November 15th, 2011 | 308 Entries

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308 Entries for “left”

  1. When did you lose your earring? asked the butcher to the wren.
    I didn’t lose it, said the little bird. I left it at home. Besides, I don’t have ears.

    By Jeff Goodman on 11.15.2011

  2. I am left handed and most would say that it’s a good thing because I’m a little different from everyone else, but I hate it. Everything i use is for right handed people like scissors and other tools. I feel like I am really at a disadvantage. Not all is bad though because one college gives you scholarships for it.

    By Michael Rupinski on 11.15.2011

  3. I left the building at 6 am in the morning. The airplane had left Miami international airport.

    By Trev URL on 11.15.2011

  4. I think left as in left over/left alone/left behind, rather than left as in opposed to right. Wonder what that says about me. Maybe nothing.

    By Andrea URL on 11.15.2011

  5. the opposite of left is right.

    By julia URL on 11.15.2011

  6. You went away or you ditched.

    By BeauBoucher URL on 11.15.2011

  7. left i went left in to the alley

    By lil c URL on 11.15.2011

  8. left is the opposite of right up is the opposite of down.

    By cookiemonster100 URL on 11.15.2011

  9. He might have left class. Look to your left! Left it at home.

    By joey URL on 11.15.2011

  10. to the left i lean… it is my arm… my helper… my guide… leading in my writing… my art… my part which reaches out and grasps that which is held out for me to hold… the part which reaches out to hold up another… the part which reaches out holding food for the hungry… the shoulder which is strong enough to hold a weary head, a tired body, the one who has sorrows too heavy to bare… it is my left to which my god has given his right arm….

    By melody URL on 11.15.2011

  11. To the left to the left, everything you own in the box to the left! mmmhhhhhh!!! To the left to the left, don’t you ever for a sec. (song ity song song!!!!!!)

    By zoe URL on 11.15.2011

  12. whats left?i go you go we all go left. here there everywhere let’s just go left. at the stop sign or the stop sign lets go left. hey i write left handed. i dont know what else to write, whats left? my teacher left me with this mess.

    By Alyssa Dill on 11.15.2011

  13. I’m going. You don’t even know it, I don’t think. Or if you do, you’re running from it. Hiding. But that’s pushing me away. This is your last chance. I mean it, I’m gone soon. And what will I have left behind? A wannabe alcohol who ignores the ones he loves because he can’t deal with his emotions, but can’t bring himself to share them. A man so broken he doesn’t know how to call out for help. A reflection of me. Maybe that’s why we would never work.

    By Laura URL on 11.15.2011

  14. One choice left. To run as fast and as hard as she can away from this place, this backwater town holding her back from everything she could have been. Only one thing left to do. At the next light, turn left. Not right like everyone else, it’s time to follow her own path.

    By EliseV URL on 11.15.2011

  15. The left hand, he just left.

    By KkateB URL on 11.15.2011

  16. left hand left foot left brain

    By fire-soul URL on 11.15.2011

  17. Not right, but not wrong. Just an afterthought

    By Peg on 11.15.2011

  18. Max left. I’m not that sad yet, but I will be sad when I hear about all the adventures. I feel so left behind. Why has everyone I’ve loved the most always left me? Fuck this word.

    By letitbe URL on 11.15.2011

  19. i turn left
    and left
    and left
    and left again
    until i’m right back to where
    i started
    and everything is broken
    and nothing has

    By Iffath URL on 11.15.2011

  20. There was no choice. I was all that was left. So I ducked my head and stepped out of my cave.

    By ginny URL on 11.15.2011

  21. i left. i walked away with lies as reasons. i left to see how much i could hurt you. i left through a door that you built for me and i stole the key. i hate myself. i see the bodies i left behind.

    By Ashley on 11.15.2011

  22. Left

    Left is best! Being left-handed, that is. Some pretty impressive people are left handed … like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton. I had a whole list of lefties in my head, but they seem to have dribbled out my ears. I, of course, join the illustrious set by being left-handed, too! Not a small thing in a world where so many tools and everyday objects are designed for right-handers first, and lefties as an afterthought.

    By CameoRoze URL on 11.15.2011

  23. tothe left
    this is gonna scare me
    uh oh
    times almost up
    what is
    do so
    many people say
    its all like
    even though i say bro
    times u
    bye bro.

    By savannah URL on 11.15.2011

  24. left or right, which way to go?
    left for dead or will they come back? Zombies!
    left behind have they forgot?
    left something behind should i get it?
    Four letters, one word.
    All gone except for one.
    Or many.
    Who will be left?
    Who won’t be left?
    Who is left?
    Who is right?

    By evan on 11.15.2011

  25. det går t venstre i alle verdens dagen som på huttå ville gitt mye mening og mange ville ha gitt meg ei meining me å skriva fordi eg elske amalie og eg vil gifta meg å bli far t jentå henna så me ska ha sammen i alle okka år <3 okke for alltid

    By Anonym Person on 11.15.2011

  26. You left me when I needed you the most.

    By ole URL on 11.15.2011

  27. it’s not right and you often go that way if you have the opposite oppinions to those Hitler had.
    Furthermore it’s red and those who write with their left hand are often more strange than others…

    By Sophie Poijes on 11.15.2011

  28. i left my book at the store. I pick my nose with my left hand. lmao. I jack off with my left hand. i left my wife for someone. left. I really left my phone. left is the opposite of right.

    By Lolo on 11.15.2011

  29. She left me without a sound. She went to the left. I left her just like that cause man she suck. I left the feelings away. I left my book at my teacher’s table and she left it there cause she hates me.

    By Elsa URL on 11.15.2011

  30. When nothing goes right.. go left.

    By lauren.forever16 URL on 11.15.2011


    By seth maerker URL on 11.15.2011

  32. there is a turning singal faceing left

    By santos URL on 11.15.2011

  33. Left or right. Black or white. Yes or No. Open or closed. Wrong or Right. Left or Right again. Back or Forth. Stripes or Dots.

    By ***nika'sflylikeag6***(: URL on 11.15.2011

  34. Driving turn left.
    I left in a hurry.
    I have a left hand.
    so many things to left but what to choose!!!! :)

    By garvin URL on 11.15.2011

  35. Right or Left??????? Where do I go?? IF I go to the Left what will happen? But is there any thing good waiting on the Right? FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD:D

    By *B-Fabb* 12 URL on 11.15.2011

  36. I took a left turn, and sped around the corner. I was almost to my house…….BAM! I hit a elk. My eyes went black, and I saw nothing. The ambulence sped to my car and got me out. Could this be the end…of my life? I lay in the hospital bed lifeless, my life slowly drifting away… It could be the end……

    By TogetherWeWaffle(:<3 URL on 11.15.2011

  37. when i wake up the pain comes. even no you left i still feel the sting in my heart like some one is putting lemon juice in the cut. the gash that you have taken out. i call out to you but you never answer. i cry to the wind but the wind is not strong enough to cary my pleas to your ears. i would wish on a dandy lion but i know my wishes are too heavy for the little flower to cary. i guess my only hope is that you will see the mistake that you made, and come back looking for me. i may have moved on and found another, or just maybe i am still waiting for you to return.

    By Forgive-The-Fate-Bdog on 11.15.2011

  38. My parents left me at the store.
    l tried to chase after the car but they went right, but l went left.

    By pink.pillow URL on 11.15.2011

  39. I had a fear of being left when I was a child – A fear of being forgotten, a fear of being brushed aside. Despite my rootedness and the center of the circle I inhabit, I still have a fear of being left out.

    By Jamie Pondera URL on 11.15.2011

  40. dancing
    being left

    By sophi on 11.15.2011