December 9th, 2014 | 62 Entries

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62 Entries for “leveled”

  1. I naturally walk at an uneven pace, not because my legs are different sizes.
    For then all I’d need, a pair of shoes in which I’d comfortably stride in.

    By Craw on 12.10.2014

  2. The next few months settled into a pattern. Visitations were arranged, and cancelled by Dave’s mother in law for a variety of reasons, illness, school events, travel; she did everything she could to prevent him from seeing his children. She even leveled accusations at him of abusing the children, but withdrew them when the authorities insisted on actually talking to the children. It was
    frustrating, but Dave didn’t care, because he was seeing his children, talking to them, and they knew that he loved them.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.10.2014

  3. He leveled the playing field after he knocked the sword out of his opponents hands.

    By Caelan URL on 12.10.2014

  4. It started with a tremor. Eyebrows raised in question and baffled smiles exchanged around the conference table. When the coffee in their mugs began to slosh and spill, someone yelled “Earthquake!” Civility crumbled into a fog of panic as they fleed in vain from the hell raining down on them.

    By Soft URL on 12.10.2014

  5. Squinting at the boy coming into school with a homemade knitted darlek costume complete with a whisk clasped in his front hand I said, “You my friend are taking this ‘dress up’ day to a whole new level.”

    By SIXTYSECONDSGO on 12.10.2014

  6. The pedestal, i see you slightly elevated. Your prowess perturbs my existence, while i wallow in insecurity and guilt as i sit here with my next move. Get up, let’s get moving.

    By fixmyheadplease on 12.10.2014

  7. The street was levelled. I don’t know exactly what happened. It was my first time with the lighter fluid and the new barbecue, and I DID end up in my neighbour’s pool, so I’m going to say it was at least partially my fault.

    By Chris URL on 12.10.2014

  8. The ground levelled off just before the cliff ,shame he didn’t realise.

    By BUSHYSTINKS on 12.10.2014

  9. Although they said the playing field was leveled, she was certain that they hired the other applicant because of her looks. One didn’t have to look far to realize that the beauty and impeccable dress of the other could sway all but the most stoic to excuse her lack of education and experience.

    By Rebecca on 12.10.2014

  10. This word can mean a lot of things like “I leveled the ground” or “You leveled up in the game” and it sounds weird like all words do. Can I have my taco now.

    By Andrea on 12.10.2014

  11. Leveled is something I no longer am. I used to pride myself on being level-headed, level goaled. Neither too much nor too little of anything. The middle of the spectrum that I am not on split extremes of. Maybe this next semester I’ll level out again.

    By Zelle on 12.10.2014

  12. “I’m fine.” I said, perhaps a little loudly then I had meant to.
    She looked at me, an eyebrow raised, “No you’re not.”
    I groaned, “Yes I am!” This time I was openly yelling.
    She raised her hands, as if she was giving up which I knew was not true. “You’re fine, I’m fine.”

    By Cecilia Trint on 12.10.2014

  13. Yumichika whined to himself as he tried to balance the stupid bar and its stupid little bubble. Blast it all. He couldn’t stand things like this, where he became obsessed with everythnig looking just so. He was trying to get the little bubble to stay inside the black lines, but he just couldn’t seem to do it. The table top must not be completely flat.

    “Ugh!” he screeched, throwing it on the floor and throwing a little fit. Ikkaku looked up from where he was sitting on the couch. He was sipping a lemonade and taking a break from painting their apartment and rewiring a socket. He looked pretty good in his toolbelt, and Yumichika was thinking of maybe abandoning his sulking in favor of breaking in their new couch, but all he did when he got up was snatch a screwdriver from Ikkaku’s toolbox and use it to completely destroy that stupid level, not even caring if the yellowish liquid would stain the carpet. THey were replacing that anyway.

    “Ya’ okay there, babe?” Ikkaku asked in bewilderment, just in time to swear when Yumichika screamed and stomped on the thing, breaking it after jumping on it anywhere from ten to twenty times.

    “You fucking idiot,” Ikkaku mumbled as he bandaged up Yumichika’s bloody feet.

    By Emma on 12.10.2014

  14. sturdy
    the horizon
    mediocre smile
    not shaky
    keeping one thought in your mind

    By Dorothy on 12.10.2014

  15. He stared for a long time at her bare feet, fixated on them. Rigid. Cold. How something so perfect had fallen so far, he would never know. And he would never get a chance to ask her.
    Instead he breathed in the cold air, glanced at the coroners and police officers and reporters swarming around the scene, and whispered a soft goodbye before turning away, leaving the leveled home and the love of his life in ashes.

    By Chelsea URL on 12.10.2014

  16. Petit à petit, il commença à grimper. Grimper encore et toujours. Ses ongles s’arrachaient et le sang s’échappait de la paume de ses mains. Le soleil brûlait sa peau, mais il continuait encore et toujours à s’élever, niveaux par niveaux, vers l’infiniment grand. Ses yeux devenus aveugles ne faisaient que ressentir la lumière de plus en plus présente, l’englobant, le transportant vers des niveaux de conscience toujours plus élevés. Il finit alors par laisser glisser une main, puis un pied.

    By CalmFeather on 12.10.2014

  17. pac man arcades small
    dots and the noise that the game makes when you die the
    but also tiers and cruiseships and just lines and lines

    By M on 12.10.2014

  18. And I knew there was nothing in my life quite like where I was now. Completely leveled and unworried. I had finished such a big step, but hesitant to move on until I became satisfied with just being content.

    By Emily URL on 12.10.2014

  19. I went into the office, and found him. The famous detective Dinkly Parker, a leveled man, calm, and always gets the job done. I needed him to find my lost pink teddy bear, don’t judge me.

    By Calvin on 12.10.2014

  20. It was leveled. I don’t understand how it could have changed that quickly. The joyous structure, a symbol of hope crushed in an instant. Like the blowing of dirt down a sidewalk.

    By Garrett Wren on 12.10.2014

  21. the ground leveled under her feet. who knew one little girl could be so entirely HEAVY. “maybe im like mommy” she though” she says the whole big weight of the world is on her shoulders”.

    By Chloe on 12.10.2014

  22. He leveled up in a way that was unexpected.

    By Intuition on 12.10.2014