October 20th, 2017 | 33 Entries

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33 Entries for “lodge”

  1. a place to stay
    I think of a log cabin.
    The fancy kind with air conditioning and no spiderwebs in the corners.
    The unnatural kind
    for the tourists who don’t like soggy feet

    By cat on 10.20.2017

  2. The scent of pine was noxious, almost artificially strong as she entered the cabin. “Are you kidding me? What is this, WALDEN?”
    Jack sighed and dropped the luggage. “You hate it.”

    By Bridget Grace on 10.20.2017

  3. a ski lodge its the last day of the christmas vacation and we are freezing in our cotton underwear sweaty and then cold and then sweaty we are skiing i the down home oh my godd it’s minus so below
    and we are so cold
    and the lodge
    smells like frendch fries and hamburgers and is smoky from cigarettes and bb

    By sematson on 10.20.2017

  4. I walked up the dusty dirt path to the big wooden building in the distance. My skis were under my arm, growing ever heavier with the long trek. I was alone. It was quiet. This place had clearly been abandoned for some time now. I approached the wide set of stairs and took a deep breath. I walked up that staircase and approached the heavy old door. With a trembling hand I reached out to grasp the beaten metal doorknob.

    By Amanda on 10.20.2017

  5. I miss it sometimes. The wildfire swept it away, all the memories, the woods, dad. I miss it sometimes. My life wouldn’t be what it is without that lodge in the woods. The smell of outside fires.

    By David Gonzales URL on 10.20.2017

  6. We counted all our lodges to make sure we safely pass the air control. One too many, meaning someone was being left behind. Nevermind, we still got our clothes..

    By Stef URL on 10.20.2017

  7. living space, relaxation, warm interiors,

    By loreal moore on 10.20.2017

  8. A hat left in the old lodge. Like in the Bob Marley song they were all anxious to try. Except for little Johnny. He was banned from all this activities. Outside by himself lighting the fire..

    By Stef URL on 10.20.2017

  9. Lodge makes me think of Big Cedar Lodge, which is a lovely vacation property. It has a restaurant where I’ve made some good memories with my family.

    Second idea: Lodge, the cast iron brand. Cast iron skillets are awesome, and I love that I’ve learned to season, care, and cook with them.

    So, positive thoughts evoked here for my 60 seconds of writing. Happy word, that lodge.

    Need to book some time!

    By Heather Noggle on 10.20.2017

  10. there’s a part in me
    longing for something more
    something stuck in me
    as much as I love a graphical interface
    and letters and mouse clicks
    I still wonder where the life is
    on the end of the line
    the voice message system breaks the silence

    “leave a message after the tone”

    By Josh Miller URL on 10.20.2017

  11. a lodge is a thing in a waterfall or something like that

    By emonie URL on 10.20.2017

  12. Lodge myself between a rock and a hard place
    I’ve learned to do that very well
    a tribal struggle that gives meaning and validity to our existence.
    I’m done.
    Show me to the Peace Lodge now.

    By Namjai on 10.20.2017

  13. I’m not quite familiar with lodge, but i feel they are equal to power, because if you can acess the lodge, you are a vip.

    By Irwigo on 10.20.2017

  14. That is not how you see things usually, a new thing will lodge in your brain, pushing out the last thought, while you wait for the next avalanche of sensations and emotions to overwhelm. You are always bracing for the next shock. When do you get time to just get one thing straight and clear?

    By Meredyth URL on 10.20.2017

  15. He loved the lodge. It was a place of serenity and peace. Everything made sense when he was up there. The world stood still on its axis. What else in the world could he love more than this place? A place that was sanctuary.

    By GoWestBunny on 10.20.2017

  16. The lights were flickering as I advanced in the hall. The butler opened a door and stepped aside. I paused for a second, then went through.
    The lodge was dark, small and smelled of cologne. It was empty.

    By Pierre on 10.20.2017

  17. i lodge a work
    i lodge to my chief a project

    By Giovanna on 10.20.2017

  18. There is where we stay tonight; this is where we lodge. No bunk beds, no couches, no cellar or garage. No tables and no chandeliers; no desks and, yes, no chairs. No furniture in here at all – just carpet and some stairs. Let’s pitch a blanket, settle down, tell stories through the night. I’m sorry if you wake up and you back isn’t set right.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.20.2017

  19. lodged my pan between the wood of a lodge
    if your truck is on fire, get the hell out of Dodge
    Poderick understood hodge, but pondered on podge
    what’s the difference between a splotch and a splodge?

    By omqwat on 10.20.2017

  20. “I would.. luh-luh-luh-like to file a complaint to.. t-to the White Star Line,” the young man wheezed from the hospital wing of the Carpathia. He had bad hypothermia and had very nearly drowned but another lifeboat had managed to rescue him.

    “What’s your name, sir?” the young woman asked and he smiled at her sadly and said, “Jack.. Jack Dawson..”

    By Lee on 10.20.2017

  21. wood house scared brown fire memories vacation summer times lake woods away kids

    By Judith Ochoa on 10.20.2017

  22. I ran through the woods, ignoring the pain from the branch swipes hitting my face. There was a light ahead of me. Crouching, trying to still my breathing, I saw a log building, too big to be called a cabin. It was a lodge. I bounded forward but stopped. Was it safe? I couldn’t tell and I couldn’t afford to be wrong.

    By MsShel330 on 10.20.2017

  23. the Rock Harbor Lodge is a place I used to work. It is perched on the edge of Isle Royale overlooking Lake Superior. There were about 60 employees in the summer, and we were only there from the middle of May until early September due to the punishing ice storms that were to come in the winter months.

    By lbrygk on 10.20.2017

  24. It stood there, big, imposing, rustic. My eyes widened as I realized what this move meant. No longer would I have my own cozy bedroom at the top of the stairs. Nope! For the entire summer, I’m sentenced to rooming with nineteen other middle-school girls. I hope my obituary is good.

    By Grace URL on 10.20.2017

  25. The room was red and dark, and smelled of wine, cigar and cheap perfume. My head was spinning. My throat was dry.
    ‘What am I doing here?’ said I?

    By Pierre on 10.21.2017

  26. It has come to pass , if it were not as fast , or if it were to be really well found somewhere else especially, then it is a lodge of life. a life I lodge and this helps.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.21.2017

  27. safari, tours, animals, nature, family time, no school, no worries, relax, activities

    By Ben Dugmore URL on 10.21.2017

  28. Forest cabin in the woods
    holiday time with family no school no worries
    nature activities
    forest tours hikes etc

    By Ben Dugmore URL on 10.21.2017

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    By Joma Jewellery London URL on 10.21.2017

  30. a place where you can rest, a forest of tall trees, a lake maybe. And stones, there are stones, big ones you can sit upon, small ones that crack under your weight as you stroll around.

    By cami on 10.21.2017

  31. the Priory lodge. It was where the eating disordered patients were housed. Priory Court was for the addicts. Somehow it sounded more ominous and grown-up. Priory Court. But Lodge. It was our counterfeit family comfort, our shadow smiles on the sofa under tinsel

    By Daisy King on 10.21.2017

  32. Low hanging branches. woven into a roof
    Over you between your brain and the blue sky
    Daily turning over with grey and navy blue
    Glittering with golden stars
    Eternity illuminated from here

    By Daisy King on 10.21.2017

  33. My makeshift weapon lodged in the squishie’s skull and I knew I would probably never see my trusty chair leg again. Fortunately, its three brothers sat patiently nearby, waiting for their chance to shine.

    By Dresden St James on 10.21.2017