December 9th, 2014 | 62 Entries

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62 Entries for “leveled”

  1. Back in the ancient times, the monuments of men would only stand if their materials were home to the ghosts of legend – the coliseum, the Parthenon, temples dedicated to gods and spirits. When I’m gone, my descendants will sooner level our abandoned towers and shopping malls than preserve them as bygone marvels.

    By asavas on 12.09.2014

  2. I need to get my house leveled because it has a lot of cracks in it and I worry that they foundation is really messed up. I know that it will be expensive and that worries me. If it is too much I wont be able to see my house and I want to sell my house as soon as

    By Salena on 12.09.2014

  3. The storm had leveled the land in all directions. Trees lay uprooted, homes turned into piles of rubble. Even the Great Mountain, for all it’s might, looked smaller against the newly ravaged landscape.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.09.2014

  4. yes i believe we’re gone now
    a brief shadow of your eyebrow remains
    static grains
    fizzle crackle and pop
    i am almost gone now
    nothing to wo

    By Kairn on 12.09.2014

  5. I remember its stairs, as if they still tired my crippled leg. I remember its walls, chipping away in fragments of time, painted with the secrets of tenants past. I remember gazing through the glass pane, wanting nothing more than to be free. Now that the city has leveled my home, I want nothing more than to walk its dusty halls once again.

    By Gabe villas on 12.09.2014

  6. The house had been completely leveled in the storm. While the family had luckily evacuated with their pets and most prized belongings, they no longer had anywhere to live. I was surprised and impressed when I heard our church’s pastor, Father Neves, claim that Deacon Dyer had offered a place to stay for the family until they could get their insurance, and new home, sorted out.

    “Deacon Dyer has chosen to stay with his own family,” Father Neves explained, “to give the family as much comfort and privacy as possible in his residence.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.09.2014

  7. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I looked around at what once was my home. The entire structure was leveled, not a single familiar structure remained. This was never what I wanted; it wasn’t what I thought would happen if I gave in, but I guess it’s too late to think about it now.

    By Bailey on 12.09.2014

  8. The blow to his head leveled him in no time flat. This is not quite what he had in mind when he was thinking about how hard he was already falling for her. Hhmm some people’s Dad1

    By Tracey on 12.09.2014

  9. One word what does it mean. it could mean any word as simple as hi or hell. What will you if you have to say just one wordd in a moment? for me that tals a lot it would be so dffivult

    By Gina on 12.09.2014

  10. She leveled the sand in the volleyball court. The sand was heavy. She used a shovel and a rake. It took her three hours to move the sand. She was tired after moving the sand. She took a nap.

    By Dori on 12.09.2014

  11. Hooray! Today was the day! She leveled the sand in the volleyball court. The sand was heavy. She used a shovel and a rake. It took her three hours to move the sand. She was tired after moving the sand. She took a nap in the afternoon.

    By Dori on 12.09.2014

  12. Whoa, this might be a tough one.I don’t think I’ve ever used the word leveled in a sentence. Hmm well I have no idea what to say. I might have leveled myself out a little by writing in that journal today thank God.

    By Destiny on 12.09.2014

  13. She ran through the streets, jumping over holes and hubcaps, unable to stop until she reached the end of the path. The city had been leveled in front of her eyes and there was no telling if whatever did it would be back. She had to tell someone– she had to tell him.

    By Emily on 12.09.2014

  14. i am sitting on the beach
    staring into the sand
    and thinking

    with my fingers out palms down
    i level mountains

    (the waves crash in out
    slow and monotonous,
    a kite sails above me,
    the froth rises to my toes)

    By sevenwords on 12.09.2014

  15. the way the bomb leveled the terrain, made it a smooth, unblemished–unarguably lovely–plate of glass, startled even her. she stared down at it, stared at the reflections of the nonplussed clouds in the gentle green left by the wake of the devastating explosion–was no one question? what they’d done? what was really the cause of this beauty?–and had the urge to jump into it, to pencil dive as though it were simple a pond, blooming with seafoam algae, nothing more, nothing that would leave her with a poisoned body and soul, nothing that would leave her with broken legs should she chose to vault from the roof into the venomous mirror.

    By Aura on 12.09.2014

  16. knocked down
    knocked off your feet
    pushed over

    By ann on 12.09.2014

  17. It was leveled. She didn’t need to check. But still, she couldn’t stop her stomach from churning, and her hands from getting clammy, as she glanced down.
    She was 80 floors above the ground. She knew it was safe; he’d told her, over and over, that the floor was leveled. But –

    By maria on 12.09.2014

  18. The pool table was not stable! I could never get it to be leveled. I was trying to get my pool table together so that we could then go and play on it. I hated the man who sold it to us. He did not even give is instructions! My relatives offered to help me with I, but O wanted to prove to them that I could do it.

    By Trace Gregory URL on 12.09.2014

  19. Building can be leveled. As can boards and shelves. Cities too in blast and catastrophes. However, it is head that do the best to be level.

    By rking on 12.09.2014

  20. The playing field was leveled. All on equal ground with no heritages, privileges or class distinctions. Their society was felled like a great city shaken to dust by a great earthquake. Amid the rubble they stood, every face dirty and filmed with sweat. The last was first, the greatest now the least among them. Stripped of everything but their fragile mortality. At last the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor, the religious and the atheists saw one another as simply human. And we all bleed red.

    By Angela Tingle on 12.09.2014

  21. I fought and fought and fought my way through levels for hours upon hours, never reaching that magical number. I leveled so slowly. I wanted to level more. World of Warfare is

    By Marilyn Sultar URL on 12.09.2014

  22. The playing field had been leveled. We were standing across from each other, unable to compete any longer. Finally it dawned on us that we were the same – mirror reflections of one another.

    By Madelyna Lakos URL on 12.09.2014

  23. It’s really a lot more difficult than people think.

    “Oh yeah,” they’ll say. “It’s magic. That girl’s magic,” although sometimes the apostrophe is missing and it’s just a possessive.

    Now, I don’t know whether it’s magic or not, but I do know that you can’t just fix people by – by doing one simple action to them. ‘Cooking’ is not a synonym for ‘arson’, after all, and my own ‘therapy’ is not a magic wand, it’s seeing all the levels of different things, all the pieces that are sticking out wrong, and putting them back into place.

    It’s exhausting. Sometimes I feel like it’s a blood transfusion, draining my own mood.

    By FlickerFly on 12.09.2014

  24. He cackled wildly as he looked over the remains of the fallen castle he’d lain to ruins, the moon making his armor glow with a ghastly light. This was his work, his most precious work of art. With his silver blade acting as his brush, he had created a masterpiece truly befitting the Sapphire King. He reveled in the joyous feeling of victory a moment longer before lowering his scythe and saying a silent prayer for those he had slain.

    By Brad Law on 12.09.2014

  25. I’m looking forward to levelling up during D&D, though I don’t know what new stuff Pel will get to do. I know I should pre-read, and I always tell myself that I’m going to, but it seems like every time I forget. Should possibly look in to this, because there are good guides online.

    By Princess Nertbugs on 12.09.2014

  26. This is a fun game, she told herself as she leveled her thoughts and struggled to find a direction with which to go. A very fun game indeed, she repeated, thinking of her future practices. No thinking, just writing. That was my last sentence!

    By C on 12.09.2014

  27. Remember that little hill where we used to go sledging? Now there is only a leveled ground. Soon there will be a supermarket built on it. Another childhood memory gone.

    By Alice Shina on 12.10.2014

  28. The student was leveled in school for math. This student was placed at a level that best suited him for kn

    By Clare Clayton on 12.10.2014

  29. she sits huddled, a forlorn figure, by the sea. with the moon above and the sea below.

    By Anu on 12.10.2014

  30. Today my professor told me to try and see the world in a “more levelheaded way.” I know I was crying in her office convinced I was failing her class at the time, but I still don’t really understand why she said that. My head is very round and bulbous and not level at all thank you.

    By Emily on 12.10.2014

  31. When we thought that the inquiry into the sex scandal at the school had finish and reach it decision, more accusations were leveled at the accused, a former teacher, and it will take much longer before anyone is brought to justice.

    By victor walkes URL on 12.10.2014

  32. Not all the houses in the town of Mist in Virginia were spared from the wrath of the waves. The last time the tsunami struck the Devon’s cottage was leveled. Nothing but a washed out tree stump stands in its place. The garden where the children played, the place where they buried Nana, all was washed away. The sea took it away.

    By Fleme on 12.10.2014

  33. The accusation that was leveled against him was that of murder, but using his position and his sexual orientation as a shield, he got away.

    By Fleme on 12.10.2014

  34. I reached the spot where the pit was covered with sand and leveled to the end of the road. It still didn’t help much as the paver blocks at the top were still not in place.

    By Ninad Ambre URL on 12.10.2014

  35. The race track was not leveled properly and it took a lot of persuasion from competitors to get the organisers rectify the spot. At the end they gave it an even surface and the race progressed well and I made the most of it among all competitors and with the grace of God beat everyone.

    By Selvin Jose on 12.10.2014

  36. They thought they had it leveled,
    but then, there were cracks
    Scars, like small evidence of its older tracks
    They thought, they had it all leveled
    but then there were scars

    By thirdeyeblind on 12.10.2014

  37. When I looked up into the atmosphere above me, with him beside me I noticed that everything spread around me was leveled. All of the trees to miraculously be the same length and grow at the same size. The constellations and the ways the stars alligned seemed to set in a pattern that only the both of us could see.

    By Hannah Marriott URL on 12.10.2014

  38. I think of leveled as that point when the water just stops moving. It fluctuates once and then stills. Leveled means having a cool head. Its monotonous. Its calm. I think people who are leveled have everything figured out.

    By Evelyn Cortes on 12.10.2014

  39. Leveled reminds me of the water right before it calms. That one last swell of the wave before the water stills and time stops. It is peaceful and assured. Leveled is even and leveled is not me.

    By Evelyn on 12.10.2014

  40. when something is leveled its flat and steady. you use a level to make thinjgs leveled

    By teagan URL on 12.10.2014