September 10th, 2009 | 388 Entries

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388 Entries for “blossom”

  1. The man had for years wanted to align his business travel with the annual arrival of the cherry blossoms in Japan but every year he arrived too late and so he would walk around the grounds of the Imperial Palace feeling an overwhelming sense of loss, wondering why he of all people had not been able to see them. Often, he would stop to scoop up the desicated remains where he found them, freshly fallen from the trees and hold them under his nose, as if trying to reclaim some of their former greatness, his mind already spinning ahead (or backwards) wondering about his next business meeting.

    By jethro on 09.11.2009

  2. I remember the show Blossom, because I thought Joey Lawerence was super cute. I also made my Dad buy me a hat like Blossom had on the show. It had a large sunflower in the front, and was jean material. Other than that I thought the show was silly, come on now who names their daughter six? Is that even the right name?

    By Kristi on 09.11.2009

  3. no longer a captive of fear, of little confidence. this is my time and no one will stand in the way. you always said to stand up, to gain a little more respect for myself and not to let anyone tell me other wise. so this is my message to you. i see you, i so much as even hear you breath it will be your last.

    By curry on 09.11.2009

  4. bLOSSOM was beautiful. Pink and delicate with a yellow center. plentiful and long lasting. Excellent plant

    By Chris G on 09.11.2009

  5. falling from a tree like confetti all over the grass gentle muted colours wet darkened and filled with joy – or sorrow. Laura ashley in the rain frocks and smocks and gambolling lambs play on green grasses of spring unaware of the doom to come.

    By Charlie B on 09.11.2009

  6. Es ist wunderschon, rot. Es erinnert Helene an Blut, das erste Blut auf einem weissen Laken. Es ist wie eine Blume, die sich

    By Anonymous on 09.11.2009

  7. Sit under the tree as the blossom falls around us, and the sun shines above us. Happiness.

    By Kim on 09.11.2009

  8. Cherry blossom. Summer. Light, thin summer dresses. The way that photographs make summer look; full of light and air and promise and haziness. Naps and just the right level of daytime drunk. I miss it already and it’s barely autumn.

    By Britt on 09.11.2009

  9. I want to blossom. Like a rose too long tightly furled I have been. But I desire to reach toward the sun. To let the light shine upon the innermost parts of me, To let a little rain fall gently upon me. To let my fragrance reach out

    By Insanity Enjoyed on 09.11.2009

  10. flower yellow red pink colours academic success student spring sun xray bloom Life

    By Ahmet on 09.11.2009

  11. the lotus blossom fell off of the limb due to the cool breeze which blew in from the south. Gently it cascaded down through the evening air until it reached its destination; the lake.

    By Anonymous on 09.11.2009

  12. blossom, i guess what’s what we all do really, though it’s rarely as beautiful as the metaphor suggests. Normally the act of a person blossoming is lost in the sludge and mess that results from it all, break ups, break downs, screaming sessions, but when we emerge i think we’re better for it. Though I may be wrong.

    By Alex B on 09.11.2009

  13. This word creates a feeling of freedom. The ability to grow and to be whoever you want to be. Blossom, is a state of mind that only the lucky ones can have a go at. For me, I feel it is unachieveable. Yet something that I yearn to have a chance of having in my everyday existance.

    By Clare T on 09.11.2009

  14. like a flower in the spring time. i miss the meadows in my dreams, and i wish to travel there with you again. i hate shoes, i want to be barefoot and get so dirty i can’t tell what color i am any more. i don’t know that my color matters much, just the fact that i’ve gotten myself dirty enough, i don’t care.

    By Kelsey Velez on 09.11.2009

  15. Cherry blossoms in the spring are beauitufl around the DC Tidal Basin. The Japanese planted these Cherry blossom trees years ago as a gift to the United States. For a week, tourists and residents alike can enjoy the beautiful site of the cherry blossoms and the events held annually to celerate their bloom.

    By Erin on 09.11.2009

  16. A beautiful flower finally opens up to reveal all it’s splendor. Take a deep breath, and let the scent fill your nostrils. Forget the rest of the world and take a second to enjoy something simple, and yet so awesome.

    By Cameron on 09.11.2009

  17. blossom sounds like spring. infact, it is only associated with spring and the birth which happens in that joyful season. to blossom is to grow, to bloom, to make new. we blossom in youth and in old age. in child birth and in death. it is growth.

    By Meagan Weaver on 09.11.2009

  18. A great flower was once opened to the beauty of the world, what great wisdom God had for us to behold. Blossoms of the world give life to nature and life moves from there.

    By Candace on 09.11.2009

  19. I like to smell the blossoms that come out in early Spring. In AZ the blossoms that smell so nice come in January and they are from the orange trees. When I worked security and worked nights I would love to check the tennis club because it smelled so good.

    By chrisy on 09.11.2009

  20. a flower. beautiful. lovely. comes up in the spring time. also the name of a power puff girl. something that blooms. a mature flower. a plant. gorgeous. fresh.

    By mckenna on 09.11.2009

  21. blossom on plants and trees in spring dead now as nearly autumn. blossom a big round lady who sells things at a bring and buy. blossoming words on this page now though not very pretty.

    By Cheggars on 09.11.2009

  22. i love flowers that blossom

    By Anonymous on 09.11.2009

  23. I have a friend who’s nickname is Blossom. It kind of suits her really and now that I think about, I miss her a lot. I’m assuming right now she’s still in class in her college.

    By Leah on 09.11.2009

  24. I don’t see blossoms of the flower kind nearly enough. I do get to see children blossom where they start out beautiful and protected but learn to reach out and become who they have the potential to be. They are beautiful all the way through.

    By Valerie on 09.11.2009

  25. my frend called her daughter Chloe, means blossom-she smells like flowers I dont think. Chloe is her favourite perfume. you can write more in 60 seconds than I thought.

    By FIONA on 09.11.2009

  26. I could have written cryptic, boho poésie on flowering wisteria, but instead, instantly, my mind targeted an awful 80s teen sitcom.

    By Tamasin on 09.11.2009

  27. It makes me think of Japan, how poetry and haikus may have been influenced by the brevity of the trees that blossom. It’s strange how cultures can mix even if distant.

    By Tom on 09.11.2009

  28. i have made many changes in my life, at first i made alot of mistakes. who hasen’t, right? it seems though that i’ve blossomed into a new man. Things arent that easy any more

    By Chris Arnold on 09.11.2009