September 9th, 2019 | 41 Entries

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41 Entries for “logos”

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    By emma on 09.09.2019

  2. Logos are very important when it comes to companies and products. I’m involved in a robotics club that not only teaches how to build and design robots, but teaches you to market them. Creating a company as a business to market our product [the robot] is half the work.

    By erin chavi URL on 09.09.2019

  3. A logo, is a familiar image that represents a company. Most brands get a copy write for their logo to prevent it from being stolen.

    By Krista Kelley on 09.09.2019

  4. something that reprersents somthing

    By Brian underwood on 09.09.2019

  5. Logos are everywhere
    The nike logo is cool
    Jordans have a cool logo
    I shoukd make my own logo
    Logos are everywhere
    Logos are usually so funny
    Heh, look a logo
    Hah, logos are awesome
    Oneword has a terrible logo
    logos are random.

    “What is that logo?” Ellie questioned, pointing at the oneword logo.

    By nnandi on 09.09.2019

  6. Logos are used almost everywhere. We use them to identify what things are, where they’re from, how to use them, and what is in them.

    By Gabrielle Lindemann on 09.09.2019

  7. logos are on clothing. sometimes they are colourful and other times they are black and white. logos represent things. they have many meanings which can be good or bad. they are meant to make something better and can be used to make even make things more expensive.

    By Ireland Campbell on 09.09.2019

  8. sadly the sadness
    a reminder of the corportation junta
    the logos are loco
    the designs are compromised;
    ever green
    ever mean
    the thoughts aspect
    when money is king
    we are all pawns

    By matt m on 09.09.2019

  9. I saw the logos everywhere. Advertisers trying to get my money. Too bad I wasn’t interested in any of their brands. I threw the magazine back on the table. I was so bored I was looking through the most boring thing I could find. When was the doctor going to call me? I wanted to get this appointment over with. I was trying to push the reason for coming here to the back of my mind.

    By bri on 09.09.2019

  10. I tried everything to make the store look nice. I printed banners. I redid logos. I arranged all the products into nice and neat columns and rows. I wanted everything to be picturesque, quaint, distinguished…perfect, even.

    But a pristine aesthetic wasn’t going to save the business from my sister. Not by a long shot. The day I renovated the place, she came in reeling drunk, almost blind, singing loudly to the first morning customers.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.09.2019

  11. Some days it feels as if my logos is eros. When you brought us both cups of water, and sat in the plastic lawn chair next to me, and we took sips in sync, it took every fiber of muscle in my body to keep from burying my face in your neck, to keep from kissing your cheek, to keep from climbing into your lap and cupping your face in my hands. My logical mind was alight with desire.

    By Fox Hedgehog on 09.09.2019

  12. The first thing you notice about her is that she’s like something out of a John Hughes movie. Pom pom earrings. Slick leather jackets. Coca Cola patches on acid washed jeans and cartoon characters on tennis shoe laces. Oversized T-shirts. Nintendo. Rush. Back to the Future. MTV on a pastel baseball cap. Political pins on a distressed denim vest. Fingernails every shade of the rainbow, and a personality to match. She makes fireworks look lacklustre.

    By magnets URL on 09.10.2019

  13. logos are used everywhere we use them to identify things such as what things are how they are used and what they are used for. logos are also used for advertising on bilboards.

    By Lydia Lindemann on 09.10.2019

  14. “…and that is only one of the infinite ways you can build a skyscraper with these amazing little blocks called ‘Legos!’—“
    “Excuse me, Miss Litella?”
    “What? What?”
    “That’s LOGOS, not LEGOS.”
    “Well that’s different… Nevermind.”

    By Hope on 09.10.2019

  15. something that describes a compony.

    By Brian underwood on 09.10.2019

  16. logos remind me of businesses and the making of logos. logos are cool because they are simple, cool, and practical for a business.

    By AC on 09.10.2019

  17. A logo is part of my business it is a shape that holds the name of my business on the inside of it.

    By Kaitlyn on 09.10.2019

  18. All stores have logos like Lowe’s has a logo and so does Walmart.

    By Kaelyn URL on 09.10.2019

  19. There are many logos out there, some of them more popular than others. The most popular logos are nike adidas volcon champion. Logos arent only for clothes but other things like food too.

    By Pearl on 09.10.2019

  20. I own a company we have the best logos in the community, we won a trophy for best logos in the lawn care business community.

    By Ghost Jalen URL on 09.10.2019

  21. Logos are like a symbol that defines a certain brand or team.

    By dylon jenkins on 09.10.2019

  22. logos are like a symble for bisness and industries like Marvel or Disney !

    By Devon Jenkins on 09.10.2019

  23. logos are an emblem of a company. it is what makes a company’s sign and it makes it unique. they are the symbol that makes the company recognizable and memorable.

    By mary medlin on 09.10.2019

  24. She had the ethos down pat. The pathos was a little tricker, but she could fake her way through it. It was the logos that really tripped her up. Facts, figures, logic, progressions, anything that needed to sound reasoned and calm- that wasn’t ever going to be her strong suit. She sighed dramatically. See? No logos to be seen for miles.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 09.10.2019

  25. latam

    By María Mercedes Ahumada on 09.10.2019

  26. we just finished up editing the new logos on our clothing line.

    By maddy on 09.10.2019

  27. stores use logos to promote merchandise

    By caleb on 09.10.2019

  28. A logo is a picture a company uses for advertising and also represents the company or organization.

    By Mateo on 09.10.2019

  29. logos let go of your corporate show knows
    the words explain the exclamations
    the exhausting of a car exhaustion
    we wade through time
    waiting for masks to wear here and there
    we wait for sublime
    testing a time that we know is unfair

    By matt m on 09.10.2019

  30. Logos are one of the most important branding details of a company. Slack.com recently changed their logos for their application, website, and company, and it received a lot of backlash because of the poor design in keeping with their product branding. It’s a good lesson to learn when starting a business; but not long after its creation.

    By erin chavi URL on 09.10.2019

  31. logos. They’re many products and shops sign come with logos.
    Also client are recognized shops and products by a company logos.
    some logos has a meaning inside logos. example big car company Honda. Honda’s logo is Honda’s H. McDonald’s logo is M. But beverage company Pepsi has red, blue and white design in a circle shape. this is one of the people recognize logo too.

    By sachiko watanabe on 09.10.2019

  32. i like logos logos are nice i have logos all over the back of my car

    By matthias Yarashus URL on 09.11.2019

  33. Logos are pretty cool and you can express your business with them by putting a picture of something the business sells.

    By Kaitlyn on 09.11.2019

  34. A picture or symbol that identifies a company.

    By lemonjello on 09.11.2019

  35. brand ambassador, recognition for a specific business, creative, thought provoking, colorful, genius, marketing, brand, happy, comfortable, trustworthy, exciting, familiar

    By Alisha alleman on 09.11.2019

  36. brand ambassador, recognition for a specific business, creative, thought provoking, colorful, genius, marketing, brand, happy, comfortable, trustworthy, exciting, familiar, representation, funny, public relations, commercials, I like our company logo although I do not know what it means

    By Alisha alleman on 09.11.2019

  37. to represent accompany .or a saying to represent something

    By Brian underwood on 09.11.2019

  38. logos are essential to a bands identity without a logo most people may not recognize a brand. the design of a company’s logo can also have a fairly large effect on how people think about a brand a brand with a happy friendly logo will likely be thought of as happy and friendly whereas a brand with an angry or aggressive logo will be seen very differently.

    By George on 09.11.2019

  39. you gave me this same word yesterday and wanted me to write about logos. A person can only write so much about logos. Do you think you can give me a new word other than logo

    By Amanda Stinson on 09.11.2019

  40. Logos are like symbols for superheroes like the AVENGERS or X-MEN,superman,and BATMAN.It can also symbolize a team like the Justice League.

    By dylon jenkins on 09.11.2019