October 21st, 2017 | 15 Entries

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15 Entries for “single”

  1. Single – alone. One. Dollar bill.

    I don’t believe one single word that you say.


    Not married.

    I am not single – struggling to contemplate just one of anything.

    By Heather on 10.21.2017

  2. He was single; she was not. She was gay, and he was hot. He was ready to accost her, but he faceplanted and lost her. She had earned her black belt, too, so she made him black and blue.

    He was single; she was not. Her fiancée came in hot. Didn’t matter how he begged; soon, he couldn’t feel his legs.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.21.2017

  3. She’d made a huge mistake. The words were out before she could take them back and they brooked no confusion. No path lay open to alter what she’d said. There was only one interpretation available, and of course, he’d gone to it immediately. And as soon as his face fell, as soon as his knees went out from under him, and his heart dropped to his guts, she realized she was wrong.

    By Braxus URL on 10.21.2017

  4. A single word was in her mind. A single dangerous word. This word could potentially destroy her life. It could potentially save it though. It was so hard to know what love could do.

    By DraconianWriting on 10.21.2017

  5. are we single people?
    or a giant species,
    no one really mattering
    all we say dust and empty
    is it possible to be both?

    By Pandyfish on 10.21.2017

  6. “I’m single as a pringle!” Samantha snaps her long dainty fingers in my face. Rolling my eyes, I shove her hands away as well as my books in my locker.

    “You know that was sooo 2014?” I say without facing her. I could practically feel the irritation radiating off of her. God she’s annoying. Why am I friends with her again?

    Right, I remember now. I’m the school’s loser.

    By sarah on 10.21.2017

  7. Even numbers cannot surpass
    single digits without addition.
    I don’t want to think this, because
    I am a force of nature by myself;
    I am a puzzle, but I have all of my pieces.
    I am all I need, or should be.

    Even numbers cannot surpass
    single digits without addition.

    Evolution and the continuation
    of a species is not possible
    without procreation and a partner.

    The passing of ideas cannot be
    completed without the presence
    of someone to listen.

    I don’t want to think this, because
    my existence is not pointless
    when there are no shadows
    to befriend my own.

    There are things which do not
    come in pairs, surely: the night –
    oh wait, that comes with day.

    Trees, perhaps – though those
    come with the association of bark
    and leaves and oxygen. Perhaps
    they’re all just associations in our head.

    By Pandatry on 10.21.2017

  8. 1single=specific-information-negates-goes-lines-exemplified

    By Garz on 10.21.2017

  9. single ladies danced all around her, but she was too shy to say anything to any of them. The dance floor was thronged all around with people watching, judging, and she felt like they judged her failure to get a date just as much as her goofy dancing. The White Man’s Overbite had never won her a lover.

    By lbrygk on 10.21.2017

  10. Is it a crime or a fashion to be single?

    By Sam on 10.21.2017

  11. It can be much or it can be less, but whatever it is then it should be as it was when I was double but single is free and free is easy, but what it is one minute.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.22.2017

  12. If there were a single idea to really rasp on to, it would be this: We don’t exist as a real community. We aren’t like the fungi and microbes that work together for a single communal goal. Instead we are each single individuals working for our own desires, selfishly.

    By Chuxk on 10.22.2017

  13. HaHa…of course it would be this word. I’m currently in the middle of a separation with my wife of 7 years. She has (since separating) met with a guy off of tinder and had sex. Lucky me. So much for reconciliation. It was an odd up and down roller coaster those first few weeks and is since starting to settle into a relationship that vaguely resembles forced friendship (we have 2 children together). Dating after being married for the last 11 years is crazy. People don’t organically meet anymore it seems. They create profiles online for casual encounters or long-term investment. It’s a foreign land for me.

    By Brandon on 10.22.2017

  14. A single note kept on, fighting off the silence for what seemed an eternity. Not a breath, not a word, not a scrap of shoes… only that one note, clear and strong and ringing like a silver bell. That one note… and all of us, quiet.

    By Pierre on 10.22.2017

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