August 3rd, 2011 | 537 Entries

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537 Entries for “level”

  1. He said “I wasn’t on his level.” He had soared to great heights. While on the ground he’s lost not found and revels in the fights.

    By Heather on 08.04.2011

  2. Thunder brought his gun up level with Jensen’s head and leered at him chained to the bed. Jensen closed his eyes hoping that if he just thought hard enough all of this would just go away once he opened his eyes again.

    By chole URL on 08.04.2011

  3. Grabbing a chip with my right hand whilst still moving left to avoid getting attacked by the enemy. The boss on this level was exponentially more difficult to destroy than the last. After my quick evasion, I grab my boomerang, attacking his weak spot.

    By Jon URL on 08.04.2011

  4. Some levels in games are really hard and they make you wanna throw your controller at the wall. It’s really awesome once you beat those levels though because then you feel amazing like you just performed a miracle.

    By ChloeSullivan URL on 08.04.2011

  5. Don’t try and skip a level of your life. Just live it and take your time. You will see it will be much easier. Taste it.

    By Marianne URL on 08.04.2011

  6. balanced, thing that can separate people oe keep them together
    higher or lower, hierarchy

    By margot on 08.04.2011

  7. What level are we on as friends? You never really know with you. Why are you so cryptic?
    When did we pass the level beyond “I know you and you know me by name, so we’re like acquaintances now”?
    When did we become hugging friends?
    When will you make it obvious, what level we are on, as friends?

    By krsramblr URL on 08.04.2011

  8. In brackets, Eve. As in, that set of values which would represent the prototypical woman. For today, it would be a short, pale girl with white blonde hair, lazily browsing movies behind me. It is around that image that my thoughts coalesce, to that thought that my imagination applies, and all further progenitors, today, will be derived from that one imagined sin.

    By mattlock URL on 08.04.2011

  9. the level of my thinking is bland right now. Can’t seem to find a subject of quality to ponder. looking forward to a cup of coffee this morning! Ha! That’s a level of quality :)

    By adrean on 08.04.2011

  10. slash and burn cavort guffaw as you will there’s no way to even up the sides, the ways of doing and thinking of fighting and gifting of honoring and slandering are a perfect tithe to never the twain shall meet, thanks be to god, she muttered and keeled dead over

    By judigoldberg URL on 08.04.2011

  11. Eve between two walls.

    By Jeanie URL on 08.04.2011

  12. I think about elevators. Level one, level 2, going up! Except for level 13. Some architects believed 13 was an unlucky number and so they wouldnt put a thirteenth floor. Instead, it would just go from 12 to 14. But this way, the so-called 14th floor would still be the 13th one, and things would get crazy.

    By Olivia on 08.04.2011

  13. the house is level with the ground so that it doesn’t fall or tip. you are on an equal level with me similar and alike.

    By Sarah Yeo on 08.04.2011

  14. Level with me. Tell me what’s really happening. You can be straight with me. We’ll balance out everything and come up with the right way.

    By Chris G on 08.04.2011

  15. I’ve had one last chance to just reach that level. Just one more stair well and 10 more steps and I’m there. Just me and my office on that very high level. A seat that so cushiony and comfy. My level. A computer that is very slow and yet gives you time to think. A level that carries so many people and so many objects. A level. A wonderous level, indeed it is.

    By Renee URL on 08.04.2011

  16. We were out building something with my father. I was 8 or 10. An even number. I didn’t want to move the wood so I stared at it – told him I was using psychokinetic energy. Nothing happened. When we were finished the floor sloped so much that a marble would roll diagonally from the southwest corner to the northeast in less than a few seconds.

    By Bryan URL on 08.04.2011

  17. tower, it fell down 500 levels in that elevator, why didnt we go one more down? we wept as we stared at the burning building.

    By Cass on 08.04.2011

  18. which level am i on? is it the same as class when you talk about it in a broader sense. it probably didn’t have anything to do with video games when the word was first created. or perhaps this means the thing you use to see if an object is level. is it straight across? am i straight across? or crooked?

    By Lindsey on 08.04.2011

  19. a level is what you pass to get to a harder stage in life. a level shows you how far you’ve come and how far you have yet to go. levels keep people humble and they inflate egos.

    By erin on 08.04.2011

  20. every level of the game required different skills. Life. death. injury. all were a part of the game.

    By t703 on 08.04.2011

  21. I hung the picture above the sofa. I looked at it carefully…. something was amiss. The picture was not level. It was time to find my tool kit! A cockeyed picture is not a good thing.

    By Kristen on 08.04.2011

  22. I remember my dad teaching me how to use a level. I may have been 8 or 9. He put the device on a piece of wood and showed me how the bubble in the liquid moved until you adjusted the wood enough so it would float in the center. With its yellow-green glow, it seemed magical, like something from Oz.

    By Andie on 08.04.2011

  23. My boyfriend is obsessed with beating this goddamn level in this video game. I can’t stand it. I think I might throw the fucking thing out into the road. God Almighty, if there is such a thing, get this slob off my couch so I can have a turn.

    By Madelyn URL on 08.04.2011

  24. get on my level, in the mindset. love the game, youre not just playing. play to win, level off. never give up, never stop.

    By olivia URL on 08.04.2011

  25. im on my level are you non yours. its like fifty stories up and not any more. this level is dark this level is gold this level is dirty but this level will hold. as many as you need. as many as you see. at the sea. shore. i implore. i love you. i really do. this level wont stop till i

    By lo on 08.04.2011

  26. Walking down the street i notcied a drain, it wasnt a normal drain, a very odd one. Curiously i approached, when i noticed an odd sparkle coming from the drain, lifting the lid i decided to reach down to the next level

    By Darius Binning on 08.04.2011

  27. When I think of the word level, I think of either Pokemon or Aira Mitsuki’s song LEVEL5 from her 6FORCE album. I love that song. It’s my favorite on that album. I don’t know why I think of Pokemon, I guess because Pokemon have levels and they can level up and evolve and stuff. I need to beat Mystery dungeon.

    By Julia on 08.04.2011

  28. “Level one complete” an automated woman’s voice rang out over the colluseum. In the arena, lay thousands of warriors, wounded or dead, grabbing each others throats just to survive.
    This wasn’t the world that was supposed to be, it was chaotic, and the men were left to suffer and die like animals.

    By Mary URL on 08.04.2011

  29. there are many levels in life. the majority of us will start at the bottom and aim to work our way towards the top, but there are a select few who are lucky enough to be born at the top. for example i am an aspiring journalist. in the realms of journalism i would be considered an amateur, a novice, at the bottom of that ladder.

    By Aaron B on 08.04.2011

  30. the level of the water was rising slowly, every second the car submerged a little deeper into the frigid water. My hands were reaching slowly to the door handle, too slowly my mind thought. A haze of sunset and shock were wrapping around my mind, and I couldn’t move any faster. Each breath made the pain in my chest more acute. The level of the water was suddenly at my nose. My last thought was, you’d never really know why I hadn’t made it to dinner.

    By d on 08.04.2011

  31. He had to level with her. If he kept lying then she would only be more hurt in the end. BUt how was he going to say this, the idea of her mad at him.
    He shivered at the idea and the idea of her crying…made him want to cry as well. Why was he so stupid to get into this mess in the first place!

    By Elizabeth Tempest URL on 08.04.2011

  32. taking it to the next level. it’s something many are not capabible of, and i have the feeling it’s those individuals that made up the term. levels are funny because they define greatness in stages, and one must assume that the higher level you are, the better you are at whatever it is. karate. diets. everything has a level.

    By Amanda on 08.04.2011

  33. I want to get to the next level in my life. Im so stuck in a rut and I need CHANGE. Bad relationships I can’t handle anymore. Need to move on to the next. Maybe the next level of love i feel is on a higher floor instead of the basement level.

    By Sarah on 08.04.2011

  34. On the level, let me tell you that levels can be hard in video games or getting your table level, and it is very important to be sure that you are level-headed when you deal with carpenters who use levels to make sure your table is level and don’t panic when you need to level with your parents about staying out all night or failing grades.

    By Mary on 08.04.2011

  35. Level my heart to the statue’s height for I cannot be any lower with this love. My brain malfunctions or perhaps works for once in its lifetime. Level is where you wish to be and no one can take you.

    By Cristina on 08.04.2011

  36. level bevel shmevel I prefer the mountains and valleys. Actually lean towards the mountains.

    By david URL on 08.04.2011

  37. Level. That word reminds me of Super Mario Brothers. I’m sure a carpenter would think of the device known as a level, used for making sure things are well… level. But to me, and probably most of my generation, it’s about being kids and trying to rescue the Princess Toadstool in the final level.

    By Brian on 08.04.2011

  38. When I think about this word I think of my brother Henry and how he plays video games with several levels. He always gets so excited whenever he reaches a new one. I don’t quite understand what all the excitement is about, but just seeing his cute and smiling face makes my day. I have been living away from home for some time now and this must mean I miss him a lot.

    By bab on 08.04.2011

  39. i have nothing to worry about that’s all i can keep saying but truthfully in my head i have so much stress going on. i shouldn’t feels less and less alive it sickens me i wish i could be less deprived. I try to scream for someones help but no ones in sight, how could this have happened on this cold night. I wish things could go back the way they were when you were happy and always by my side. selfish was has gone to your head making me feel alone and dead. I wish you would listen but you rather leave instead. I wish you luck and love maybe happiness too but you need to remember who made you.

    By krysta on 08.04.2011

  40. Level. How are things even? Ever? Time never seems to allow life to even out. Everything is at a tilt. One way and then the next. With every twist and turn, happiness, sadness, we tip. Leading us to the next aspect of our lives.

    By Leona on 08.04.2011