April 12th, 2015 | 39 Entries

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39 Entries for “jacuzzi”

  1. the water bubbles up around her, warm, hot, steam drifts into the cold winter air. she’s going to have to get out, but the fact that she’s cocooned in such warmth makes it hard for her to want to do anything but sit there, the sting of chlorine in her nose, the roiling sound of the water around her

    By WrittenOut URL on 04.12.2015

  2. The pool was blue, lit up with lights. It was a hot tub, but smaller. It was a heaven, but better. It was a Jacuzzi. Or, it was a little girl’s name. She swam in it, enjoying the warmth. She was happy, sad, angry, an

    By Veronika URL on 04.12.2015

  3. The bubbles wrapped her, making her smile. Why was she doing this? Had she has one too many drinks? She didn’t know, she just grinned stupidly at the sky. She sighed happily. Life was great at moments like this. It was perfect. Who knows? Maybe she’d find someone.

    By Veronika URL on 04.12.2015

  4. I was in the jacuzzi the other night and I heard a knock at the door. It was my best friend, Renee. She was ecstatic and could express what was on her mind. I invited her in and had to yell at her to calm down. She calmed down and told me she was transferred to the Paris, France office at her work. France was the one place we both loved to visit and now she was going to live there and work there. She told me she wants me to move there with her. I work from home therefore we packed our things and moved over to France. We have agreed that we have the best life. We visit other countries and small towns on weekends or when we have free days. This is the beginning of a great adventure that I get to spend with one of my favorite people in the world. Excited where our grand adventure will take us in the next coming months.

    By Kaila Smith URL on 04.12.2015

  5. My brother’s got a jacuzzi in his backyard. I don’t know where he got the money to build that, until I remember that he’s got a cozy job in the uptown part of San Francisco, and then I also remember that San Francisco’s becoming uptown everywhere and there won’t even be an opposite of uptown in existence anymore in this damn city. I watch as my brother strips off his shirt like extra skin and dips into the bubbling water, shorts still on. I wonder if he shrivels down there as much as he did when he was a kid.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.12.2015

  6. Sinking into the heat, descending below the churning froth is a relief. Water pounds my head, pounds my chest until I can’t tell the aches that mingle behind my breastbone apart. If I hold my breath long enough, will I disappear? Will I dissolve fast like coffee grounds, nothing left but bitterness and hot black fury? Or erode gently, like granite beneath warm rain?

    By pulchritude URL on 04.12.2015

  7. It had started with Jack’s Jacuzzi. They always warned you about the amoebas that lived in the lakes, the ones that ate away at your brains until you couldn’t think straight. They didn’t tell us about the danger from the private side. America’s pools and water parks. Her Jacuzzis. Jack, the poor kid, didn’t know what hit him. But everyone else did at the Christmas party, when they found Jack hunched over his wife in the master suite.

    By Greenleaf on 04.12.2015

  8. Jacuzzi just seems like a sleazy word. Whirlpool sounds so much more classy. Hot tub sounds cheap. Any way, in the middle of the winter, swishing warm water is nice, especially outdoors in the cold air when there are no mosquitos.

    By rachelzana URL on 04.12.2015

  9. hot.



    i’m losing my patience with you.

    i feel like tho relationship is like sitting in a jacuzzi, with a boiler plate underneath it.

    i try to compromise, i try to make things work.

    but you act like a child, and not the kind you want to cuddle. the kind you hear screaming for no reason in a walmart and you just want to pop their head off.

    By Kelsey-Lynn URL on 04.12.2015

  10. Laying in an jacuzzi feels amazing, the warm water against your skin is the most relaxing feeling ever. But, you should not have sex in one, that promotes bacteria growth in the vagina.

    By vanesa on 04.12.2015

  11. jacuzzi? Like a hot tub? my sister used to want to see that movie hot tub time machine even though she was ten and it was totally inappropriate. But whatever. My favorite hot tub memory is probably when Justin and Tyra and Jasper and Chris and I were in the hot tub at 8 in the morning in Colorado that was cool. Or the three hour one in Park City. Also very fun.

    By Brigid on 04.12.2015

  12. He let it wash over him. He let the heat soak in. But no amount of heat could soothe the soreness. He aches from the things he’s seen.

    By Ethan URL on 04.12.2015

  13. It’s nice and bubbly and makes me feel warm. Sometimes warmer than I need to be, but it’s soothing. It helps me relax when I need to and invites all sorts of good feelings when I really get to sink down into the boiling rejuvenation it offers. I need a jacuzzi now to calm me down. If only. Oh if only I could have one…

    By Tegan Guillebeau on 04.12.2015

  14. El jacuzzi era el comienzo, faltaba la única vez en la que los dos mirarán al cielo y pensarán en el gris futuro que vendría.

    By raul URL on 04.12.2015

  15. I don’pt knoe if a hot tub and a jacuzzi are the same thing but lets just say they are well that’s what I do at the y every onece in a while. It feels good, and I suppose it’s good for some muscles, but who really knows. sopmetimes it just makes me feel tired well fuck you

    By gc on 04.12.2015

  16. Our love is a jacuzzi. When we first got in, we were excited. It made us feel warm, comfortable and safe; it felt like home. We sat there for a while, explored all its features, worked out all the kinks. We didn’t even flinch as time rushed past us. Suddenly one day, – it could have been days, weeks, months later, who knows? – I looked down and my fingers were wrinkled. Clearly I had been there for too long and I realised it was time to leave. But yours weren’t. It’s funny, scientists say the wrinkling of fingers occurs to help us better grip objects underwater. Maybe if yours were, you could have grabbed onto me before I got out.

    By Saloni Singh URL on 04.12.2015

  17. warm, relaxing, soothing, pampered, wet, relaxing – but most of all relaxing – that’s it. : )

    By Annette on 04.12.2015

  18. the hot jets of water felt like needles on my body. the feeling of pain slowly turned to a soft itching.

    By ann on 04.12.2015

  19. Isn’t that a brand name? It’s like scotch tape. It became generalized. But it is the name of an Italian corporation that makes one of those hot tub things. I’m not a big fan because they seem like bacteria soup to me.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 04.13.2015

  20. Sex in a jacuzzi seems like it would be fun but I am sure that it is probably unsanitary. I imagine a bunch of bitches in purple bikinis when I think of jacuzzis. This is what society has taught me.

    By Christian on 04.13.2015

  21. Clara rushed home from work, and found Morris in the jacuzzi. “Care to join me?” he joked, then noticed her look of horror. “What, I don’t look that bad, do I?” he continued, then noticed that she was shaking. Before he could ask what was wrong, she started explaining. He grew gradually more serious as she went on. Eventually he reached over and turned off the jacuzzi; even in the hot water, what she was telling him gave him goosebumps.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.13.2015

  22. a rush of cold and hot fills my body but more of my soul and i wish i felt this way everyday and everywhere because no matter how hard i try temperatures are hard to express.

    By sara on 04.13.2015

  23. my first family in The Sims 2 consisted of two brown haired people, a husband and his wife. they worked hard until i could afford a jacuzzi. i was about 10 or 11, and they meant the world to me. much like the norns from Creatures, i cried once Suzy died.

    By berenique URL on 04.13.2015

  24. It always struck me as a mark of success. That sort of decadence that says, “I made it.” Nothing too gaudy, like a golden toilet or a waterfall in your backyard. Just enough to say, “I’m here and look what I’ve done.” The bubbles are nice, too.

    By Brandon Steward URL on 04.13.2015

  25. there’s so many problems and not enough people to divide them all out to. the country’s fucked. so we divide ourselves up. racists. we’re only racist to ourselves: the human race. i’m not worried about the worries of the world anymore, i’m gonna get in the jacuzzi. i wish everybody would just chill out, instead get busy being happy.

    By mary on 04.13.2015

  26. hot tubs relaxation spring warmth

    By Brandon URL on 04.13.2015

  27. The hot pool bubbled, and the lion sat inside, leaning back, eyes shut, and enjoying the pleasant heat. A wild boar charged in, scaring the lion, and making him flee. The boar hopped in and stole the pool for themself.

    By alister on 04.13.2015

  28. I wasn’t sure why I was afraid to get in. I usually loved jacuzzi time — the warm water, shooting at my back and massaging me. It was always so fun. However, knowing that you’d be there too, watching me, judging me — all my insecurities were jetting too

    By Sarah URL on 04.13.2015

  29. it is a kind of bathroom tool. we can have a bath under it.

    By ışıl on 04.13.2015

  30. hot an bubbly- I get in and the relaxation starts to seep through my body. The warm water bubbles around me popping and sizzling as it evaporates into the atmosphere. I can see the steam rising from my skin.

    By Carla on 04.13.2015

  31. Like foam in a jacuzzi, you are unwanted, but mostly unnoticed. No one really cares that much if you’re there, just as long as there’s not too much of you, as long as you don’t make yourself noticed. Once noticed, however, folks will complain, but do nothing to get rid of you. Embrace that. Eventually they’ll get used to your increased presence, and go back to ignoring you. This is a good thing.

    By Benjie URL on 04.13.2015

  32. Jacuzzi is a shitty word for shitty people. I’ve never met anyone who referred to a hot tub as jacuzzi who I didn’t want to punch, or, at lest, verbally abuse. The fact is that the word jacuzzi belongs to the 1% and Lucifer down in hell.

    By BenJ on 04.13.2015

  33. it was a hard day. So many things to do and so mnay left unfinished. Tired, she rolled her shoulders and walked into the room. slowly she removed her scarf and let it drift on to the sofa in the living room, she glided across the floor lazily and switched on the jacuzzi ! wow what a fitting end to a hard day.

    By sapna URL on 04.13.2015

  34. She was leaving in a few days, and I was heartbroken. We were making an effort to make the most of our last hours together. Some friends surprised her by getting a hotel room for the night, at this foul motel just off the highway. It was the most comical jacuzzi suite I had ever stayed in, and we were quick to start enjoying the strange motel party. The boys were piling into the questionable jacuzzi, and the girls couldn’t stop laughing at the sight. Surprisingly, the night made for a perfect last hurrah before my best friend left home to join the Air Force.

    By Alex on 04.13.2015

  35. I saw the two of them sitting in the jacuzzi. It seemed as if there was not a single person in the entire world to them. They couldn’t see me sitting behind the bush and I wanted to keep in that way. I had seen her become more and more detached at home.

    By Andrew Weber on 04.13.2015

  36. These are always at hotels. They had a weird one at Notre Dame. Why did it seem like the door to a refridgerator? Why is that word difficult to spell? Jacuzzi is a weird word. I’m not sure what else to write about. I NEED A TOPIC. Ahhhhhhhhh. I graduate soon. Owls. Do owls want jacuzzis?

    By Hillary on 04.13.2015

  37. I don’t know what life would be like without the family jacuzzi. This is where we have all of our deep talks and contemplate the fate of the entire world. It is also where we have some of our greatest fights many a night have we gone to bed angry and seething over something said under the stars. I don’t know what life would be like without the jacuzzi.

    By Rachel on 04.13.2015

  38. i love jacuzzis because they feel nice one my body and i know that i didnt write much but today is just one of those days!

    By shane URL on 04.13.2015

  39. never had one, never tryed one. just like a simple sunday afternoon.

    By fuspokanna on 04.13.2015