April 10th, 2015 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “forces”

  1. Just go, just go
    don’t think, just move
    the forces beyond your imagination
    are at work for a grander plan
    than you’ve ever been able to conceive.

    Don’t fret, don’t worry
    just move along
    day by day, week by week
    inch by inch we find that which drives us
    and allow it to continue to move us
    in the direction of our dreams.

    By teachthegirl URL on 04.10.2015

  2. A man forces a woman to marry him. When she arrives at the altar, she is dressed in white, but the event seems to demand black attire instead. This is not a wedding for her, but a funeral – the death of her freedom, the death of her happiness, the death of her soul. The man is waiting for her to kiss him. He is dressed in red. The priest looks very nervous to be officiating the ceremony. When the woman finally takes the man’s hand, his skin is very hot. It is as if she is grazing her fingers against the bricks of Hell.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.10.2015

  3. Powerful actions that affect us all. I feel like I’m being controlled by a force right now. It’s love. I think. I’m leaving my girlfriend for someone else because I love them. I think. I hope…

    By alan mckeown on 04.10.2015

  4. i was always forced to do things that i didn’t want. i was always forced to think how others wanted me to. i was never in control of my own life. sexually forced, mentally forced. sometimes i can’t do things on my own because i always seem to need someone pushing and pressuring me to do something. i guess growing up like this changed my life fully, maybe i won’t be able to do anything on my own.

    By benny on 04.10.2015

  5. Clara was in her office, working on a sample of DNA taken from a new born baby, the fiftieth child born at the colony since their arrival. The rocker tipped from side to side, separating the different components of the sample for analysis, and Clara found herself unthinkingly tapping her feet to the rhythm of the machine. All new DNA samples were to be added to a database, to monitor any mutations or other changes, and to record the cell renewal rates that the Caretaker genes were measuring, both to ensure that they were not being adversely affected by their new environment, and that the Caretaker gene was also working normally in that new
    environment. Suddenly Clara’s feet stopped, as she felt an overwhelming sensation, as if she were being watched through a microscope herself.

    Clara walked over to the window and looked out. Her office was facing the dark zone, the long, thin stretch of land where no sun shone. The colony had been built on the sunrise side of it, so that the dark zone would slowly move away from the colony, and would have to circle the planet before plunging them into an eighty year long darkness, some thousand years hence. Some of the colonists, especially the children, had started spreading rumours of mysterious forces emanating from that shadow, and most of their parents used them as scary stories to tell their children at bedtime. Clara wondered how people would react when that great nightfall
    came upon them; assuming, of course, they were still here when it did!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.10.2015

  6. There are forces that shape us, move us, cause us pain, let us feel happiness, bring us closer to each other. There are forces of nature–love hurts when trees grow extra super tall. Don’t feed the fish bacon ever. It is a bad sort of cheesecake.

    By kp on 04.10.2015

  7. What forces you to move? What forces you to live? Fits it force you? Or do you follow gladly?

    By Ethan URL on 04.10.2015

  8. The forces unbound, two groups go to war. The kingdom with the goals to raise money and destroy the environment, and the empire to enslave the resistance. The right of the land and the right of humans at stake, each group thinks they’re right, and the other is seen as monsters.

    By Michael on 04.10.2015

  9. there are greater forces at work than we know what to do with, he says. aren’t we supposed to be those greater forces, she counters. maybe, once, a long time ago. they used to be forces for good, forces for change, but they locked themselves away, fought amongst themselves and didn’t bother to look beyond what they knew to be true

    By WrittenOut URL on 04.10.2015

  10. The shifting of the plates beneath him (cardboard thin sliver of earth skating, wobbling, rippling over the hot magma churning beneath)… he could swear he could almost feel it sometimes. For this reason, he loathed crossing bridges, sewer grates, narrow cliff highways, etc. He prayed silently, nonstop, when he was forced to cross such places.

    By Yona URL on 04.10.2015

  11. I thought about fate this morning as I stared at my fallen leg. How funny it is that the world’s forces have conspired, blessed and even tormented myself as such. A deep breath passed my lips to imagine it, in the such context.

    By Michelle Vongkaysone on 04.10.2015

  12. Of nature are larger than we can imagine. Hurricanes. Tornados. But the biggest force of all? Love. Love has the most power. It can move worlds. No force is as great.

    By Amy on 04.10.2015

  13. The forces that hold me are the arms that seem to be defining me, trapped and alone the forces that continue to taunt me. The forces that hold me so. The forces that continue to keep me bound. They have not a name, they make not a sound.

    By The Empty Side Of Me URL on 04.10.2015

  14. there are forces all over they make up the world that we live in. they stir in the deep underbelly of the earth’s core and at the edge of the ozone layer.

    By kslug on 04.10.2015

  15. armed shoes energy storms sunbursts encouragement tightness

    By AMY on 04.10.2015

  16. armed shoes energy tightness sunburst radiation forcing sea life to move government,

    By AMY on 04.10.2015

  17. The force is strong with this one. Forces, or fuerza as the Spanish call it, is absolutely incredibly. It is noun, as in the forces of the winds are very strong, or a verb, as in he forces her to cook for him everyday. The forces of nature are quite amazing.

    By Jacob Esnard on 04.10.2015

  18. It had to do with forces unknown to anyone around. Once we looked around and saw the immense damage to the environment, we understood right away that some other element was at work. What was behind all this? What specific events took place that brought this to be? Was the situation more dire than what we could have imagined?

    By Kelli on 04.10.2015

  19. I’m not gonna think. I’m just gonna write. But the thing is my brain sucks. I have to write something. Is there any forces that force me to write?
    There are so many forces in our life. There are forces everywhere, in the sea, in the hurricane, beneath the earth, and in the heart of someone who has a strong passion.

    By Bulan URL on 04.10.2015

  20. there are forces in my head and around me. they are chasing me and i run, run and run. i don’t let them catch me. oh where can i hide? when can i rest? this has to stop. but i enjoy the thrill of this run…

    By ann on 04.10.2015

  21. the forces of life will change all around you. The force is with you and the forces of the universe seem to always fall into my favor. The forces that are greater than me will always be there to correct me and to change the path that i so chose to take. I live my life and hope the forces make it worth living.

    By Santino on 04.11.2015

  22. The two armies joined forces to save their land against other forces in the world war two. The fighting was terrible. I am glad that I didn’t live then!

    By DolphinDreams URL on 04.11.2015

  23. The forces of nature are magnificent. I am so glad that God created the world just as it is. The way he made it is just what we need to survive in this truly amazing world!!

    By DolphinDreams URL on 04.11.2015

  24. Dark forces converge against me. A great and terrible evil looms just over the horizon: intent on causing pain, suffering, and lingering anguish. To overcome it is impossible, as evil can never truly be destroyed, only avoided and, at best, beaten back one day at a time. I shall march forward unafraid, for my cause is just, and my path is right. Do your worst, Leg Day.

    By Brandon Steward URL on 04.11.2015

  25. Life forces are challenging . One has to think and survive. Life force is awakend through doing yoga practices .

    By on 04.11.2015

  26. police, good bad and ugly, being forced. this word scares me :( i don’t know what to write oh my goodness….

    By Fiona Marie on 04.11.2015

  27. Nature works in its entirety. Its feeble effects may not be visible immediately, but in a few years to come in can wreck havoc on mankind. The forces nature employs to make its way is nature’s play. Any tomfoolery on our part can cause nature’s catapult to go haywire.
    I can already see the barrel of gun pointing at me.

    By kyungsoo on 04.11.2015

  28. We are all moved and controlled by a set of invisible forces. Joined, biunf and conjoined. You wake up in the morning and there they are are moving on you like gravity on the tides. Take a shower? Forces moving there are well. What are they? Where do they come from? How can we control rather than being controlled?

    By John Patterson on 04.11.2015

  29. The forces hold me, control me, silently taunting me. I cant see, unable to eat due to the fear that continues to consume me. I am endlessly hoping, fearful writing. The forces continue to break me, define and frighten me.

    By The Empty Side Of Me URL on 04.11.2015

  30. There are certain forces at work in all of us. The hard thing is deciding which we will allow into our lives. Do we follow the light, do good, and attract goodwill, or do we go towards the dark, attracting chaos?

    By MJ URL on 04.11.2015

  31. Forces. They were strong? I guess that’s the first thing that comes to mind. The force is strong with this one. And that one. And this one and that one. But not you young sir. The force is not strong with you my friend. You’re a writer and the force only comes from pen, or in this case your fingers because you’re typing this on your iPad. What even is an iPad anymore?

    By c. David Horton on 04.11.2015

  32. I am tried of writing about forces give me another word, he said.
    I ” don’t know what you are talking about” , as she realized the man she once knew sank into insanity.

    By Dylan on 04.11.2015

  33. this makes me think of ghost rider and all the dark things at p

    By Archie Beattie on 04.11.2015

  34. All the forces that go into waiting, all the forces that pull you in all directions so you feel at a standstill for a moment, even as you’re walking forward, all the forces that convert light in your eyes into fire in your core.

    By Ella Emma Em on 04.11.2015

  35. the forces in the world are like totally awesome, wats up with that.

    they are totally like dude omg its like so like liking things is like way wack

    i am frightinged that if i try to lol to hard id exploled

    get it

    i hope you do

    writers flock am i right

    By nik marwaha on 04.11.2015

  36. The forces that compel us to take action or not take action seem to be beyond our comprehension. What is easy to do we do not do. What will allow us to progress in life we delay or refuse to do. It is all so nonsensical!

    By Tracey URL on 04.11.2015

  37. i dont know what to write about, this makes me confused, im thinking as hard as i can. forces makes me think of star wars, ive never actually seen those movies and it makes me kind of sad becaiuse i dont know what everyone is talking about but then again im not nerdy enough to get into them anyway so its all good. then there are the forces of nature and those always scare me because they can do so much destruction to life.

    By Kathryn on 04.11.2015