against the Irish? Do you not like my hair?” he shook his head, the hair flying randomly.
    As he got closer she stuttered, “N-no I just-”
    “Just what exactly?” he leaned against the tree next to her.
    “Just-just nothing!” she moved away and he grinned at her back.

    By Elizabeth Tempest URL on 01.05.2013

  3. Oh, lord, house of lords, the lord of my life where forth are the ladies and lords of England? What about Shakespeare and his great and mighty lords? Do the Lords of Dog Town in California ring any bells for anyone? I love the Lord. The God Almighty Lord. The word lord has many connotations and for me the Lord is Jesus Christ is the ultimate Lord of lords.

    By alisa on 01.05.2013

  4. dear lord I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I just think sometimes that my life is going the wrong way and I wonder, is it my fault or is it yours? Do you even exist? I don’t know whether I believe in you or not, but the days I do are mostly so that I have someone to blame for the way my life is going. It’s nice to have a failsafe to know that maybe you’re not as much of a screw up as you always thought you were.

    By Jenn on 01.05.2013

  5. The Lord introduced himself to me so graciously. The way his long, blonde hair sleeked back into a ponytail showed his power and authority and forced me to take one look at his blue eyes and kiss him.

    By Renee on 01.05.2013

  6. I hate you for controlling me. I hate bowing at the waist and dirtying my knees. I hate the callouses on my hands, and the blandness of my food and drink. I hate the way you laugh with glee, and never look me in the eye.

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.05.2013

  7. I have no idea.

    By SandmanJr on 01.05.2013

  8. Here my darling,
    Hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom
    Come my lady, to your castle,
    to your house of light-
    Shadows Beware.
    Here she rests her heel.

    By Jocelyn Meadows URL on 01.05.2013

  9. Awoken by what I expect to be the sunrise shining through my windows on a beautiful sunday morning. Barely looking up with tired eyes the light that shines above so bright it blinds me. But looking away doesn’t seem to be an option, so captive in this mysteriously stunning horizon. No longer feeling the sensation of laying in my warm bed, I now feel as if I’m floating upward into the illumination. My feet dangles, instead of being supported by the solid ground.
    I finally manage the chance to glance down. But what I see stops the beating in my heart and chokes me on the air. Staring down so scared at what seems to be – Me.
    How can this be? Why am I just laying there. Looking so peacefully asleep in the safety of my covers. I can’t stop drifting away. Starting to rise further , my first impulse is to panic. I need to wake up. WAKE UP! My screams disturb the sick silence. I feel the light-headness of yelling so scarce, but continue anyway. Why won’t I just wake up from this nightmare? Why can’t my unconscious self hear my cries of desperation?
    Soon enough only the light is vivid. My bedroom scene is something of the darkness. My still body vanished with the rest. The sour tears running off my face disappear with the empty shadows. Repeating under my faint breath” This isn’t real. This can’t be real. no.no.No!”
    Searching into the nothingness that grows every time I get closer to the light. I don’t even know why I’m still trying. Still sobbing, I can’t make sence of any of this. Then I heard his voice. So majestic. So sturdy. So reassuring. So calm. So heavenly. Coming near to him. He looks so nobel. Like he understands me. I think he knows the answer that i’m wanting. But I also think he knows that I already know it too. ” Hush now my dear child. You are still you, my sweet. Here take my hand, and let me guide you into the light. I’ll keep you safe, I promise.”
    So deeply into his trance, I take hold of his warm gentle hands and together we walk into the light I was so once terrified of.

    By JaneDoe on 01.05.2013

  10. the lord of all, religious theorizing etc etc what does that even mean though. authority, strength, power, but never the concept that he, lord in the religious sense i mean, was out to oppress and subdue us. why am i turning into a preacher right now strange enough.

    By chloe on 01.05.2013

  11. ‘Lord forgive me for I have sinned’ – those were the last words uttered by the young man before the crash. In deep belief that some words may bless him and grant him eternal life, the man made himself suffer, as there was nothing there, only bitter dissapointment.

    By Omnix URL on 01.05.2013

  12. Almighty. The one who created us, healer of broken hearts. He gives me peace and strength. I pray he forgives me for my sins. I love my Lord. God is great! I’m thankful for him and all I have. My life is blessed. The Lord saves.

    By Stefanie on 01.05.2013

  13. Oh Lord have mercy. for we all sin. some more than others and some less. lies are told. what can you do? a lie is a sin. a sin is a lie. help. because the lord can only do so much

    By Hopeless-jpg on 01.05.2013

  14. From all around me, they chanted. Again and again, repeating the same words, like these pointless words were going to change anything.
    I caught eyes with him, and quickly looked away, almost intimidated by the amount of power he held. As I turned to leave, every one of them got to their knees and chanted
    ‘Our lord.’

    By saachosaurus on 01.05.2013

  15. The lord, the man who brought down Earth’s supposed saviour. Why does he mean so much to us? The people. Is it because he brings us hope, maybe a better tomorrow. But whatever the reason, we have built millions of buildings dedicated to this man, hoping he will bless us with a good life as long as a good after life.

    By Nadine on 01.05.2013

  16. She stood at the foot of the hospital bed and stared. Well, well, look at her “lord and master” now. Lying helpless, unable to even wipe his on face. She felt no sympathy. He had gotten what he deserved.

    By Sheila Good URL on 01.05.2013

  17. the lord, is it always about God, can the lord be the person who you love. The word lord means so many things, but all of its forms gather around something that can own you, who you love, obey or care about.

    By melisa on 01.05.2013

  18. lord, give me power. i have been waiting for your mercy. he is the one who cares for everyone and he is the lord only who takes care of our health and family. oh lord, please give me the strength to overcome my fears and lead a happy life.

    By tulika on 01.05.2013

  19. she stood lording over them. they worked in trembling silence.

    the kindergarten class really did hate Ms.simson..

    By Ranjani on 01.05.2013

  20. When I was about 13 I got a new dog and I considered naming him Lord. I was reading a training book and I found out that you don’t want to name dog one syllable name because they might get confused.

    By Gilliam Martin on 01.05.2013

  21. in the lord’s name, amen.
    who are we worshiping anyway?
    it must be our fathers. they are our lone connections to the divine.
    who needs a god, anyway?

    By Prisca on 01.05.2013

  22. lord of the rings awakened
    nine nazgul adjoined
    another side nine fellowship
    every of them carrying heroship
    even the smallest person can change
    the course of the future

    By Eligia V. A. on 01.05.2013

  23. Lord have mercy. He cried at the steps of the pearly white gates, head on the floor kneeling in the childs pose position.
    “Lord, Please” He cried in an effort to save him from the fiery pit of Hell.

    By Meagan on 01.05.2013

  24. Oh lord, my lord
    you take the sword
    you have the power
    tears like shower

    If god, the mighty god, is really a male, we all have to live in betrayal.

    By Fredda URL on 01.05.2013

  25. lord, I’m tired of feeling worried. Tired of feeling unsure. Tired of not trusting in people. Lord, please give me the strength to let these people in, to let them love me, to let me love myself. Dear lord, tell me I’m worth it.

    By Crystal on 01.05.2013

  26. i dont actually know if i really believe him or not,some times i do..but the only thought that he might ,just might not be present is the real deal..
    after watching the wod lord i also thought about the old britain leaders who were called lords

    By numan URL on 01.05.2013

  27. It is said the way you’re feeling affects your behaviour. If at first, you feel sad and ask the lord for help but nothing goes your way, it is said that rash decisions are made.

    It is also said that these decisions cannot be undone. Once you kill a man, his blood will be on your hands, however much soap you use, even detergent.

    By paridhirustogi on 01.05.2013

  28. lord gives me strength during bad and sad times.. its faith..lord has supported me through thick n thin.. no matter i think of lord or not he will never neglect or ignore me..i know he has plans for me.

    By ekta on 01.05.2013

  29. He is the King. The One. There is only one Lord. Other lords are nothing. They know nothing of what true majesty and riches are. The true Lord serves his people and other lords serve themselves. The Lord is above all, created all and knows all. Other lords only know what they want.

    By Randi on 01.05.2013

  30. When the times get tough, she turns to the Lord. Whispering, chanting words and prayers … phrases spilling out from virgin lips, passion and fervor rarely felt anywhere else tumbling from her soul towards the one source she has always believed to be true and faithful to her.

    By terradi on 01.05.2013

  31. I walked up to my lord, curtsying in front of him. “You called me, my liege?”
    He nodded solemnly. “I did. I have a favor to ask.”
    “A favor, sir?”
    “I need you to woo Devon and learn where he comes from.”

    By Kristina on 01.05.2013

  32. there are no lords in the world. we are all lords of our own.
    i love frodo from lord of the rings
    lord makes me remeber lol, but it’s not funny -.-

    By Patrícia on 01.05.2013

  33. Lord is god or also a title of nobility, I don’t know what I’m doing here so I’m certainly not the lord of this site nor is any lord god helping me. I’m trying not to think about what I’m writing.

    By sam on 01.05.2013

  34. He lorded over most people with his nose up in the air and his loftiness was far from endearing.

    He wished they understood the loneliness that comes from loftiness.

    By mimosa eyes on 01.05.2013

  35. I believe in God. I’m a christian. We call Jesus the “Lord.” When I was a kid, I was confused about this. Did the Lord refer to Jesus or God? I also got concerned when people called themselves lords.

    By Achro on 01.05.2013

  36. Is the word always ‘lord?’ I’ve done this one before. Lord of the Rings is cool and all, but I can’t keep writing about this word.

    The thrill is gone…

    By Achro on 01.05.2013

  37. an overseer, a leader, a source of corruption, an arrogance, a fiend,

    By Niamh on 01.05.2013

  38. he had never wanted to be a lord. It was too much primp and proper behavior. “My lord.” He mocked as he looked in the mirror, tugging the ruffled shirt straight at the collar and sleeves. A mocking bow followed. Pushing his blond hair back neatly, the man sighed. It was so much easier for him to be a warrior, not a noble. He wanted to keep only one side of his heritage, and the money. Enough of this court nonsense.

    By Serryphae URL on 01.05.2013

  39. The forsaken one. The holiest of holy. We as civilians have followed this magnificent being that we call our God. Our one and ONLY God. He has always been looked upon highly and is an all-loving and forgiving Lord

    By Sonya Stevens URL on 01.05.2013

  40. oh lord. i don’t know how to react to this. i don’t know what i’m doing, this is all new to me. oh lord I think I say “oh lord” too much, is it offensive? i really hope not. I’m not trying to be offensive at all, I just thought it may be better than saying “oh, God” because I really don’t like saying that. i guess it’s okay since i haven’t been told to stop yet

    By Sophie on 01.05.2013