August 3rd, 2011 | 537 Entries

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537 Entries for “level”

  1. Keeping my emotions level is a struggle. I don’t tell many people that. But it feels good to admit it. Everyone has their own interpretations of who or what i am. Some say i’m sensitive, i guess some would call me crazy, the psychic said i’m an empath. I just feel emotions and express them the only way i know how…

    By Kirsty URL on 08.04.2011

  2. people often think about levels. Are they good enough? Where would they be classed? Many times, they give up, saying “this is too high of a level for me”. What they don’t know is that levels are defined by their commitment and will to progress, which will help them gain the confidence and, at the same time, the level desired.

    By Sevana URL on 08.04.2011

  3. I had to think fast,I had to maintain a level head, some men had attack our home and force their way into our living room armed with a gun. My first reaction was to run, but then I remember that my children was in to house also.

    By victor walkes URL on 08.04.2011

  4. “level” for me means “degree” of.. for eg” level of inteligence, level of maturity, or sometime, it could be used stating – which level of floor do you want to get down in lift.

    By priya on 08.04.2011

  5. love

    By achuee92 on 08.04.2011

  6. What level do you mean? My level? Our level? The level of water floation? The level of schools? WHat kind of level? I dont know any level what is better than the highest level. That´s the level I always prefer.

    By Anna Tolstrup Christensen on 08.04.2011

  7. im on the level of anticipation when im talking to her. she constantly tests my patience just because im nice to her. i dont think thats how im supposed to be treated.

    By Yasshene Ann Manuel URL on 08.04.2011

  8. once there was a hippo with infinite love for all things purple. one day he was wondering and he met a lass called rachel who offered him many, many peanut good. without thinking he grabbed one of the peanut goods, not realising that up until this point in his life he had not realised his horrible deadly peanut allergy. he promptly died.

    By Connor Halliday on 08.04.2011

  9. level, whats with the level. at first i didn’t see level.
    that could mean so many things, level house, level waters, level life etc, etc, etc.
    This makes me thing of a rhyme. something about a midget and an umbrella, rain and the level he lived on.

    By Connor Halliday on 08.04.2011

  10. another way station… another place, another level of inspiration

    By msdedi URL on 08.04.2011

  11. One day this little midget was tired to be on the lower level of the city because he was a midget. Then he looked in the mirror and said, “hey… maybe I can use my big boobs to get me to the upper level”

    By juana on 08.04.2011

  12. In life, it would be nice if you could level up.

    You spend so much time working hard. Whether it’s earning money, building relationships, bettering yourself or walking your crippled neighbour’s claustrophobic octupus.

    A system in which you level up would be a nice way to see if what you’re doing is worthwhile and to determine how successful you’ve been in life.

    By Land of Dave URL on 08.04.2011

  13. might just need to climb a little higher, a little further. running towns, passing stairs, don’t need none of those steps to climb. perspective out of glance. men and women looking back, mightn’t they just glance. might need mopping. might need force

    By Eiffel URL on 08.04.2011

  14. stone face, once a place in time. archway enter through. statues askew. crumbling and etchings. lone child standing, the man steps forward, notepad in hand, backpack adjust asks he, ‘what your business’. replies she ‘they here afterall.’

    By Eiffel URL on 08.04.2011

  15. Level 27, the screen flashed in bright red letters. I knew I was wasting away,sitting on the couch, doing absolutely nothing. I was wasting my life. I sat here, all day, barely taking time to go to the bathroom. I would stop, but… I’m on level 27 already.

    By Molly on 08.04.2011

  16. I think of video games and how you solve each level to move onto the next. Sometimes you have to puzzle through it and some take longer than others, but eventually you finish the game. I also think of reaching goals or new ‘levels’.

    By Ashtin on 08.04.2011

  17. I wanted to level with him. I wanted to tell him everything that had happened, everything that I had gone through to end up here in front of him.
    But I couldn’t. He stared at me the same way he always did, but there was something else in his eyes now that told me that he was ready to be let down.
    No, he was too good for me to stain his soul with my troubles and all the stupid things I had done in my life.
    “Leave me alone.” I said.

    By Arina on 08.04.2011

  18. On some level I suppose it makes me glad.
    I can hear the rain still dripping off the leaves outside of my window. Each drop slowly sliding down the end, balancing precariously, as though hesitating, before leaping to the ground; ultimately death. The scents of petrichor, toast and fabric softener tickle my nose. Its too early in the morning today. I should be sleeping still. Something woke me though, some feeling of necessity. Its like the world was calling out to me, hence I woke up. Your words were the next thing to tumble into my dewy morning. I wish I could still call them sweet words or welcome words but..they scared me. I tried so hard to fight off the temptation that you are. Like the sweet scent of a Venus Fly Trap you called me in, and nearly ate my heart. Its all I can do not to be attracted to something designed to attract me. I think though that I can be this level.

    By Lili on 08.04.2011

  19. I wanted to level with him and tell him everything that I felt at that moment. Everything that I had done and will do and will have to do.
    I wanted to. But I couldn’t. I knew I couldn’t.
    I closed my mouth, turning away, I couldn’t stain his soul with my burdens.
    “Just leave. Leave.” I muttered, not looking at him.

    By FairyGodMother URL on 08.04.2011

  20. I’m on a level, temporary rebel. I cant understand, the notes outside the treble.

    By gerald on 08.04.2011

  21. He brought us to level 2 of the building. It was all dirty and broken. It actually looked like the roof was about to collapse and rats ran around every where. It was a terrible sight.

    By zooile45 URL on 08.04.2011

  22. There are different levels of support. I always need more than I get. Casual support isn’t enough. I need tangible support. I guess there are also different levels of friendship.

    By elizabeth b URL on 08.04.2011

  23. this is it. this is the end. and it’s all going wrong for cormac. he should have known it would, of course; everyone said as much. mother, father, teachers, even friends. but he never quite believed them until now, lying face down in a pool of his own blood. these things were a lot more glamorous in video games.

    By Hannah on 08.04.2011

  24. I guess it comes down to how much you’re willing to commit. I put a lot of hours into video games as a kid. You wouldn’t find a person better at Super Mario Bros than me. But now? Twenty years later, I get the feeling I’m never going to reach the Boss Level. And no amount of 1ups is going to help me now.

    By Hannah URL on 08.04.2011

  25. wow. this will be a tough first day. I need a little something to level the playong field . Which reminds me of the bike I want to buy. Then maybe iI can keep up with the serious bikers?

    By Stevew URL on 08.04.2011

  26. a level can be a certain stance, a place in achievement or underachievement. A way to show how much effort one has put into something. Its funny though because the level someone is at can drive a person, or break them.

    By James Callaghan on 08.04.2011

  27. Level. Different levels of a building. Different levels of feeling. Leveling out. Leveling out a building. Leveling out my feelings. I shouldn’t have to do either.

    By Jessica on 08.04.2011

  28. it balances out, one side the same as the other. flip it around and you’ll get the very same thing. one side, the other side, even. climb up to the next level and rest there for a while. take in what you can. stand your ground. see what there is to see. it’s higher, but you can handle it now.

    By oliver danni on 08.04.2011

  29. Heaven
    Level 1
    Level 2
    Level 3
    Level 4
    Level 5
    Level 6
    Level 7
    Level 8
    Level 9
    Level 10

    Game On Baby!

    By Josie URL on 08.04.2011

  30. Heaven
    Level 1
    Level 2
    Level 3
    Level 4
    Level 5
    Level 6
    Level 7
    Level 8
    Level 9
    Level 10

    Game On Baby!

    By Josie URL on 08.04.2011

  31. Level. I want to level out these things that I feel. They get to be so uneven; so complicated; to much chaos. I want them to level out. I want to feel something stable. I don’t want to feel so unstable all the time. I want to be level. I want my mind and feelings to be level.

    By Jessica Renee URL on 08.04.2011

  32. get on my level. all these people in rap songs are telling other people to get on there level…why? not everyone needs to be on the same level? wouldnt that just completly crash the level system? if everyone is on the same level then that level will come crashing down. we have to evenly lay out the levels in order to have a normal working society…dont get on there level. be happy on yours.

    By allison kepp on 08.04.2011

  33. none of us are really that level. who really is crazy and who is sane? i mean, come on it’s total bullshit to assume we are all one or the other….no one is on the level. fuck it, not like I care. being exactly what we are “supposed” to has always been boring to me. fuck being level. i want to bounce all over the place

    By Erin Friedrich on 08.04.2011

  34. A level has many meanings. Level as in a stage in a game or level as in a new step forward. Levels give a challenge to anything be it a game, work or even life. If we have no challenges in life, it would be like playing tennis without a net. Therefore, I think levels are essential in our lives

    By Marcel on 08.04.2011

  35. I don’t know what to right. This is on an extreme level, What do I WRITE POETRY, nONFICTION. How about a story, There once was a girl who beat the hardest ever level on this game, then the game became real!

    By Tahlia on 08.04.2011

  36. Keep it on a level. That is it, The modern fear. If you are a little out of sync, a little tipsy on life’s seesaw, a little wonky underfoot, then watch out. They’ll come and get you, hunt you down, amrk your card, daub your door. If you aren’t part of the machine, you aren’t on the level.

    By Geejay URL on 08.04.2011

  37. And as we went to the next level, I thought about the journey that took us here. And I was content. Not in a way that leads to stagnation, but purely, blissfully joyous. Not happy necessarily, as happiness is one of the most elusive things in life.

    By Amanda on 08.04.2011

  38. There are many levels of exhaustion. The first and smallest level being that one merely pants, and their blood pressure has increased. But the highest level of exhaustion is when one’s body can not handle the pressure anymore so it just gives up. Not unless you’re a fighter. Fighters never give up.

    By varsh URL on 08.04.2011

  39. “level with me,” he said, looking exhausted. “who is he?”

    The love of my life.

    “Just some guy.”

    By emma on 08.04.2011

  40. On a different level than most. maybe lower maybe higher you never know. Games have lots of levels and they get harder as they go. only a few can make it to the highest level

    By khalil Campbell on 08.04.2011