October 19th, 2017 | 20 Entries

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20 Entries for “waving”

  1. Her father had just purchased a wacky waving inflatable tube man for his business and all Lex could do was stare at it. She had always hated them and thought that they were tacky. Now, she was beginning to question her father’s sanity. Desperation drove people to ridiculous things, but this was going a bit far. The monstrosity took up half the sidewalk and almost waved higher than the building. Boycotting helping her dad was sounding like the best course of action.

    By Breahna on 10.19.2017

  2. like waving like to a people.

    By emonie URL on 10.19.2017

  3. I started waving my hands when they were throwing free T-shirts!!! But I didn’t get one.

    By Isaiah Varella on 10.19.2017

  4. They were all standing on the sidelines, waving their flags at the men and women who were debarking from the military aircraft.

    It had been a long and difficult time, but they were finally home,
    perhaps to stay, perhaps just for a while; but there would be happiness
    at last.

    By chipschap on 10.19.2017

  5. She waved at me from across the room, but I pretended not to notice. Not because I didn’t want to see her, but because I didn’t want her to see me like this. I guess it was too late, given her wave. I stood up a little straighter, pushed my hair behind my ears and began the arduous walk through the sweltering crowd to say hello.

    By Liz on 10.19.2017

  6. When i think of this word there is no way to describe it really. I mean, it’s literally just moving your hand as a jester of saying “hi” or bye”

    By solara URL on 10.19.2017

  7. waiters are waging war with their wages
    over the score of irons and wedges
    a closed fist, a bet hedged
    a ball almost in the sand, precariously perched on the edge
    anxiously waiting
    hoping to not see their player wading
    groans for every shot that looks to be fading
    “should have went with something with less blading”
    cheers and waving occasionally waver
    to finger wags and torn bits of paper
    sinks it from 30 after smashing a lazer
    my stacks grow fat as my guy dons the blazer

    By omqwat on 10.19.2017

  8. The sea shore was empty, except for one little boy smiling at the ocean. They waved to each other as the sun descended under the horizon.

    By Breezy Thomasson on 10.19.2017

  9. I saw a boy waving his hand at me. He seemed very excited. It turns out his dog had just had puppies!

    By Josh on 10.19.2017

  10. “The waves break. My heart breaks.” This is the fake poem that I invented once, when trying to explain what poetry readings are like to a group of expats in Vietnam. We mostly played cards on nights like these.

    By Jennifer on 10.19.2017

  11. I thought that I would get a new word, but it’s just “waving” again. This time, I will talk about waving hello. I use both hands and move them too quickly, which I realize too late, every time. Sometimes I think I want people to take me seriously.

    By Jennifer on 10.19.2017

  12. waving up and down energy moving with every tap of my fingers on the keyboard tippity tippity tap ping and ripple it’s all energy and i am waving at you waving at me.

    By Namjai URL on 10.19.2017

  13. She spent each waking moment waving to the mailman, waving to her neighbors as they puttered by on their scooters. She wouldn’t stop waving – her wrist cracked and propped with each swivel of it, her fingers stiff and numb in the winter morning air, that constant slight swish of self-made breeze as her hand moved back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, until she lost feeling in her arm entirely.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.19.2017

  14. This made me think of Michael waving to us from the other side. Heaven. Because they called me and she was crying telling me that he might possibly have MS and how she was worried he might die. And after spending hours making myself feel legitimate about wanting to be paid back and not loan any more money, suddenly I found myself loaning more.

    By Al on 10.19.2017

  15. I thought they were waving at first but then I realized they were signaling for help.. But by then it was far too late. By the time I hit a U-turn and started back towards the stranded motorists the strange multi-limbed creatures had reached them and were devouring them.

    By Lee on 10.19.2017

  16. Like all the rest of the children, I knew I was different. I saw her waving from the corner of the room and it felt like lightning. All I wanted was some chocolate milk. Instead I got a wave. A wave.

    By Petrichor Lemonade on 10.19.2017

  17. waving desperately, he blended back into the crowd and out of her sight. She’d never really liked him anyway, she tried to tell herself sternly, but she wasn’t believing herself. She swallowed the lump in her throat, shouldered her knapsack, and continued down the pier, looking a bit too much at the ground and not enough at where she was going.

    By lbrygk on 10.20.2017

  18. There he is. Waving at me.
    “Hello!” I say. He nods and smiles.
    I have been waiting for this moment for months. Assiduous preparation was put into making sure I was ready.

    This is it.
    I got this.

    By humanly on 10.20.2017

  19. capital , is the in the form of love as the town turns it´s tide , I wave the waving of the flood and feel this is not enough for the unconditional water thicker than blood.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.20.2017

  20. I was walking down the street wneh I saw him waving at me. I was so delighted to see him after all these years. But his face told me that he wasn’t that positive about the two of us meeting again.

    By Ana on 10.20.2017