December 28th, 2008 | 237 Entries

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237 Entries for “gravel”

  1. Kneel in the gravel to atone. It’s the only way. Then spin your wheels and spray it every which way. Leave nothing but dust behind and you’ll never be found.

    By Ginny on 12.30.2008

  2. roads

    By jenny on 12.30.2008

  3. it is very rocky with lots of little stones that get stuck in your shoes it is very annoying and good though i guess though pavement is better because it isn’t so loose and able to get stuck and annoy you at the most impertinent time possible. Gravel is ok but it is sort of boring to write about because who really cares about gravel it is ok but whatever i want another word now.

    By Charlotte on 12.30.2008

  4. as i walk along on the gravel road i think about my destiny. I want to think that i will be happy and fall in love and have someone love me back. i want it. its a mystery

    By carla on 12.30.2008

  5. Gravel? Why that word? Seems to be a pretty annoying object. Does it not get stuck in your shoes after long days of playing on the play ground as a kid?

    By Daniel on 12.30.2008

  6. gravel is a type of concrete. it has rocks and it is dirty. it can get caught in your shoes if you aren’t careful. Once, I fell on gravel and it skinned my knee up pretty bad. not many driveways in suburbs are made from gravel. most gravel driveways can be found in the country. Gravel is a useful tool.

    By brooke on 12.30.2008

  7. The gravel at the bottom of my feet as I rushed over the pavement, made an almost comfortable sound. It sounded like I was where I was supposed to be… running. I’m always running. Maybe one day I won’t have to worry about what I need to get away from, and can just enjoy the ride of getting from one place to another.

    By brenden on 12.30.2008

  8. Gravel is what crunched beneath her cold dead feet. Zombies love to walk in moonlight and tonight was no different than a thousand other long and licentious evenings for Primrose Morris.

    By tedspeed on 12.30.2008

  9. The gravel crunched underfoot as a stepped from the black sedan into the vacant lot. It was strewn everywhere, gray and black against the brilliant sunset. I remember because a small stone got into my mouth just before the third bullet ripped through my heart.

    By Chai Lavie on 12.30.2008

  10. dirty dirt black or gray, army pushups walking hiking dusty everywhere jumping bike falling scrapping

    By armando hernandez on 12.30.2008

  11. cold, hard. Roads that lead to the best things are always made of this stuff. Road to horses, cows, anything with farms. it makes a mess, but God it always leads to the best stuff

    By Angel on 12.30.2008

  12. Running roughshod toward the house, like being dragged behind a horse for crimes not committed. Driveways wee meant to be paved, but underground water and sewage pipes prevented that luxury. Now my bike-wheels spin, my barefoot wanderings bring shocks of pain, and rocks are repeatedly thrown against the siding.

    By Andy on 12.30.2008

  13. gray. dirty. hurtful. can’t really do much with it. put in driveways. kids fall down and get hurt in it. bunch of little rocks. kind of a boring thing to write about. can pop your tire if hit the right way…or the wrong way i should say.

    By derek colglazier on 12.30.2008

  14. The stuff that ends up ground into my kitchen floor. My driveway. Currently covered with ice — saving my floor — until springtime when the ice melts.

    By Julie on 12.30.2008

  15. school yard. amelia skipped up the ramp to go play on the grassy field,she never made it because she fell onto the gravel, skinned her knees and hands, and had to go to the nurse for a band aid. she spent recess in the office. the end.

    By aposada on 12.30.2008

  16. the gravel road crunched underneath the tires of the coroner’s van, as it rolled to a funereal stop at the end of the Davidsons’ driveway. The coroner’s foot landed on the gravel but made no sound, at least not a sound heard by the now widowed woman watching from the window.

    By mike o'brien on 12.30.2008

  17. paven’t loves to eat what we give. the soles of our shoes, the skin on our hands, the exhaust of our cars. we feed what we’ve put down, and it grows from our refuse. it takes little by little, until we are under it.

    By scott southall on 12.30.2008

  18. crunchie crackling underfoot hard and beautiful undereye. Twinkling sparkling dull and demure. From once underground above its found.

    By Mazzy on 12.30.2008

  19. She felt the gravel digging into her bare feet as she ran. But she could not stop. Her breath came in gasps and her lungs and legs burned. Her shirt clung to her and she could hear the footsteps behind her.

    By Autumn on 12.30.2008

  20. gravel, a voice in the darkness
    gravel, a crunch underfoot
    gravel, a feeling in the pit of a stomach
    gravel, grave, gravel, grave

    By iz on 12.30.2008

  21. Gravelly voiced Private Eyes gathered for the annual independent crime fighters convention. They ran out of cigars withing the hour.

    By Nero on 12.30.2008

  22. Like my old driveway. I used to race my dog to the mailbox and back. Gone now, made way for a subdivision. Fucking consumers. Wealth is not happiness. Love is.

    By Anthony on 12.30.2008

  23. Gravel. it’s gray, and painful. it’s cold and stern. it stares at you with lifeless eyes. And scowls at you’re tires as they dig in deep. Garrrr. It says. GARRRR!!!!!!

    By AMAMDA on 12.30.2008

  24. dirt painful to fall on small adds up fell off my bike had it stuck in my skin…voices—like sandpaper, growling deep and low…bruce springsteen … hate him….

    By aimee on 12.30.2008

  25. there it was,one word sitting ay the top of my page, oneword. two syllibles… ONEWORD!

    By Geoff on 12.30.2008

  26. loose gravel beneath my feet
    unsure footing as I move forward
    slipping with each movement
    will I be able to make it to the end
    the distance seems unreachable
    loose gravel holding me back

    By LynnArts (Jen M) on 12.30.2008

  27. rock finely ground andusually used to road or driveway surfaces.

    By ed on 12.30.2008

  28. Gravels seems to be a meaningless thing. It just sort of sits there and does nothing. I had so much gravel in my yard and it was a nuisance. I think that gravel just hinders as much as it sometimes helps.

    By Christine on 12.30.2008

  29. The gravel at my feet, my bare feet, it feels rough, coarse, like the the hardened, dead bits of tongue would feel to a living creature, an ant perhaps, that may happen upon my own mouth when i finally die here. Shot, I fall to the ground, onto the floor of the desert.

    By Kuroshi on 12.30.2008

  30. I slowly sat up. The gravel had made indentions on my arms from where I laid down. The car was waiting for me just like he said it would be. With one last look down my impossibly long drive way i climbed into the car waiting on the road. and off i went on my very first date with out my family even knowing.

    By katthegreat on 12.30.2008

  31. gravel on the street hanging to the side of the road dispersed and dirty thrown about by car tires of the drivers too weary of the road passing out of the lines not caring about their driving or the road around them

    By Rob on 12.30.2008

  32. smashed under my feet creating that crunch noise as a walked up to her door. my heart thudded and the gray pebbles crunched

    By jess on 12.30.2008

  33. He spun gravel as he pulled out of the drive. “This is the last time I listen to her shit.” he said venomously.

    By Minda on 12.30.2008

  34. small rocks.
    can’t vaccuum.
    helps on ice
    build driveways with it
    breaks my windshield.
    pretty much worthless.

    By aman on 12.30.2008

  35. The bleeding face hit the gravel. He knew that he deserved and saw all of this coming, still, that made it actually sting even more. He did stay down for at least an hour, unconscious for most of it. Yet this, his beating, was actually cathartic- it was the end, atonement for his sins.

    By chaostitan90 on 12.30.2008

  36. Buried deep beneath the damp soil,
    no one remembers her name.
    No one can recall the legacy she left.
    They left flowers once, and visited on holidays. But now her name is fading, and no one remembers.

    By Alice on 12.30.2008

  37. it fills my shoes
    in the heel, the toe.
    the treads of my sneakers are suddenly less effective
    get out! you wretched stones, stop sticking yourself in the silly crevices of my running shoes.
    i dont want to have to pick you out later.
    tomorrow, i will play tetherball instead.

    By caitlin. on 12.30.2008