April 11th, 2015 | 39 Entries

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39 Entries for “lightweight”

  1. we all strive to be this, or maybe we don’t. not everyone wants to be free. some of us want to be tied down, to be tied down isn’t necessarily a bad thing. things we love tie us to things. keep us grounded. maybe being lightweight isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. maybe it’s just a nice way of saying unloved or worse, unable to.

    By rob on 04.11.2015

  2. Someone who isnt important. Someone who has little value. People don’t pay much attention to a lightweight. He or she does not matter. He has no power,and cannot accomplish much at all. Life pushes him around .

    By Bob on 04.11.2015

  3. Some are button pushers, others the pushed.
    It’s a system, balance, imbalance.
    How many oscillations in a lightwave, an infinite array?
    I think so. Maybe it’s in the gradients for the shades, hues, and distributions.

    By Intuition on 04.11.2015

  4. She was a lightweight, this one. It wouldn’t take as much as it had with the girl in brail on his arm.

    By Erali on 04.11.2015

  5. “You can’t do the Beer Olympics. You’re a lightweight.”

    “Your mom’s a lightweight. I can handle this.”

    He couldn’t handle it. I had to carry him to my car, give him a jumbo sized hefty bag for his vomit, and drop him off at his doorstep with a paper sign taped to his chest with the simple note of, “Feed me ibuprofen and cereal in the morning. I’m going to have one Hell of a hangover.” Good old Bruce.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.11.2015

  6. Lightweight. What a dumb word. So light like a feather. Or like I cannot handle my alcohol. Light like space, air.

    By Laura on 04.11.2015

  7. She closed her eyes, listened to the music, and in an instant she was in heaven.

    By Yuki URL on 04.11.2015

  8. she drank whiskey because she felt like she needed to. she was drunk after three shots but she just kept going. she wanted to fit in. she wanted to feel something. or maybe she wanted to numb the pain.. but her body floated like a feather across the crowded bar. it seemed to carry her to each new pair of tainted lips. it carried her down the stairs, across the tile floor, and into the bathroom where she dropped to her knees and watched the water sit stagnant as her head spun in circles.

    By Chelle on 04.11.2015

  9. Delicate and light, a true prima ballerina. She closed her eyes, listened to the music, and in an instant she was in heaven.

    By Yuki URL on 04.11.2015

  10. There was nothing we hate more then lightweight. It was an horrible thing to feel, but really, we couldn’t even see it without vomiting around. What can we do? Lightweight is such a guilty pleasure when it comes with love and laughter. We shouldn’t laugh at those who cannot understand this. It is the way it is, and it’ll ever be.

    By Catherine on 04.11.2015

  11. I never really thought about it but once you jumped it all fell into place. Sometimes it was good and sometimes it was bad but you always learned why you jumped in the first place. The fall was great you were light as a feather, weightless, so lightweight.

    By Kable on 04.11.2015

  12. no one was going to take her seriously. Try as hard as she might they would never look at her the same way as the others. what was she supposed to do? Could she change to make yourself better? more aggressive? she wasn’t sure. but she wanted to try.

    By jenine on 04.11.2015

  13. He floated.

    It hadn’t been a difficult procedure. The doctor had explained, in quite simple terms he noticed, that they were just going to take all the substance out. That was it. A simple incision/removal.

    So he floated, no longer weighed down by anything as unimportant as organs, or a soul.

    By Ben on 04.11.2015

  14. The laptop is very lightweight. Feel feel and spend some with your lightweight things. I just want to show what does it means. It means a little mind like as lightweight. A little thing is like a lightweight. Think yourself very proud feel. Live yourself and put yourself in technology life. Feel generate better you get everything according to you. Today you write tomorrow you are going to being a rich person in your professional. Because today is your last day. Live your as lightweight. Think yourself how much you have patience. Just write do not what you write. Do not indulge in your mind. What i am writing do not think just forget all problem about grammar, spelling etc. But do not give up. Always keep your attitude never,never,never give up always. Say your friends who are your truly friends keep themselves never give up attitude.

    By Devesh Sharma on 04.11.2015

  15. Lightweight is a bliss body condition for everyone. People who are overweight die to become lightweight. But there is the negative side of it where lightweight symbolizes the hunger of the poor. Hence everything is relative.

    By Amartya Amitav on 04.11.2015

  16. the cloud.
    lightweight. floating, disappearing, reappearing.
    filling the lightness of my being. i’m feeling as light as a cloud.
    seeing none, seen by none
    everywhere, like god,
    like wifi.
    lightweight wifi
    passing through and beyond every matter that matters and doesn’t.
    that’s what i am and you are.
    lightweight, yet made of steel.
    why cant you see it ? why don’t you feel it?
    its beauty is terrible and terrific.
    being lightweight is a boon and bane.
    tears are lightweight, so is a smile.
    how do you choose between them?

    By siverline on 04.11.2015

  17. I’m such a lightweight. Or at least I used to be. I can’t drink much, but I definitely drink more than I used to. Many reasons why, probably. College definitely started that trend. College has definitely been interesting. Here goes another year of cluelessness you know? I’m locked in

    By heather on 04.11.2015

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  19. Could he hold his drink?
    No, but ‘lightweight’ was unfair
    He only puked once!

    By Brandon Steward on 04.12.2015

  20. It is the feeling of nothingness. Of not being burdened with people’s expectations and their ambitions for you. It is just to be, enjoying a moment in it’s whole.

    By telma on 04.12.2015

  21. They called him a lightweight. He wanted to prove them wrong. He drank until he couldn’t anymore and kept drinking. He’s dead.

    By Ethan on 04.12.2015

  22. Clara sensed it more than she saw it, but there was definitely something there in the darkness. She moved towards the door and turned off the lights. Another reason they had chosen to build near the dark zone was that it would give them time to develop energy sources for climate control before they would have to face the full heat of the planets twin suns at noon. This meant that without lighting, they were in a low twilight, and if she allowed her eyes time to adjust, she might be able to see into the abyss before her. She brought a flashlight over to the window, opened it, and once her eyes were used to the darkness, turned on the light. In an instant, she saw it, then she was dazzled, and it was gone. In the low gravity of this planet, all the colonists moved like they were bouncing, partially floating, but the creature she had just seen was swift, sharp, and very obviously accustomed to this lightweight environment. Her blood chilled, as she realised; they were not alone!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.12.2015

  23. i drink too much too little. my head feels light. feathers plucked from my pillow mess up your hair. i lay down my head. it floats.

    By mary on 04.12.2015

  24. She wasn’t a lightweight, not really, not as much as she seemed to be when she just sat in the corner and laughed at the ridiculous things going on in the center of the room.

    By I. on 04.12.2015

  25. she cocks an eyebrow at you, lips curling around the rim of her glass. you can feel your head swaying and she can see it in your eyes that youre not used to this. “cant hold your liquor?” she asks, already knowing the answer. she laughs, a soft sound from her chest. “youre such a lightweight.”

    By rhey quaza on 04.12.2015

  26. The weight of light in a vacuum is zero. At least that is what the priests tell us. We of the working clan have our doubts but must continue to grovel in order to receive the meager rations they provide.

    By Kenny A. Chaffin URL on 04.12.2015

  27. Her burdens weighed too heavy for her tiny shoulders. It seemed quite unlike of her to carry that load all by herself. But when he was around, it seemed to flutter like a fly, rescuing her from her recluse.
    She only wished he existed.

    By kyungsoo on 04.12.2015

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    By Daniyal on 04.12.2015

  29. it feels like i’m not real anymore and the thing is i do not i do not know what to do any longer
    my heart is a feather crushed by a rough hand
    my brain floats out of my head and won’t return until it wants to
    i do not think that i am connected to my body but i cannot tell anybody that
    sometimes i just stare and stare and stare for hours and well i don’t know what to do but then who does?

    By tentwelvefourteen on 04.12.2015

  30. “You’re such a lightweight!” I laugh towards my friend. We’re in a bar together, and one drink after we got here, he’s already puking his guts out. Personally, I’m an experienced drinker. I could take ten times the amount I’ve already had and still wouldn’t be anywhere near as bad as he is. “Hey, just go to the bathroom.” Another guy calls from the other side of the room.

    By Alanna on 04.12.2015

  31. I lightweight love you. Like I could be buoyed up by the wind to elsewhere without my heart breaking, or could dig my fingers into the soft soil until they become roots.

    By Ella Emma Em on 04.12.2015

  32. she is very skinnyyy and she can wear anything she wants because everyting fits her and she is very happy, people like her very much because she is skinny and she weighs only 80 pounds . one day she will be famous even though she dosnt eat anything and she does a lot of excersise.

    By Sarita on 04.12.2015

  33. One of my friends is a total lightweight and I always tease her for drinking so little yet succumbed under the effects of alcohol that she intakes. I think that it is funny, but when teased, she becomes insecure and self-conscious about herself.

    By Hotshot on 04.12.2015

  34. Even if you are like that, you can still do it.

    By Samsara on 04.12.2015

  35. So we headed out to this bar, in the middle of the city.(Mind you I should have been constructing a scholarly essay; one condition of being able to fly out to Cancun for the summer was to finish my assignments on time.) But, we are all having a great time at this little Mexican bar, and then three cocktails in, and Stephanie started puking,she just could handle it.

    By Alexandria on 04.12.2015

  36. The man stumbled into the alley, the tightness of his jeans pinching him, keeping him conscious. He shouldn’t have taken that bet, shouldn’t have taken those drinks. One thing leads to another and all of a sudden you have a knife sticking out of you, and you are counting your life in drops of blood instead of years. He stumbled again, his foot slipping on the pool of blood blooming under him. In spite of the pain, he smirked. Some men just can’t hold their alcohol.

    By Greenleaf on 04.12.2015

  37. Sounds were vibrating back into my ears. Every song seemed to have meaning and wasn’t a bunch of static. It was why I could just smile right in front of me, out of breath, and watching the orange ray of light lower in the sky, make colors flood the sky and mountains. I screamed

    By Rose on 04.12.2015

  38. I feel your lightweight. over my body as a feather. Just as a feather. Smooth, beatiful, pleasant to the skin but, at the same time you have to fury of the bird that possesed the feather, like an eagle, ripping me apart, but looking at me without any kind of regret, doing what were doing silently, both enjoy the moment.

    By Franck Mendez on 04.12.2015

  39. She was a lightweight, and whenever she went out, she’d always drink and it would never end well. She’d wake up in the morning in a pile of vomit and the middle of a throbbing headache.

    By Sophia on 04.12.2015